Swapnil Bagat

Lidar is the leading method to get a good result in GIS with accuracy. – Swapnil Bagat

Interview with Swapnil Bagat

Swapnil Bagat

Gis Specialist, Remote Sensing Analyst
LIDAR, UAV, Drone Pilot, Photogrammetry, DGPS
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Q1. Please share your educational journey with us?

I have a degree in Specialized Geography from Mumbai (Maharashtra). After my graduation, I applied for Matter in Geography from Pune (Maharashtra). It was a great experience during my master’s. I learned more detailed information about GIS (Geographic Information System) and RS (Remote Sensing). I wanted to be a lecturer but I thought GIS is important for many industries and that is why I want to learn more details in GIS and RS. And then I applied for a PG Diploma in Geoinformatics. I have also done basic GIS and RS course taken by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).

Q2. Please share your professional journey with us?

During my course I got the opportunity as a GIS analyst that I have taken on that role. I worked in that organization for 9 months and gained practical experience. I am playing various roles in Drone Pilot, Photogrammatist, GIS analyst, Data Processing, Team Management. I have worked in India’s challenging projects of railways, airports, roads, and telecom.

Q3. What did attract you towards GIS and Remote Sensing Domain?

GIS and Remote Sensing Domain is unique technique for this digital way. This technique fulfill the future needs.

Swapnil Bagat

Q4. What exactly is Lidar? Where and why it is used?

LiDAR is the remote sensing method that uses laser pulses to measure distance. Now LiDAR is the main key for Autonomous driving, Forest mapping, Road construction, Architect and many more. LiDAR is convenient method use anywhere because it has many Platform Airborne,   Satellite, and Ground based. Due to various platform it is accessible for every condition.

Q5. How Lidar data is different from another alternative like Satellite Images?

The LiDAR is more accurate than other techniques such as satellite imagery, photogrammetry and electronic total station. LiDAR is less time consuming than other techniques. LiDAR is widely used for planning purposes. The LiDAR for forest mapping and military is used by many countries.

Q6. Which are the best survey nowadays to make things digital along with database?

There are many techniques in GIS that can give us a digital database but Lidar is the leading method to get a good result. Because of its accuracy, it fulfills a need. It is very convenient to do for all kinds of projects

Q7. How do you see GIS, RS and Lidar domain for new students as a career?

GIS, RS and LiDAR are used by almost every industry. For smart cities, roads, airports, railways, telecom etc. it plays an important role in planning purposes. The Government of India is using the technique. And so it will expand in every category in the future. Career-oriented opportunities for those who are graduates

Q8. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

I love learning new things and that’s why I gained so much from my experience.

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