Expertise comes only by doing things repeatedly with right intentions. – Yogesh Dharmadhikari

Interview with Yogesh Dharmadhikari

Yogesh Dharmadhikari

(Coach on a mission to transform 1 Million Professionals)
Author, Coach, Senior Program Manager
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Q1. Please share your inspirational journey with us?

Warm wishes to all the young students and professionals. My childhood and schooling went very smoothly. I did my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalyas, CBSE board from various cities in India as my father was in the Army.

In 1996, I completed my engineering degree in Electrical (Electronics & power System). I had throughout first class and distinction in final year.

I pursued my MBA from United States. With few days of preparation, I qualified the GMAT exam required for the MBA admissions. I had 3.9 GPA and was also recognized with the Alpha Beta Gamma society membership. This society is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and has initiated more than 100,000 members. Membership in Alpha Beta Gamma is open to students meeting the requirements (at least a 3.0 GPA and 12 earned credits) and following a course of study leading to a business-oriented career.

I was selected in campus interview in a reputed company. While joining, they said they did not have any open positions and I could not join there. That was a setback in my career at the beginning. I did not have any job for 6 months. I was helping my cousin in his business while looking for jobs.

I started my career in 1997. I have worked in several organizations in my 24+ year career in Automotive field with many automotive OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers. In my career, I travelled to Japan, Thailand, United States, Canada & Germany. I had my career best 3 years’ rich experience in United States. I have also registered couple of patents through my employer organizations in my career.

Finally, from my experience, I would like to give the emphasis amongst the students on the importance of discipline in studies, going deep in technical topics and having the passion towards engineering.

Q2. You are on a mission to transform 1 Million people from mediocrity to success. How will you do that and what is the main reason behind your mission?

My mission “POWER packed YOU” is to transform 1 million lives of engineers/ professionals who want to grow in their career, by enabling them to have the POWER packed mindset and excel in their career or work around their passion.

After a long career of 24+ years, now I have great income, my own house, car and everything that is required today for a successful life. I am working in a great company, with great culture, innovation focus, great management and fantastic team. However, I realized that something is missing in my life. It seems to me that I did not have any purpose in my life in my whole career. I always thought that I am passionate in engineering, which is true also.

However, since last few years, I am feeling a void there in my life. I am not feeling fulfilled. Now, I do not want to be in race like everyone else. Whatever, I was doing was only for me, my family, my company, etc. everything related to me.

I realized from my mentor about knowing the purpose in life (solving the problem of others, also means GIVE to society). So far in my career, my focus was GET and now it is GIVE.

In addition to my professional career, I now want to also focus my work around my passion, mission and vision in life.

Yogesh Dharmadhikari

Q3. When will your Book “Power Packed You” release? Please share some brief about it?

My book “POWER packed YOU” is scheduled to be release in the month of August this year.

The theme of the book is “Discharge your mediocrity and power charge yourself”. It is for the people who are living the average life without any purpose. It is about getting the clarity in your life, self-awareness, self-mastery, planning the strategy and work around your passion.

All of you are “POWER packed YOU”, if you have the following mindset and behaviors:

P: Know your WHY: Purpose, Passion
O: Optimistic
W: Winning mindset
E: Exceptional, Energetic, Enthusiastic
R: Resourceful, Regenerative

P: Planner, Persistent
A: Achiever, Ambitious, Action taker
C: Creative Thinker, Courageous, Confident, Coachable
K: Knowledgeful

Q4. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

I have started journey POWER packed YOU for myself first as I have lived the mediocre life for so many years. I want to transform other people along with me in my journey. POWER packed YOU is the updated version of you i.e., new Version PPY.

Q5. People say that Leaders/Speakers are born by birth. Is it possible to become a great Leader/Speaker by learning?

People are not skilled by birth; some can be talented and some are not. Any new skill can be learnt with commitment, dedication and practice with discipline. Leadership is also skill than can be learnt and practiced. Most important is taking first step and then take massive actions. All great public speakers had experienced the nervousness, stage fear and imperfect speeches. But they continued their learning and journey towards the mastery. Being persistent is more important than being perfect.

Yogesh Dharmadhikari

Q6. What kind of problems have you faced in your Webinars and Coaching Sessions?

My new journey is started last year. Problems I am facing is reaching the people so that I can help them improve their life. So, far I have completed many free coaching sessions and few webinars. The attendance was moderate at the moment in webinars as well as in the personal coaching sessions. However, I am very confident that my mission will reach to the right people who will understand the need to change their mindset and my mission will become a movement.

Q7. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

Sometime back in last year, I read several books related to mindset (my favorite ones are 7 mindsets of Success, Happiness & Fulfilment, 80% mindset 20% skills, 10X rules, etc.). These books made me realized that whatever is happening in my life, be it success or failure, and are not because of any external factors. In fact, these results are the result of our mindset towards everything. I recommend all of you to read these books and see the results.

Q8. You have a great corporate experience in your life. What kind of problems have you faced in your corporate journey? Do you share these problems in your coaching sessions?

Because of my shy, soft spoken and introvert nature, I have faced lot of problems in my career and missed lot of opportunities. Whenever required, I did not speak up enough for myself. I did not present myself or celebrate my successes/ achievements to/with others; be it a huge success or a small one (we also call it as self-marketing; I did not do that).

Because of that, I have been always criticized by my superiors. Since, I was not expressing and impressing my superiors, I was left behind in the race. In my sessions, I share my life story and the problems I faced in my career.

Q9. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

I have great problem-solving skills; I am empathetic, down to earth person and I like helping and coaching others.

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