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Interview with Myil Raj. G

Myil Raj. G

Blogger at Online Home Income
Chairman, CEO of Raj Softech Solutions India Private Limited
(Blogger, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer)
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Q1. Please share your Blogging Journey with us?

Hello Everyone, first let me convey my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Mitesh Sharma and the team of Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my experience and knowledge in one of the rapidly thriving fields called Blogging.

Let me tell you something about me.

I am Myilraj. G, born and brought up in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

I have started this long journey in the year 2010. It all started during my final year Diploma in EEE at PSG Tech Coimbatore. In this period, I was exposed to various online money making ideas by one of my Orkut friend. He has helped me create a free blog on the Google Blogger Platform, and he introduced me to Google Adsense Program. For instant earnings, I have begun with Paid to Click Sites. I started to write and publish my day-to-day experience in the blog.

For this purpose, I have chosen the name “ Online Home Income” This is how the blog was born? In a short period, I got Adsense approval, but my bad luck, it doesn’t last long. Since I am a newbie, and I was pulled by curiosity to click my own ads. I have also asked my friends to open my blog and click my ads. Earned the first month and then in the next month, all gone.

After I have completed my college studies and due to family circumstances, I have to go for a 9 – 5 job. Life went like with no goal for the next 2 years. Waking up in the morning, getting ready for the company, and sleeping at night. I was working as a Junior Maintenance Engineer in a Manufacturing Company (2010 – 2015). I am an expert in handling breakdown maintenance of all Horizontal and Vertical Molding Machines.

Q2. You are running a blog name “Online Home Income”. What did attract you to start it?

Hmmm, it was one fine day in Jan 2013 when I was browsing my old stuff. I got to see my Blogspot blog still live. But it is not the right time to continue in free blogging platform. Because the blogging industry took a new phase, and many people have created large footprints in the blogging industry. So, I took a strong decision to start blogging on my own domain name, and as a result, I registered “” in March 2013. You know what, I borrowed Rs.3500/- from my friend to buy the domain and web hosting. Then, I went for a PHP Class to learn web development. It was a 6-month weekend course, and I paid Rs.13000/- in total.

I developed my blog in HTML and CSS in 2013. Then, upgrade to PHP, HTML, and CSS in 2014. During all these times, I am working as a full-time employee in a manufacturing company. Daily I use to wake up at 03:30 am and do my online activities like clicking ads on PTC sites, developing pages for my blog, and doing online promotions. Then again from, 08:00 pm to 11:00 pm, I will continue the work.

Google recognized my blog and ranked for many keywords. This gave me great exposure, and many direct advertisers started displaying ads in my blog. The blog is growing, and my income is rising.

Q3. What kind of stuff do you provide on your Blog “Online Home Income”?

Like me, still, some peoples don’t have proper guidance and assistance to land on genuine online money-making opportunities. So, in this blog, Online Home Income, I share my own experience and from my research in Online Jobs, Second Income Opportunity, etc. publish articles regularly. Recently I added a few more categories including Career, Education, and Finance. You can visit my blog homepage to know my categories.

Additionally, I am inviting interested and deserved people who are having a firm desire to achieve something in his/her life. I am providing one-on-one blogging training for such deserved people. My goal is to raise at least 1,00,000 entrepreneurs in a span of 10years. So far, I have reached 1,156 people and helped them to start their own blog based on their interests and passion.

Online Home Income Blog is a goldmine to all who are searching for a genuine earning opportunity online.

If you are the one searching for a long-term passive source of income, then blogging is the best opportunity available in front of you.  Start your blogging journey by taking my one-on one training course.

Q4. You are a Blogger, Consultant, and Entrepreneur. How do you play multiple roles simultaneously in your life?

31st December 2015, I quit my full-time job and decided to become a full-time blogger from the first day of the new year 2016. By the time, I have three blogs successfully performing in the search results.

One in Online Money Making, the Other in Affiliate Marketing, and the third one in SEO cum Blogging.

I involved my sister in blogging and she was doing her higher secondary schoolings at this time.


I am proud to represent myself as a blogger because I love to write which helps someone change their lifestyle.


I do spend every day at noon to invite people to my office and teach them blogging for free. Usually, people don’t understand the value when something they receive for free. But I didn’t lose my spirit just followed a few out of the bunch and taught them blogging.


In 2014, I founded a company called  Raj Softech Solutions. I am the first generation entrepreneur in my family. It’s a bootstrapped company started with zero investment and in 2020, it stands as a Private Limited Company.

Founder, Director, and Chairman:

Now, in 2020, I became the founder, director, and chairman of Raj Softech Solutions India Private Limited. We provide domain name registration, web hosting services, website design, and development services, digital marketing services, and content writing services.

The one mantra that I believe is,

Plan multiple times before doing it.

But Do One Time Perfectly.

And Do It Today.

I schedule my days in the very morning according to my activities which include writing blog posts, doing SEO, growing my network, teaching blogging, etc. My day starts at 04:30 am with a small black coffee, a morning walk for about 30minutes. Then, will go online by 05:45 am to check emails, social media notifications, etc., and plan my schedule.

Then, I will reach my office by 08:30 am to begin my day. I usually write by late evening for blogs and other activities.

Sundays and Public Holidays will allocate for my family.

Q5. How do you see Blogging as a full-time career in 2020-21? Is it too late or anyone can make their career in Blogging?

Anyone can start a blog anytime. It’s never too late or never too earlier. Just a small calculation, if you start today, you will be ahead of some million people to reach success. If you start tomorrow, you are behind a million people. That’s the difference.

If someone wants to start blogging as a full-time career, he/she must know that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take time to develop authority, grow your network, and increase your visibility. Blogging is a business and not a job. You will gain only if you nurture some value to the community.

You should put more effort and wait patiently to see your results.

  1. Success always takes time. Traffic to your blog takes time.
  • Growth always takes time. It will take time for people to love your content.
  • Set multiple short-term goals, and a few long-term goals. Write your goals in a note, and start filling it every-day. Don’t forget to write what you have done for your career by the end of the day.

I love Long-Drive and my dream is to buy on Rolls-Royce Ghost Edition. As my first step, I bought my Brand New White Beast – Mahindra Scorpio S10 from my Blog earnings in 2015.

This car stands as proof of my success.

Myil Raj. G

Q6. What is the importance of SEO and Digital Marketing for Blogs?

SEO, Digital Marketing, Ranking, Search Engines, all these terms end up at one single point, and that is Brand Visibility. Brand Your Blog and work towards branding. It doesn’t matter how you work either by doing  SEO or Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing? All you need is to make people remember your brand when they think of something. This is a very long discussion and so I kept it short.

Q7. How do you see Blogging as a Passive Income? Is it sufficient to opt for Blogging as a Primary career option?

So, everyone needs money for living. Right from your morning bed out till your bed in by night, you need money for everything. Two ways one can earn money.

Active Income: Money earned as long as you work for a period of time. Your time isdirectly proportional to money.

Passive Income: Money earned even while you are sleeping. Money is multiplied by timeand inversely proportional.

Many people have a wrong approach towards passive income. They believe it like putting some effort and hard work towards stuff to get it done. So, the stuff will earn them money.

This is totally wrong.

When you work on a system and put efforts to make the system work by itself to generate money for you is what really means a passive income?

It sounds confusing – right?

Let me give you a layman’s explanation.

You are starting a blog and your goal is to make money. And, you are continuously writing articles, publishing, promoting, blah, blah, blah. After some months, you started questioning yourself and others, that, why my blog is not ranking? why I am not getting Adsense Approval? etc. etc.

Here, you forget the true purpose of blogging. It is not just publishing some junk content and expecting some rewards.

Hope you understood now.

If you want to build a blog and make it your passive income source, you should focus on building a blog that is a source of information for someone. Once you understand your ultimate goal of blogging, the second part that is money will be on your feet.

If you are interested to build a passive source of blogging, feel free to reach me on Whatsapp at 96553 45140 (or) visit my blog –  start a new business.

Q8. How can anyone increase organic users for a blog without paying a single penny?

Today, we have two options to drive traffic to our blog.

  1. One is the organic method such as ranking our blog in the search engines.
  • The other one is running PPC campaigns.

The latter part includes some investment and usually, it’s not the right fit for the bloggers.

So, how do you increase organic users?

Organic in other words, natural. As a blogger, focus on creating value-rich informative articles and work on building your brand.

Set many short-term goals and a few long-term goals to follow from your Day one.

Never blog just for finding money earning sources. Do Blog for providing some value to the community.

You cannot sow a seed today and expecting to grow by tomorrow. The natural process takes time and you have to pour water (write articles) and fertilize soil (SEO, Digital Marketing).

Similarly, blogging is a long-haul process and work with patience. Success is on its way.

Read my article:  Important Tips to Grow Your Blog Audience

Q9. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

I love myself and groom my skills. No one is born-skilled, but they identify their talents and groom to show them their skills. If you ask me particularly, possibly, I have no answer. Because I trust myself and my determination.

If you have a strong determination towards something, then your mind and body align themselves to achieve the same. You can name that stuff (or) skill by yourself.

Already, in the above part, I told,

The one mantra that I believe is,

Plan multiple times before doing it.

But Do One Time Perfectly.

And Do It Today.

Last Summary:

In 2010 or in March 2013, I never believe that I will be doing something that represents myself as one of the notable people in my community. But, now I am proud of myself to see where I am in 2020.

It all started with a small thought of living on my own. You to all have had such thoughts, but don’t know how and where to start?

Come everyone, join hands with me to foster a financially free future.


2010: Planned and begun my online career 2013: Started my own blog Online Home Income

2014: Started my own company Raj Softech Solutions 2015: Added two more blogs in other niches

2016: Become a full-time blogger with three blogs running successfully 2018: Started web hosting business

2019: Turned up to full-fledged digital marketing company

2020: Grown as a corporate – Raj Softech Solutions India Private Limited.

Started a new company in Legal and Finance – Raj Softech Business Consultancy Services

Everyone should have a Plan and a Goal. Wish you all success in your career.

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