Womanhood is an experience, a proud journey of the creators of this beautiful world. – Shubha Tiwari

Interview with Shubha Tiwari

Shubha Tiwari

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Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

First of all, I want to thank you Mitesh, for inviting me for this interview and giving me a chance to answer the questions which I always wanted to share.

Let me introduce myself first to those who have not interacted with me yet. So here is my brief introduction- I am Shubha Tiwari from JustWomenWorld. And when talking about my education, I have done masters in Chemistry and also have done B.Ed.

From the starting of my educational journey, I was quite interested in Science. And my professional journey is little bit complexed. But for the last two years, I am working as a Principal in Kids school (Kindergarten).

And frankly speaking, my job gives me peace of mind and lots of positivity around. When I see my little kids smiling and hanging around me, what I feel is what we call satisfaction. And I am also a blogger by hobby.

Shubha Tiwari


Q2. What did attract you towards Blogging and becoming Blogger?

The answer to this question in a word is- Pain. I started blogging because I wanted to talk to the world about the pain which we women feel.

From school times, I used to write my daily routine, my pains, happiness and lots more things. I have also written some poems.

And when I started blogging, the sole reason was to connect with common problems of women and to share about the life which we live. Still today, my blog is focussed on meeting the needs of women in every possible way.

Whether it is emotional help, relationship issues or standing against gender biases, in this era of internet and online connectivity, Blogging is one of the best possible ways you can share your views and knowledge to others.

Blogging does not mean only writing and publishing your content; it also means that you can impart your knowledge and experience to a wider audience. Words, once spoken, can be forgotten, but words once wrote are permanent.

Q3. You are running a blog named “”. Please share some about your blog?

I believe that Empowerment can occur when women of the world unite and take stand for each other. And what can be a better way than the online world?

We come across many instances when a single tweet from a common person reaches the world. A single video goes that viral that we can’t expect it to be so offline.

JustWomenWorld is aimed to reach and unite every woman of the online world. By saying online, I mean, who is connected to the internet. My blog aims to render the solution to every problem of any woman at a single place.

Women generally face lots of harassment, biases at home as well as their work place. I, with the help of my blog, want to change the life of women.

I know it is quite a big deal, but still, I want to try. Even if I can help a single woman through my blog; I will think I have succeeded.

You can find articles related to personal needs of women, relationship issues, Empowerment, beauty hacks and tips at JustWomenWorld.


Q4. What was the main reason to start a blog only for women?

This is a long story, but I will keep it short🙂. You can think of me to be an emotional person. But I can really feel the pain of others.

My near and dear ones often tease me for this. But it is my reality; my connectivity with the pain of the people around me makes me what I am as a person.

In my professional life too, I have met numerous ladies who are being harassed, tortured and abused. It is not possible to portray every single story here.

But I have seen girls who left their education because of early marriages, ladies who work as maids in their own houses, sisters who are restricted when compared to their brothers, daughters who are neglected from their birth.

I always wanted to write what I felt all about these issues because I knew my writings would be the portrayal of feelings of most women, especially when we are talking about Indian women.

The above reasons form the backbone of my blog, which is devoted to every woman who is in any pain/need.

Shubha Tiwari (

But I want to add one thing more, JustWomenWorld is not restricted for men. It is also for the men who consider women equivalent to them. And those who think women are weak and dumb should visit my blog to know what womanhood is all about. 

Womanhood is an experience, a proud journey of the creators of this beautiful world.

Q5. How do you see Blogging as a career for women in this competitive Blogging Industry?

There are lots of examples when you feel amazed to see women who choose Blogging as their career. I would like to mention some of the top bloggers of our industry who are women-

These are only a few of the names of the rocking ladies of the blogging world, many more are there and many more to enter in the coming future.

And I want to add one thing more- all the names which I mentioned above are super-talented and super-generous. They are no way less than male bloggers. I am proud of my super-talented and empowering women  who can give blogging a new dimension with their creativities. 

Q6. Which is the best blogging platform in the world?

For any newbie who is planning to start a blog, I would suggest going with WordPress. According to many other pro bloggers and me, WordPress is the best blogging platform. WordPress is the winner in my opinion because of its attractive possessions like-

  • WordPress is free– You don’t have to pay a single penny to install and use WordPress.
  • WordPress has free themes– Yes, you can use any of the many free themes.
  • WordPress allows multiple users– You can allow your blogging buddies with imposing certain limitations to access your WordPress enabled blog.
  • WordPress is user friendly- Yes, WordPress is really easy to use.
  • WordPress has numerous plugins– Because of its plugins supply, WordPress can take your blog to the next level.

These are a few of numerous reasons, why most of the bloggers consider WordPress as the best blogging platform.


Q7. Which is the best strategy to promote any Blog organically?

To promote a blog, organically is very tricky. There is a countless number of blogs, and not a single topic is untouched. Whenever you search something on the internet, you will get an uncountable number of articles on that specific topic.

And most of us visit only to the blog which appears on first or second positions, and none of us goes to the second page for our solving our enquiry. So, it would help if you kept in mind these things to win organic audiences for your blog-

  • Quality: So, to stand out of the crowd, you must create qualitatively better content than those which are already available. Quality helps you stand out of the crowd.
  • Authority: Most of the blogs ranking on first pages have high DA (Domain authority), not always but most often. So, you need to make your blog authority blog. You must gain the trust of google along with your audiences to rank on the first page.
  • Backlinks: Yes, backlinks play an important role in ranking factor. But to get a backlink for your website, you need to create quality content, develop good relations with fellow bloggers and guest posting.

Apart from the points mentioned above, one needs to be hardworking, patient and has trust in self. If you learn to play, you will surely learn to win one day.

Q8. Whom you consider your best blogging mates and why?

The answer to this question will help me to pour my heart out. As you all know, blogging is effortless to start, but it takes lots of efforts to be consistent in this journey.

As a newbie, many times, I felt that how will I survive in this world which is filled with numerous super-talented people. Sometimes, I thought of leaving too because of frustration.

But I have gained some super-talented and super-supporting amazing friends, whom I consider my gurus in this journey. There are many, but the closest to my heart are-

  • Vishwajeet Kumar– He is the one who has helped me continuously in my journey. Because of him, I have learnt many things in a short period. Not only me, but he is also one who helps everyone, even without asking. Without the support of this talented person, my blogging journey would not be that easy. He is a gem.
  • Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj Mangesh is also a YouTuber along with blogger. His videos have helped me a lot in the learning process; he is always ready to help any person. We call him the Rockstar of our group: a fun-loving and super-talented guy.
  • Saurabh Tiwari He is an SEO-expert and a very good friend of mine. Whenever I approached for help, he happily helped me and solved my queries. I have learnt a lot from him—a blogger who plays with keywords and SEO.
  • Atish Ranjan He is also an SEO-expert and super helping guy. He is always ready to help. Being a generous person, he has helped many top pro-bloggers in their blogging journey. You will see many bloggers praising him around.
  • Santosh Gairola- He is a very decent and helping person. An excellent friend and an author of many top-selling books on Amazon. He always motivates newbies and comes up with exciting rewards on his blogging group.
  • Jyoti Chauhan– She is a young earning lady who is no less than a son for her family. An exceptionally talented girl who rocks the blogging world, always eager to help happily. Talk to her, and you will get assured that women can do exceptional in blogging.
  • Raksha Khumawat She is one of the emerging female bloggers but is a source of inspiration for many. She is in her educational phase, but still, she is doing quite well with blogging. A polite, sweet and very talented girl she is.
  • Ryan Biddulph-This man is someone whom you should follow if you are in the blogging world. He is the founder of blogging from paradise. As the name of his blog gives a soothing feeling of relaxation, in the same way, his articles are mood booster. He is author of hundreds of best-selling books on Amazon.
  • Erika R. Mohassen-Beyk Erika is someone to whom I feel a spiritual connection. Her articles are having a healing effect on mind and soul. If you want to know deeply about life, you must follow her blog—the lady who allowed me for the first guest post without any discomfort.

With the help of this interview, I want to convey my love and regards to you all. You all are fantastic and very close to my heart.


Q9. What do you want to say newbies in the blogging world?

Blogging is full of potential. It can give you name, fame and money. But for this, you need to be consistent, patient and off-course hard-working.

As much you enjoy the learning process, the closer you will go to success. If you are entering in the blogging world and thinking from the same of earning money, then you are not a practical thinker.

Be realistic, put efforts, and you will get guaranteed success—all the best for your journey. Try something different; make your own story.

Thanks once again Mitesh for inviting me on your awesome blog. Best wishes and regards.

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  1. Shubha,

    Happy to see you growing in the blogosphere! You are a pure soul, and the people who are nice, always go ahead in their life with positivity. Keep these positivities with you, and you are good to go. Nice interview.
    God Bless. Keep up the Good Work 🙂
    Thank you for the kind mention 🙂

  2. Excellent interview. Shubha Tiwari is a bright person who has all the necessary skills to do well in the world of blogging. I wish her all the best.

  3. Great interview with Shubha,

    I like the way Shubha shared her “why” in this interview. Helping women is a great niche to be in because there are a lot of struggles women have from personal to business. Her blog is a great place to read about issues that women confront.
    I want to thank you Shubha for the kind mention here in this interview. It is greatly appreciated.

    When it comes to blogging, Shubha shares her passion in this specific niche. So many bloggers start off and don’t know their “why” because they may be doing so to monetize only and forget their passion. With passion and persistence, one can monetize of course, but passion has to outweigh monetization.

    -Donna Merrill

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