Top Data Science YouTube Channel

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Data Science is the most popular course on the internet right now. Everyone wants to become a Data Scientist. Companies are giving best packages to Data Scientist. It happened only because availability of enormous Data. Different type of data is available on the internet in massive amount and it is very helpful to get great business solutions and profits for companies. Data Scientist is the only person who can extract an information from old data and solve many business problems. Many paid courses are running on the internet but a person who can not buy a paid course due to some reason then don’t worry, many free Data Science Courses are running on the YouTube by professional Data Scientist. We are presenting Top Data Science YouTube Channel which are very helpful for you to achieve your goal.

(YouTube Channel Serial Order is based on Number of Subscribers on date 07 April 2021)

1. Krish Naik

YouTube Channel Name: Krish Naik
Subscriber: 342K
Playlist: Data Science and Machine Learning with Python and R, Feature Engineering, Complete Deep Learning and many more

2. Dhaval Patel

YouTube Channel Name: Codebasics
Subscriber: 280K
Playlist: Pandas Tutorial, Matplotlib Tutorial, Machine Learning Tutorial & many more

3. Srivatsan Srinivasan

YouTube Channel Name: AIEngineering
Subscriber: 44.7K
Playlist: Apache Spark for Data Scientist, Time Series Modelling and Analysis, Machine Learning Model Deployment and many more

4. Abhishek Thakur

Channel Name: Abhishek Thakur
Subscriber: 43.9K
Playlist: Applied Machine Learning Framework, PyTorch 101: An Applied Tutorial and many more

5. Sudhanshu Kumar (iNeuron)

YouTube Channel Name: iNeuron iNettlligence
Subscriber: 26.7K
Playlist: Python Basic to Advance, Data Structure and Algorithms and many more

6. Kunaal Naik

YouTube Channel Name: Kunaal Naik
Subscriber: 3.73 K
Playlist: Data Functions Ultimate Series, Get started with Machine Learning Codes, Pivot Tables Playground

(New Emerging Data Science YouTube Channels)

7. Ramsri Goutham Golla

YouTube Channel Name: Ramsri
Subscriber: 1.7k
Playlist: Deploy Deep Learning Model to Production on AWS

8. Prakhar Mishra

YouTube Channel Name: TechViz – The Data Science Guy
Subscriber: 1.65K
Playlist: BERT in Natural Language Processing (NLP) Usecases, Machine Learning and Statistics Fundamentals and many more

9. Abhishek Mamidi

YouTube Channel Name: Abhishek Mamidi
Subscriber: 519
Playlist: Data Science Guide for freshers and enthusiasts