Top 34 Blogging Questions : Answers by Best Bloggers

Top 34 Blogging related Questions about Blog, Hosting, WordPress, SEO, Digital Marketing etc. and answers by Best Bloggers

Q1. How to start a new Blog in 2021? How to find a good niche in Blogging?

Answer by Mohit Bhargav

If you are still wondering, whether you should start blogging in 2021, or not. I recommend it’s the perfect time to start your blogging career. you just need to have a business mindset, you can scale it and generate good passive income.

The best procedure to start a new Blog in 2021 –

To start a blog in the right direction, it would be best to understand each step that you need to go through to make your blog like the professionals.

Here are the 8 practical and actionable steps to make it easier for you to start a profitable blog without any hassle.

Step 1: Find a profitable niche

Step 2: Choose the right blogging platform (WordPress)

Step 3: Choose a perfect domain name for your blog

Step 4: Buy domain name & hosting

Step 5: WordPress Installation & basic setup

Step 6: Choose a lightweight SEO friendly theme for your blog

Step 7: Write and publish your first blog post

Step 8: A promotional strategy for your blog

How to find a good niche in Blogging?

Definitely, finding a good niche for blogging is one of the crucial steps because all your blogging success depends on your niche.

To make it easier for you, here is a quick formula for finding a profitable niche for your blog.

Profitable Niche = Your Passion + User Intent + Profitability

To find a perfect or profitable niche, you just need to know the topics that you are passionate about, find out what users are looking for on that topic and finally find out how profitable that topic is.

If you want to know more in detail, you can check out the full guide on How to Start a Blog in 2021 in Under 35 Minutes.


Q2. Which is the best platform for Blogging and what is the right path to start as a career in Blogging?

Answer by Amit Garg

Undoubtedly WordPress is the best platform to start your blogging career. WordPress is the most flexible and easy to use platform and that is the reason over 35% of websites and blogs are powered by WordPress.

And if you talk about the right path to start a blog –

First I would say choosing the right blogging niche plays a very important role to ensure a successful blogging career.  

Blogging Niche is all about what do you want to share with the world. It could be related to health, wealth, cooking, fitness, tech, and so on.

A good niche is a combination of Passion + Knowledge + Profitability.

Next is Content.

It is believed that content is king and blogging is all about producing valuable content.

Consistency is another important aspect. You have to maintain the proper engagement with your audience in the right way.

Last but not least link building.

So according to me, Right Blogging Niche, Quality Content, Consistency, and Link Building are the top factors to start your successful blogging career. If you can manage all this, no one can stop you from being a successful blogger.


Q3. Which one is the best hosting provider for Blogging in the world?

Answer by Shubham Sharma

Hosting is the most important thing in blogging, so when it comes to hosting choose your hosting provider carefully.

Here are some important points for you to choose the best hosting:

  • Understand the needs of your site
  • Look at server reliability/uptime scores
  • The ability to upgrade your server
  • Research the signup and renewal price
  • Do they have a refund policy/free trial?
  • Do they have essential features?
  • Having backups for your site
  • The quality of customer support (live chat or phone call)


There are many good hosting available in the market for the beginner I will suggest they can go for the hostinger or greengeeks and if anyone who has a good budget can go for the Cloudways or wpx hostings these are the best hostings.


Q4. Which are the best plugins on WordPress for bloggers?

Answer by Mohit Bhargav

WordPress is undoubtedly the best free CMS for building websites or blogs. The need for plugins actually depends on your need, which features you want to include on your website.

There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress websites, but here is the list of some useful plugins that are required to get the best web performance, security, site speed, SEO, and many more for your website.

  1. RankMath SEO – Most Popular WordPress SEO Plugin
  2. iTheme Security – Top WordPress Security Plugin
  3. UpdraftPlus – Most Powerful WordPress Backup Plugin
  4. Thirsty Affiliates – Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugin
  5. Social Snap – Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugin
  6. TablePress – Most Popular WordPress Table Plugin
  7. ShortPixel – Powerful Image Compression Tool for WordPress
  8. W3 Total Cache – Best WordPress Caching Plugin
  9. WP Rocket – Best WordPress Premium Caching Plugin
  10. Elementor Page Builder – Most Powerful WordPress Page Builder
  11. WPForms – Most Beginner-friendly WordPress Form Plugin


Q5. Which is the Best Niche to blog for any new Blogger?

Answer by Archana Tiwari

The selection of the best Niche is an essential part of successful blogging. So you have to be very, very conscious about the Niche.

Every Blogger has started their blog to make income online, me also. When anyone wants to start their blog, then they must choose the profitable Niche.

Only good niche selection is not enough to make money online. Many other factors are there, which affects it.

No one can tell you that this is the best Niche for you. You are the person who makes it best. Although you can consider these things while choosing the best Niche:-


  • Explore blog in that Niche and how much they are making income
  • How many blogs are successful in that Niche
  • Check the search volume of that Niche
  • How you can make money in that Niche
  • Is there enough keywords general for that Niche
  • How many affiliate program is available in that Niche

Knowledge and Passion

  • Your Interest and Passion in that Niche – Very Crucial
  • Are you capable of delivering content on that Niche
  • Are you able to solve problems in that Niche

These are the main factors for selecting the best Niche for your profitable blog.


Q6. What is the importance of keyword in Blogging? Which one is the best Keyword researcher tool for Blogging in the world?

Answer by Anil Agarwal

Keyword research is really important when it comes about driving targeted traffic to a website or blog. If you are a new blog owner, you should target long tail keywords where you see blogs or websites with less authority doing well on Google search.

And as an established blog owner, you can target broad as well as long tail keywords.

If you have the budget, you can give a try to SEMrush tool. You can read my detailed review of SEMrush from here. And if you are looking for free or cheap tools for keyword research, you can give a try to Ubersuggest tool by Neil Patel.


Q7. Which are the best tools to promote any WordPress Blog?

Answer by Nitin Dabas

Nowadays, around 7 out of 10 uses social media accounts on daily basis. The reason being everything is online whether it is a small business or a large one. Thus, if you use these social media channels, then you get not only huge traffic but also a targeted audience that converts better.

I use Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. and email lists for promoting my blog.

However, there are quite good paid tools also like BuzzSumo, SEMrush, Buffer, etc.


Q8. What is the importance of Backlinks in Blogging and which is the best process to make new DoFollow links?

Answer by  Joy Dhar

Backlinks can be judged as recommendations. Backlinks let the search engines justify how much your website is trusted and known to your community. 

The best process to make new DoFollow links

  • Guest posting
  • Link exchange with others
  • Comment backlinks
  • Profile backlink
  • Forum backlinks

Check this 150+ High DA PA Free Backlink Creation Website List

Blog: Bloggingwithjoy

Q9. What is the importance of Email Marketing in Blogging? 

Answer by Ravi Dixit

Email marketing is very crucial for any business not only for blogging in my POV, it is all about converting your one-time customers/visitors/users into long-time loyal-members.

If you start capturing your visitors’ email addresses from the starting of your blogging journey, it will make it easy for you to succeed in blogging. Because eventually, you are creating a community of people who are interested in your niche. 

In more simple words, you’re owning the traffic or building your eco-system.

By having an email list of loyal-members, you don’t need to depend on Google’s traffic and don’t need to hope that if your post will rank then you’ll have huge traffic on your blog. 

Instead of this, when you publish new content on your blog, you just need to let your email subscribers know that you have a new content for them to read. As they are interested in your niche and hungry for more information, they will come and read your content. 

So, you are getting traffic without the help of Google.

And Email Marketing can also help in increasing your income from your blog, you can promote affiliate products and deals to your email subscribers, as they are already interested, there are the high chances of conversion.  


Q10. How do you see Blogging as a full-time career in 2020-21? Is it too late or anyone can make their career in Blogging?

Answer by Myil Raj. G

Anyone can start a blog anytime. It’s never too late or never too earlier. Just a small calculation, if you start today, you will be ahead of some million people to reach success. If you start tomorrow, you are behind a million people. That’s the difference.

If someone wants to start blogging as a full-time career, he/she must know that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take time to develop authority, grow your network, and increase your visibility. Blogging is a business and not a job. You will gain only if you nurture some value to the community.

You should put more effort and wait patiently to see your results.

  1. Success always takes time. Traffic to your blog takes time.
  1. Growth always takes time. It will take time for people to love your content.
  1. Set multiple short-term goals, and a few long-term goals. Write your goals in a note, and start filling it every-day. Don’t forget to write what you have done for your career by the end of the day.

I love Long-Drive and my dream is to buy on Rolls-Royce Ghost Edition. As my first step, I bought my Brand New White Beast – Mahindra Scorpio S10 from my Blog earnings in 2015.

Blog: Online Home Income

Q11. What is the importance of Digital and Social Media Marketing for any Blogger?

Answer by Akshay Gund

Getting a business online has become a must nowadays. Everyone is on their mobile phones all the time. Even while reading this interview or this blog post, most of the people are using the mobile phones. Every business is optimizing their websites and making the websites responsive for mobile use. There’s a reason for that. Google has also announced that they’ll rank pages and websites that are highly optimized for mobile use.

With all these parameters, we should understand the importance of staying online and reaching more and more people. Digital media marketing in itself has grown over years and the readers of this interview should be knowing the possible reach and the revenue digital marketing has generated over years.

For bloggers, with SEO, digital & social media marketing is very necessary. In order to reach the specific audience, one needs to know the in’s and out of marketing themselves on social media. Starting from building the brand to promoting each blog-post to the relevant audience who can further share the blogs to the interested people. Understanding the audience’s behavior and checking what they like, can further shape you to create content that is been viewed the most. And that is where the business comes from.


Q12. What is the best procedure to use Affiliate Marketing in a Blog? Can anyone make Affiliate Marketing as a primary income source?

Answer by Ravi Dixit

When you are planning to start monetizing your blog with Affiliate Marketing, the first thing you need to do is to understand your niche.

Yes, it is very important when you are planning to make money through your blog using Affiliate Marketing. 

Because without understand your niche properly, you won’t be able to find the perfect products to promote and earn some commission.

After that, do market research and find out what products you can promote. This can be easier if you spy your competitors and find out what they are promoting. With the help of Competitors analysis, you won’t need to do your market research from scratch, it will be a time-saver for you.

Once you get the products that your competitors are promoting and making money through, now it is the time to join their affiliate programs and start promoting them on your blog.

So, this is the right procedure you can follow to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.

Here is one thing that I want to add, take benefit of Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale every year because this is the goldmine for Affiliate marketers to earn a huge amount in just a week. 

Because all online brands offer huge discounts on their products and you as an affiliate marketer has a great chance to promote your niche-relevant products and earn good money.

And yes, Affiliate marketing can be a primary source to make money from a blog. Even I and other bloggers are having it as their primary source of income to make money. 

If you check out my blog, you will find that there are no ads, means I am not using Google AdSense. Affiliate marketing is the main source for me to make money from my blog.


Q13. How do you see Blogging as a Passive Income in 2020-21 and onwards? Is it sufficient to opt Blogging as a Primary career option now?

Answer by Anil Agarwal

No doubt Blogging and digital marketing as a career is growing and is going to reach greater heights in the coming years. 

Coming to the question of choosing Blogging as a full time career, I would suggest to start blogging as a side hustle. From blogging, you are not going to get revenue from day 1. You may have to wait for a year at least to start seeing positive results from your blogging efforts.

Once you reach a level where you can take care of your daily needs with your blog earnings only, you can give a thought to opting blogging as a full time career.


Q14. What will be the monthly cost for any new Blogger if he will use all paid versions for Blogging like Domain, Hosting, Theme, and Essential Plugins?

Answer by Santanu Debnath

To start a blog in WordPress, you need a High quality hosting + domain which may come under Rs 5,000. You will find even cheaper plans, but this is an average amount. On top of that, if you want to spend money on premium tools & themes, that will depend on where exactly you want to invest. But as a beginner, I would say a hosting + domain with a free theme like GeneratePress is good enough to start. Gradually they can learn and invest further as per their needs.


Q15. “Side Hustle Beta Course” is very popular online course. Please share something about it?

Answer by Amol Chavan

While running Growthfunda Side hustle blog, I came across that there is huge knowledge base available on the Side hustles like Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, etc. but no one covers the topic that touch the real problem of getting started and share lights on the multiple Side Hustles.

However, the major problem I found, many folks who are running into 9-5 job do not know where to start, what are side hustles, they are stuck in taking decision, they are not motivated, they are running behind shinning object syndrome (fake money making Scams)

Therefore, I thought to launch a beginner’s course, “Side Hustle Beta

It is a perfect beta course, to clear understanding and get knowledge on the different side hustles, how to side hustle along with job, how to maximize the potential of side hustles by doing multiple side hustles, what are best side hustle opportunities, how to start them, etc.

Overall, to the individuals this course gives inner realization to take action and kick start Side Hustle Journey.

Blog: Side Hustle Beta

Q16. Which one is the main income source of Blogger between Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing?

Answer by Anil Agarwal

If you ask me, between adsense and affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is helping us with more revenue than Google Adsense. When I started working on BloggersPassion, I was using Google Adsense ads only. But once I started using affiliate marketing as a way to monetize my blog, I never looked back at Google Adsense. 

If you have a blog where you talk about different products, you may end up making more revenue with affiliate marketing. And if you are mostly writing education contents, you can give a try to Google Adsense or similar monetization methods.

To make good revenue with Adsense type networks, you need a good amount of traffic on your blog. And with Affiliate marketing, you can make hell lots of money with very little traffic if it’s relevant.


Q17. What is Black Friday Sale on the Internet and how can any blogger earn money from Black Friday Sale?

Answer by Nirmal Panwar

Every year Black Friday sales are live, it’s very helpful for both bloggers and companies. Companies sell their products at low prices with coupon codes, but if you are a blogger you can promote their products on your blog and you can earn passive income in the Black Friday sale.

Lots of bloggers work on this and earn lots of money. It comes every year in November and December month. so if you are new in the blogging journey read other bloggers Black Friday blogs apply this strategy and join some affiliate programs like Shareasale, impact affiliate and promote their product and earn money.


Q18. What is the best strategy to bring our post first in the organic search? Which is the best tool for that process in WordPress?

Answer by Santanu Debnath

If you want to rank on top of Google, then you have to follow certain things and let me share the steps.

  • First, you need to find out keywords or search terms that are popular with low competition.
  • Then you have to create stunning, SEO-friendly high-quality content compared to the existing articles ranking in Google.
  • Then you have to create quality backlinks and increase the social share of your article.
  • Also, make sure to update the article from time to time.

So, this is a very typical formula that we all bloggers follow. As a beginner, you can do the same and gradually learn various tips & tricks of SEO from your own experience.


Q19. Does paid tools gives best results comparing to free tools on WordPress?

Answer by Vishwajeet Kumar

Offcourse! Paid tools are more efficient to scale up your blog functionality and also helps you to grow your blog. You will also get support and frequent updates for the paid tools. However, it also depends on your needs and requirements.


Q20. How can anyone become a travel blogger without any major investment?

Answer by Ryan Biddulph

Spend 5,000 to 10,000 hours generously creating content and building friendships with fellow bloggers over 5-10 years of your life, while opening income channels. Invest a few bucks in your domain, hosting and theme. That’s it.


Q21. How do you see Blogging as a career for women in this competitive Blogging Industry?

Answer by Shubha Tiwari

There are lots of examples when you feel amazed to see women who choose Blogging as their career. I would like to mention some of the top bloggers of our industry who are women-

These are only a few of the names of the rocking ladies of the blogging world, many more are there and many more to enter in the coming future.

And I want to add one thing more- all the names which I mentioned above are super-talented and super-generous. They are no way less than male bloggers. I am proud of my super-talented and empowering women  who can give blogging a new dimension with their creativities. 


Q22. Vlogs and YouTube are rapidly increasing. Viewers and Creators are shifting their medium from Text to Video. Is Blogging going to end? What do you think about the future of Blogging regarding this problem?

Answer by Shalu Sharma

It’s true that more and more people are turning to YouTube and other related sites but blogging will not come to end. A blogger can do both or alternatively supplement their blog with videos from these very sites hence increasing visibility in the search engines. But all in all, text will not come to end. People still like to read for example in quite places like libraries or at work. One needs to be a little creative to survive in blogging. Relying on completely writing blog posts will not cut it, a blogger will need to add a few other income streams.


Q23. How can anyone increase organic users for a blog without paying a single penny?

Answer by Vishwajeet Kumar

Search engine traffic is very important to get organic traffic for your blog. You have to work on your on-page and off-page SEO to rank better in search engines.

Having a good backlink score is also very important to rank a site in search engines and drive huge targeted and organic traffic. You don’t need to pay for this.


Q24. How do you write any article on Microsoft Windows and Office?

Answer by Anand Khanse

Most of the articles I write are borne out of my personal experiences.
I also visit the various forums to find out the issues being faced and then try to write solution posts. It is the same for our authors too.


Q25. In which language blogging is more profitable between Blogging in English and Blogging in Hindi for Indian Blogger?

Answer by Santanu Debnath

There is a huge demand for regional languages and the existing content is not enough. So if you are good at writing in regional language and feeling comfortable then go for that. I am blogging in English and also tried with Hindi content, but didn’t get any success though.

On the other hand, if you write in English then you can target the global audience as well and rank in other countries. So, you can attract more traffic and get better conversion. But that doesn’t mean, regional languages are not profitable. There are various factors and you need to understand how they will work.


Q26. How any Blogger will earn money from Blogging?

Answer by Chayan Chakrabarti

There are many ways to earn money from a blog. You can either go to show advertisements, or else you can promote other products and sell your products. The earning potential is endless.

But before starting a blog a  blogger should understand the basic investments for a blog.

Along with that they also have to understand how to drive traffic to a new website.


Q27. How can anyone use social media for a blog to gain popularity?

Answer by Shubham Sharma

There is no doubt this is the best thing you can do for your blog for free, social media is a great platform to gain popularity.

The best tip I can give you is to focus on one social media platform whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter focus on one and grow your audience there once you got a huge audience there you can send them anywhere you want.

You can send them on your other social media accounts and blogs to gain popularity.


Q28. What was the main reason to choose this niche about Microsoft OS and Office Problems?

Answer by Palla Sridhar

Since my days at IIT Kanpur, I started using Windows 98 OS. I found that Microsoft products had a user-intent interface which was easy to learn. Also I found that Microsoft had a large user base with lot of problems. This niche has solutions spread over a wide number of forums and support groups. But tutorial on error codes and common problems had very few articles in the earlier days.

This was my reason to go after Microsoft and Technology solutions.


Q29. What are the best SEO steps to do for blog to get best results?

Answer by Shubham Sharma

Best SEO steps for blog success, There are many things you have to keep in your mind when it comes to search engine optimization.

Below I am going to share some on-page SEO points:

  • It starts from your content, is the content you are providing is completing the search intent of a consumer.
  • The keyword you are targetting is low competitive or high.
  • Focus on your on-page SEO which can help you to rank without any link building sometimes.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes.

Off-page SEO:

  • Work on outreach with similar websites for a guest post or link exchange.
  • Use QNA websites like Quora and Reddit.
  • Create Web 2.0
  • Build profile backlinks and comment backlinks.


Q30. How do you see a great competition in Blogging?

Answer by Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

I don’t look at competition that much. Competition is everywhere. Be it blogging, be it real business, competition is everywhere.

You just need to change your strategies that will help you in creating your image in that industry. Your way of working and strategies can help you in standing out of the competition.

I am implementing these things and getting amazing results.


Q31. You are Writer, Developer, and Animal Activist. How can you play all roles simultaneously?

Answer by Kabbyik Mitra

Yes, sometimes it is very tough to manage all things in 24-hour, but I do and sometimes fail to do.
But I never stop. Most of the time I develop content, write for me, write for my readers via my blog
and write for my clients, and rest of the time I take care of street animals, especially who are wounded.
I never thought and not even think these all are roles in my life.
I believe it is my duty to do all the good things that I like to do for others, and taking care of animals is one of them.
My motto is simple. What I will get in my life, I will send them all back to the world.


Q32. How do you choose any topic for your Blog and what are your main interest area in Blogging?

Answer by Ayush Mishra

Deciding a topic or niche is the crucial step to start a blog. Make sure to pick a niche that you are interested in and passionate about.

Second, you must pick a niche that has enough traffic or audience.

Below is a 3-step formula to confirm your niche for success.

  1. Check the niche size
  2. Analyze your competitors
  3. Check earning potential

Blog: BloggersDesire

Q33. You are a Blogger of Data Science Domain. How do you pick any topic for your Blog?

Answer by Prakhar Mishra

My major motivation to start documenting a variety of topics in a blog was to take this magical domain of ML, AI, Data Science to multiple audiences like students, enthusiasts, practioners, etc. While there is no rule of thumb I follow to choose a topic, I usually try to create content aligned to the needs of my audience. From short blog posts around key concepts to elaborate once explaining an algorithm or library package, I prioritize these posts based on popularity, recency, fundamentals, etc.


Q34. Please give any advice for students on the threshold of their career?

Answer by Anand Khanse

Don’t worry if you do not get what you planned for. I mostly never got what I planned for! Most of my Plan A’s failed.
But I always had a Plan B in place – and they succeeded and put me where I am now. Consistency and perseverance pays; it is never too late for anything!


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