Remote Sensing is good techniques for Geographers and Cartographers.

The remote sensing is the advanced branch of Geography as well as the Earth science. Geographer always point out his/her thinking in a mental map and all map build up the elements of the cartography. The thematic data is the heart of the geographers or the cartographers, the thematic data are coming from the satellite images and aerial photos that is the remote sensing and the remotely sense data.

In the last 40 years, remote sensing has enabled contemporary cartographers to diagram the depths of the ocean or the frontiers of outer space. Remote Sensing, in a broad sense, is the measuring or acquiring the information of some property of an object or phenomenon, by a recording mechanism that is not in physical make contact with the object or phenomenon under study.


Cartography is the art and science of creating maps. It involves congregation of geographical information, storage, processing, and editing of this information, and the presentation of the data in map form. The way this information is gathered and processed involved with time and in the last few decades the remote sensing techniques are used to gather this information and digital image processing techniques are used to analyze and understand.

Cartography has been practiced from the early civilizations. For many centuries its highest application was the construction of hand-drawn flat maps and charts assembled from information collected visually by explorers. Therefore, these maps were not as accurate as modern maps, but demonstrate the level of knowledge and consideration during those the times. Though the exact date of the first map is not known, the ancient Romans and Egyptians were the first to generate maps for martial principle and to demarcate the kingdoms.

The main work of cartography is creating the map, the main work of remote sensing is organized the remotely sense and in situ data. On the other hand, the geographer is the controller of the application and the applied field of this diversified lithosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere and Atmosphere of Earth.