We are helping to transform Digital Businesses into Intelligent Businesses – Sudhanshu Kumar

Sudhanshu Kumar
Chief AI Engineer & CEO at
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

The story started with Wipro. Then I have worked with Deloitte and the R&D division of Verizon. I have worked for EnY as well.

Q2. What did attract you towards the 6latest technology Artificial Intelligence and Data Science?

I was a curious child. If you ask my parents, they will tell you about all the toys that I have broken. I was intrigued by them and used to open them up just to see how every part clicks to make the toy work. Don’t the same principals apply to data science as well? It’s just beautiful to see how different data fragments when weaved together can help you take really intelligent decisions.

Q3. You are a Chief Engineer and CEO at What kind of problems do you solve at your organization?

We solve all kinds of Artificial intelligence related problems be it Machine Learning, Vision Problems, Natural Language Processing related problems, several automations, data insights, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions, organizational forecasts etc. using state of the art cutting edge technologies present in the market. In short, we are helping to transform digital businesses into intelligent businesses. On top of that, we are also focused on building a reliable, self-sufficient and motivated AI workforce for the world using our training programs.

Q4. You are a Data Scientist too. How NLP is helpful to solve real world problem?

NLP can contribute a lot towards solving our day to day problems. By now, you’d have must had a conversation with a bot and they might be so good that you never noticed it. Your mobile autocorrect, predictive texts, Gmail now has started predicting your email sentences, social media-driven marketing, products and election campaigns, targeted advertisements based on your search history, enterprise application log analytics, their optimization recommendations, AI newsreaders, Bots which can generate stories, auto language translators and whatnot. The world has changed a lot, we are keeping pace with it, and AI is the tool.

Q5. How do you handle stress in this fast and competitive life?

You get stressed only when you do something that you don’t like. If you are really passionate about what you do, stress is not one of the things that you care about. For me, the biggest pursuit is to be better than yesterday, to strive harder, to set newer goals and to conquer them all.

Q5. Which type of Machine Learning Model have you used maximum to solve problems in your more than 5 years experience and why?

After this long a journey, it’s really tough to name one model. I have worked extensively on almost all the cutting edge algorithms present and solved many of the organizational problems and enabled them to make better decisions and serve their customers better. 

Q6. How do you motivate yourself every morning?

My motivation is my team. The people that I work with are so dedicated and hardworking, so energetic they don’t just let you slack. They’ll pull you with them, and they will bombard you with brilliant ideas. This is what happens when you have a team that shares the same passion, the same vision. We work together, and we grow together.

Q7. How much AI will change the world in future? What is your speculation?

I won’t call it a change. I’ll call it a revolution. The scale at which AI can automate things and impact even our day to day life is just mind-boggling. Many of the routine and mundane tasks that you see today are going to be automated using AI. The uses for AI for remote areas and hazardous occupations is also a sector getting explored extensively. I’d like to quote ‘The Matrix’ here: The matrix is going to be all around us Neo.

Q8. What do you do in your free time? Do you update yourself in terms of education?

I hardly get any free time. But yes, I like to read a lot during this free time about what are the market leaders and technology giants like Google or Microsoft doing in the field of AI, what is their area of research, can we try to build something similar or better. I sometimes read newly published research papers as well to keep me updated.