What is Edupreneurship? By Mohit Mundra (Meraki Labs)

What is Edupreneurship?
By Mohit Mundra (Meraki Labs)

What is Edupreneurship?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
This is a popular quote that describes how valuable education is to society. How education can change a person and how an educated person can change the world. Thus, education and learning are of the highest importance in anybody’s life.

But with the revolution of time, everything is remodeling, so we also need education to be reconstructed. For a considerable amount of time, education has following its traditional approach of studying, learning, and examining knowledge. Thus, we need a new era approach towards the education sector. Here comes the necessity of people who are willing to bring change in the society. We need ‘Edupreneur’. Edupreneur is a term made from two words i.e. Education + Entrepreneur. Thus, an entrepreneur who solves a problem of the education sector by his unconventional thinking and also innovates learning are called Edupreneur and their journey as Edupreneurship.

Edupreneur have numerous responsibilities on their head where they not only decide the fate of a student but also the future of the country. They unleash the actual potential of students. They understand the urgency of the hour is to remodel the education system, to bring out talent, to guide and mentor young brains. They work towards building student as a morally, socially, physically, and mentally an independent thinker. They make students adapt to the ever-changing world.

Thus, being Edupreneur may or may not be financially awarding but unquestionably brings in the pride of establishing the future of the country.