Blogging has infinite potential to make you financial independent. – Vishwajeet Kumar

Interview with Vishwajeet Kumar

Vishwajeet Kumar

Founder at Blogginggate (Blogger)
Purnia, Bihar, India

Q1. Please share your professional Blogging journey as a Blogger? How can you help anyone from your blog

Hello, I would like to thank you for inviting me for this interview. My name is Vishwajeet Kumar, I am the owner and founder of

I started my blogging journey in 2015. I have created 3 failed blogs and after that I have started this blog. Actually When I was in college pursuing my B.B.A. I love to do freelance work like designing websites, etc. Eventually I came to know about blogging and I know this from Amit Agarwal who is a God father in Blogging Industry.

Later I have connected with many pro bloggers and I also learned many things from my 3 failed blogs. I have created blogginggate to help newbies who want to start and grow their blog.

Q2. What did you take Blogging as a full time job? Is it sufficient to select Blogging as a Primary career option for living?

Blogging is my passion and I understand it when I was in final year of Graduation. In my initial days of Blogging, I am able to generate some sales from affiliate marketing. This really motivates me a lot.

So, I decided to choose blogging as full-time career. Frankly speaking, Blogging is not a hobby now days. It is a business model. Blogging has infinite potential to make you financial independent. The situation we currently live in has forced us to do work from home. Blogging is definitely one of the best career option for everyone who wants to build their own empire.

Q3. What is the best steps to start a Blog in this year 2020? Is it profitable to make career in Blogging in 2020?

To start a blog, first you need to choose a niche. A niche can be anything which you are passionate about. I have seen that many newbie bloggers make this mistake by choosing a wrong niche. It is a big reason of being unsuccessful in blogging.

When you follow your passion then you can deliver high quality and helpful content which is very important to become a successful Blogger.

Definitely! It is a very profitable to make blogging as your career. All you need is to work hard, be consistent, and have patience. If you follow it then you can make passive income from Blogging.

Q4. Which one is the main income source for Blogger between Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing?

Both are good way to monetize a blog. AdSense works on CPC, and CPM. However, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a blog. I personally am using it for my blog.

If your website is solely information based then AdSense will definitely works great for you. Otheriwse if you work on a micro niche than affiliate marketing seems to be more profitable for you.

Q5. Which one is the best Keyword researcher tool for Blogging in the world?

I am personally using SEMrush. It is a complete SEO tool. You can use it for keyword research and also help you to keep a close eye on your competitor.

It is also analyze your blog and provides you best suggestions to scale up your rankings in search engines.

Q6. What is the importance of Digital Marketing in Blogging?

I really cannot differentiate digital marketing from blogging. Blogging actually gives you a platform to scale up your Digital Marketing.

Blogging allow you to build your authority and branding online which is very important in Digital Marketing. So, Definitely Digital Marketing is very important in blogging

Q7. Vlogs and YouTube are rapidly increasing. Viewers and Creators are shifting their medium from Text to Video. Is Blogging going to end? What do you think about the future of Blogging regarding this problem?

Yes, Video consumption is growing rapidly and people love to watch videos but that does not means that blog’s are dead. There are also a big percentage of people around the globe who loves to read blogs to find solution of their problem or for certain information. Blogging has been evolved a lot and will continue in future.

Q8. How can anyone increase organic users for a blog without paying a single penny?

Search engine traffic is very important to get organic traffic for your blog. You have to work on your on-page and off-page SEO to rank better in search engines.

Having a good backlink score is also very important to rank a site in search engines and drive huge targeted and organic traffic. You don’t need to pay for this.

Q9. Does paid tools gives best results comparing to free tools on WordPress?

Offcourse! Paid tools are more efficient to scale up your blog functionality and also helps you to grow your blog. You will also get support and frequent updates for the paid tools. However, it also depends on your needs and requirements.

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  1. Hi Vishwajeet,
    It is such a great interview with you! I like your take on vlogs. Indeed, they are becoming more and more popular. People like it when they see the person behind the written content. Whenever I put a video on my blog, it does receive more recognition. Hmmm…..I got to get back to that. Thanks for the reminder.


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