dr sandeep kautish

Education is the “key” to the future & I always desired to be part of teaching community for offering “keys” to our next generation. – Dr. Sandeep Kautish

Dr. Sandeep Kautish
Dean-Academics & Professor
Academic Researcher, Editor, Reviewer
LBEF Campus (In Collaboration with Asia Pacific University, Malaysia)
Kathmandu, Nepal

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

I avoided Expressways in my career and took roads less traveled which might have hampered my speed but the journey has been worth travelling. Having started from Ajmer, a Tier-2 city of Rajasthan, I completed my school and college education with meritorious record and stepped into higher education teaching in 2004. In the span of last over 16 years, I worked at different locations of India i.e. Jaipur region, Dehradun, Chandigarh region and now working at Kathmandu Nepal under a Malaysian academic system. I learned the basics of academics while working with ICFAI University, Hyderabad during 2006-2009. In 2008, I was awarded as best IT Faculty of the ICFAI INC campuses of Jaipur region. My next job assignment was at capital of Uttrakhand with IMS Dehradun which lasted till 2013. I moved to Punjab in 2014 after my PhD award and there I worked at different locations i.e. Barnala, Moga and Bathinda in different capacities i.e. Professor, Principal and Dean. Since last two years i.e. 2018, I am working with LBEF Campus Kathmandu in the capacity of Dean-Academics which is being run under academic collaboration with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, Malaysia. I firmly believe that the variety of academic exposures/experiences which I could earn in past 16 years is the key earning of my professional journey.

Q2. What did attract you towards teaching instead of any corporate job?

Education is the “key” to the future and I always desired to be part of teaching community for offering “keys” to our next generation for unlocking their true potentials. I have been good at studies since my school and college days which motivated me to pursue a full time career in academics. I was offered merit scholarship by Government of Rajasthan on the basis of my Senior Secondary results. Also my family is already having couple of academicians i.e. my father who spent more than 30 years of his life as an academic administrator at M.D.S. University Ajmer, my elder brother who is an accomplished professor in marketing area and my wife who is a researcher in Biotechnology. Given such family background, selecting teaching as a career, was a very natural and obvious choice for me.

Q3. Who is your source of motivation?

My father, Dr. C. H. Kautish has been the prime source of motivation for me. He has had many accomplishments in his life and career. His strong set of values i.e. dedication towards work and honesty has always been influential and I seek to instill the same in myself. Also, I believe in competence and attitude motivation which help me to set my goals associated with self-awareness and self-change.

Dr. Sandeep Kautish

Q4. What is the meaning of success in your terms?

If you are not willing to work for it, don’t complain about not having it.

Q5. You are a Dean, Professor, Editor, Speaker. How do you play multiple roles simultaneously in your life?

It is said that performance leads to recognition; recognition leads to respect; and respect leads to power. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage multiple roles but I always try to make a balance in all these roles. While performing my academic administrative duties, I always reserve at least 1-2 hours/day in which I undertake classroom teaching. It has dual advantage i.e. I feel satisfied as a teacher and also I get to know-how of my students, teachers and their requirements/problems. I believe, academic research is the future of academicians and all teachers (across the level) must undertake academic research tasks i.e. writing researcher papers, books, consultancy assignments and research projects. This motivates me to keep on exploring my potentials as academic policy maker and administrator, editor of books, writing research papers, organizing conferences, guest editorials in referred journals etc.

Q6. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

I am happy and satisfied with the way I am.

Q7. You had both academic and administrative experience in your long span of career. Which one do you like most and why?

Advancing to an academic administrative position almost appears like the next rational step for an accomplished academician. After years of successful and satisfactory teaching, an academician is expected to take up challenging responsibilities which requires strong interpersonal and leadership skills, a deep understanding of dynamic structure of institutions, and creative skills to meet challenges which are heading on. At personal side, I prefer to exemplify my administrative skills while managing my teaching role as well i.e. classroom based teaching.

Dr. Sandeep Kautish

Q8. Have you ever faced criticism and failure in career? How did you deal with that?

Here I recall the words of Carlton Fisk who said “It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” I firmly believe that the true potential and ability of a person is not how he has planned but how he faces the world after failure and how he stands before the challenges when everything he/she planned has gone wrong. I have had quite a vocal set of circumstances when I found that things did not turned up in desirable manner but I finds myself fortunate enough that I could conquered those challenges successfully.

Q.9. You have worked with many of locations/setups in and out of India. What differences you see and how did you manage?

Having worked at four different states/regions of India and three countries, I got to know-how the differences of variety of academic frameworks and pedagogies. For an instance, I worked under AICTE and UGC regulations for first 15 years of my career and now I am working with an academic system which is regulated by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and governed by Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF). Besides many commonalities, there are number of differences between these setups. In my opinion, learning and managing these differences is the real challenge.

Q 10. Please share your career achievements with us?

Meritorious academic record, excellent exposure of variety of academic setups and developing a perfect blend of skills in academic administration and teaching/research are the key achievements of my career so far.