Teaching has choosen me to make many good engineers for my country – Vinit Garg

Vinit Garg
Maths Expert (IIT-JEE)

Vinit Garg is a brilliant maths teacher. He is an engineer. He cracked IIT, CAT, QUANT section with very good percentage. He has been teaching maths from last 8 years. He is dedicated to IIT-JEE students and has more than 4 years experience in teaching only to IIT-JEE entrance students. He has served in Deeksha Classes and Motion IIT JEE Jodhpur. He loves teaching and want to go far in this teaching field to serve humanity and country.

Q1. Please tell me about your journey?

I did my schooling from Central Academy. I had cracked IIT exams after class 12th but not joined due to branch given to me in IIT. Then i took admission in MBM Engineering College and passed it in Mining Engineering. During engineering i started teaching maths which had converted in my passion and I decided to make career in teaching. I had been teaching maths class 9th to 10th from 2011 to 2016. I joined Deeksha Classes to teach JEE in 2016 and switched to Motion IIT JEE Jodhpur in 2017 and had been teaching there 2017 to 2019 for IIT-JEE. Motion IIT JEE is a very famous coaching institute from Kota. I cracked CAT exams with 99% and QUANT section with 100% in 2017. I have got 4 years experience in teaching for IIT-JEE.

Q2. Why did you select maths for your teaching career?

I have a commerce background family where everyone teaches about numbers and I love to play numbers. During my study I was highly impressed one of my maths teacher. He taught maths with different style and great passion. I really don’t know when his passion converted in to my passion and I was pursing my career in maths. I can say that I didn’t choose maths, maths chooses me to live with passion.

Q3. Give some details of IIT-JEE course and its exam patterns?

IIT-JEE has two portions. First is JEE(Mains), it will conduct two times in a year (Second week of January and April). You will get admission in NIT colleges after passing JEE(Mains). You don’t need to clear JEE(Advance) for admission in NIT colleges for engineering. After passing JEE(Mains), you will also eligible to give JEE(Advance) for IIT colleges. Student will get admission in IIT college after passing JEE(Advance) exams according to merit list. Every year approximately 10,000 to 12,000 students get admission in IIT colleges. Paper pattern is simple in JEE(Mains). 75 questions come in paper (25 questions each from physics, chemistry and maths) where 60 questions are MCQ and 15 questions are numeric value type. JEE(Advance) paper doesn’t have any fix pattern that’s why it is one of the most difficult exams in the world. It will come in new pattern every year which will surprise for students. Its good to go IIT-JEE exams with class 11 and 12 because it will gives a chance to fight IIT-JEE in multiple attempts.

Q4. Why coaching classes are necessary to crack IIT-JEE exams and many more competitions exams?

Coaching classes train you “How to crack entrance examinations?”. Basically they don’t teach you for examinations but they train you for examinations. They train you how to tackle 3 hours examination. Text books don’t contains all sufficient information and the level of IIT-JEE exams is much higher than NCERT. Coaching is a medium that fulfill all your needs and prepares you mentally how to face IIT-JEE exams. Students from coaching classes are much more competitive and have all wining tricks to crack any examination in certain time. He has faced many mock tests every year for preparation on computers. He will easily get his weak point during exams and remove it under proper guidance. Students who are doing self study are good but they are not in many numbers. So it’s good to go coaching classes for IIT-JEE preparation to crack it.

Q5. How do you see an education and student culture in Jodhpur?

Jodhpur has very good education and student culture. It has all big colleges and institutes like IIT, AIIMS, NLU, NIFT, FDDI, MBM Engineering, S.N.Medical College and many more. But from last 10 years Jodhpur has got more attention in country due to these colleges. Now student and parents feels that “Jodhpur is a place to look for study”. Jodhpur has given many toppers of various exams multiple times. Last year Jodhpur has given topper of NEET exams. Jodhpur students are very hard working and updating themselves regularly. They are much more aware about there career. If he/she really wants to make career in IIT, NEET, CA, CS, LAW, MBA etc then Jodhpur has very good colleges, coaching classes along with good study environment and great faculties. Even online education also helps them in study.

Q6. Depression is spreading very rigidly in student due to competition. How to handle depression during the preparation of high level exams?

Today’s world is very competitive and it makes lots of pressure on students. Less number of students cope with this pressure but remaining number of students really needs counseling to handle pressure under this competitive environment. For this problem, teacher is the best counselor who can teach them how to handle this situation and solve the problem. Student must share their problems and worries with their teachers. If you don’t share it with your teacher then these problems converts in to depression and you will go for doctors to get remedies. Self Motivation is the biggest thing to prepare you for competition and handle depression. Please share your problem with teachers, they are equivalent to your parents and give you proper guidance.

Q7. What is your future plan?

My future plan would definitely in the field of teaching and service of my country.Teaching is the biggest contribution to make future of any country. If you want to make better country then you simply make its education system better. I want to give teaching on big platform and make many good engineers for my country. Teaching would be on the top for me and it is a service to humanity too. So I will go more far in teaching field specially for IIT-JEE.

Q8. What are your hobbies?

I am a movie lover. I love cricket too. Books reading specially thriller are in many daily list. I regularly do studies and try to update myself too which is very good for my students too.

Q9. What are your views on educational platform is a very good online education platform that gives course details, career details, various MCQ preparation test. It publishes many expert interviews time to time along with educational blogs. It is very good for students to get updates and preparation materials.