Hybrid Education Hub has given more than 25 selections in JEE and NEET in the last 4 years. – Vinay Hans

Vinay Hans
Hybrid Education Hub (Founder)
Physics Expert

Vinay Hans is a founder of Hybrid Education Hub Institute in Jodhpur and a Physics expert. He is an engineer. He has been teaching physics from last 8 years. He has left his Government Job in Indian Railway as Senior Section Engineer to pursue his career in teaching. Hybrid Education Hub has been giving many selections in engineering and medical field from last many years. He suggests students to focus more on NCERT books to improve their basics concepts and practice MCQ questions for preparations. He wants his institute to grow large on national level and trying very hard with good vision, great faculties and proper educational environment. Here he shares his experience, journey and future plan with us.

Q1. Please share your inspirational journey with us?

I did my schooling from Central Academy School. After that, I did my engineering in Electrical Branch from MBM, Engineering College, Jodhpur. I started teaching in my second year of engineering. During teaching, I realized that Physics subject is very relatable to our daily life. Many students are very fearful of physics subject. So I feel that it’s my responsibility to help students to learn physics in easiest way so that they can crack various competition exam like IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and NEET. I completed B.E. in 2014 and then got selected in Indian Railway as a Senior Section Engineer in RRB Mumbai. I went to Mumbai but I did not like the fast culture. So I left my job and followed my passion for teaching. We are making many engineers and doctors on unique work ethics which would be very good for humanity and country. We are trying hard to make our Hybrid Education Hub best in Jodhpur and India.

Q2. Why did you leave the government job for teaching?

Government Jobs are considered to be very secured jobs in our society. When I got a job in Indian Railways, my parents were very happy. But when I went to Mumbai, I was surprised to see a very hard working, determining and motivating works ethics of people living there. It gave me motivation to follow my dreams and I decided to take a strict decision of my life. I left the job, came to Jodhpur and now I am pursuing my career in the teaching field. Many people including my friends and relatives doubted my decision. But I knew this is right for me. So I dedicated myself completely toward Hybrid Education hub. As a teacher, you and only you see the painful steps your students sometimes experience in your classroom. They are fighting their own battles, breaking deeply personal barriers, and moving towards success. As a mentor, as a teacher, as a guide I am there for all of it. Only one who has taught can understand the often painful but always rewarding journey of teaching children. No one can take that pride away from you, or from your students.

Q3. Does Pre-foundation and Foundation course save a year for students in engineer and medical exams?

In the competitive world ahead, every year is important. Students who succeed in JEE/Medical in the first attempt itself, save one year & invest it in making their further brighter. Many of the chapter and concepts that are part of JEE/Medical syllabus are introduced to the students in Class VIII, IX & X, and taught in details in Class XI & XII. So, the best way is to start JEE/Medical preparation is from the beginning of class VIII, IX.

Q4. How to crack IIT and NEET exams in a single attempt?

First of all nothing is really tough if students have a strong will to do so. But if they are aiming at it halfheartedly, then it’s gonna be really tough. Students really don’t have to sacrifice anything, all they need to be is totally focused. Student’s only aim for an year or two years must be IIT JEE / NEET exam only. They must not think anything else.
The only thing student need to do is to understand the concepts well and practice lots of problems. Just reading theory will not be enough, solve problems consistently. Find out where they get stuck, improve on their weakness. Don’t read too many reference books. Stick to one good MCQ book or study from a JEE/NEET coaching material. Time management is a mandatory skill that is required to clear JEE exam. To manage time well, students need to practice mock tests. They also need to learn the pattern of solving questions. This is possible only through consistent practice. Solving past year papers will give them best idea of the level of questions asked in JEE/NEET. Be smart about your goals and strategy. Know your strength and weakness. It’s okay to make mistakes but be smart enough to learn from them.

Q5. How do you rate the education standard of Jodhpur?

Jodhpur has given brilliant results from the last many years both in JEE and NEET exam. Institute in Jodhpur delivers the right guidance, proper counseling, good strategy, and high competitive environment now days. Many students go to other cities for coaching but it does not necessary that he/she will get selected. It depends on teachers, coaching institutes and hard work of students. I can say now Jodhpur has very good education and student culture. In coming future more students will get selected from Jodhpur.

Q6. How many selections has given by Hybrid Eduhub?

HYBRID got first success in 2015 when our students paved their way to NIT and VIT. After that in 2016, some of our students secured their seats in various NITs. In 2017 and 2018, some of our students got selected in IIT MUMBAI, IIT KANPUR, NITs, IIITs etc. More than 35 students got selected in various IIT institute, NIT, IIIT, VIT and various Government Engineering college. In Medical field also, more than 10 of our students have got selected in various Government Medical colleges situated in Kolkata, Jodhpur, Kota, Bikaner, Pali etc. Apart from competition exams, HYBRID EDUCATION HUB proves its excellence in CBSE BOARDS Examination also. Last year eight of our students scored 90% & above in class 12th and six students scored 90% & above in class 10th. We are rising high every year in terms of selection to student’s ratio. We are doing our best and every year our result shows our hard work and efforts.

Vinay Hans
Q7. Where do you see Hybrid Eduhub in next few years?

I am positive and determined towards achieving mine as well as the HYBRID’s goals. Having said that, I see myself in a managerial role and demonstrating my leadership capabilities.”
In next few years from now, I see HYBRID as one of the best JEE and NEET coaching institute all over India. It is our strong commitment to quest for excellence in the field of education and Hybrid is making rapid progress by providing better resources to impart best quality education. Being an educator is certainly an awesome task but at the same time an awe-inspiring ethical challenge. Our motto “An Opportunity to Create a Difference” is always the theme of everything we do. We make sure that every student realizes his or her potential and nurture it through knowledge. We strive to create a dynamic environment for education and set the stage for student’s achievement and success.

Q8. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are reading books, watching movies, playing cricket and football, listening music.