There is need to create an interface between MSMEs, Institutions and Students – Virendra Grover

Virendra Grover
Trainer, Career Coach, Author
Ispat Bharti Foundation (Founder Secretary)

Q1. Please share your inspirational journey with us?

Sharing knowledge has always been my dream. It was about culture, civilization and great personalities of the country during early days that changed to professional wisdom about industry and technology.

Q2. Your primary experience domain is academics or industry. Which one you like most?

My experience is primarily in steel industry, but my inclination was always towards TRAINING, either formally or informally, I enjoyed counseling. Academic career was for only two-and-half years and that again was limited to promoting student’s interface with MSME industry, not teaching.

The industry in this segment has enormous potential for jobs and creativity, but students look for only big names and package and MSMEs themselves are not prepared to associate engineering students.

There is need to create an interface between MSMEs, Institutions and Students in the interest of all stakeholders.

Q3. How do you motivate yourself?

Whether in job or without, this has been my passion and I always carry a big list of “Jobs to Do” in mind. That keeps me busy and motivated all the time.

Q4. You are IIT-Kanpur alumnus and have seen teaching in colleges too. Do you feel need for change in education system?

The education system of the day is restricted to SYLLABUS, examination and degree. Faculty in general has little exposure/ inclination towards industry and research projects that was primary five decades back at IIT-Kanpur.

Q5. What change do you suggest in the technical education system and why?

Scope of job and fat pay package is objective of majority of students, not KNOWLEDGE that has to be multi-disciplinary, not confined to a particular stream of study alone. Equal emphasis is called for SYLLABUS and “Out of syllabus learning” as recommended by AICTE.

This has to be promoted from day one with exposure to industry, development in technology and trends in business and economy. Each student should be encouraged to explore own CAREER path befitting one’s strengths, weaknesses, likes etc. If this trend is initiated, everyone will get engaged.

Q6. You are an Author and run your own blog. Please share something about your articles?

My blogs, articles and books, all proceed in same direction. I have two books on engineering education (1) Dream IIT, (2) A New Virus “Karodpati Engineer” in Hindi and my monthly, FREE eNewsletter “Udyog Sanchetana” in English since April’2014 is aimed at the same objective.

“Udyog Sanchetana” disseminates knowledge of industry, metals, materials and manufacturing technology. Its MISSION is KNOWLEDGE dissemination and Career guidance for Engineering students and MSME industry.  It is regularly posted on LinkedIn, Facebook, emailed and circulated through WhatsApp groups.

Q7. You are playing an important role in Ispat Bharti Foundation. How do you help anyone from this organization?

I am founder secretary of the NGO, wherein “ISPAT” is abbreviation for “Initiative to Support Promotion of Advanced Technologies” in SMEs through Bharti, the Goddess of knowledge.

Q8. What are your other interests and concerns?

I study civic issues related to road safety, traffic and transport management, garbage disposal, conservation of natural resources smart city development etc. and look for startup opportunities in these areas that have enormous potential for “Social Entrepreneurship” and employment.