Data is heart and soul of a Data Science Project. – Shruti Bhutaiya

Interview with Shruti Bhutaiya

Shruti Bhutaiya

Data Scientist
Pune, Maharashtra

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

I developed my interest for coding during my B.Tech. When I joined Masters in NIT, I gave a thought about my future and which field I want to pursue. Every answer was going towards Machine Learning. I was quite interested in techniques and algorithms of ML. It was always fun to play around. After that, I joined Dassault Systèmes as a Data Scientist. That’s how my learning journey started and it is going on.

Q2. What did attract you towards Data Science Domain?

It is mixture of computer science – coding, logic, observation skills, thinking power. They all are my favorite areas to spend my time on. Every time the task needs different approach. You learn a lot every single time. I find it very interesting.

Q3. What is importance of Data in any Data Science Project?

Data is heart and soul of a Data Science Project. If data changes, way of handling it changes accordingly. You have to understand it very thoroughly. You have to be clear about what output is expected from this project.

Q4. Which one thing do you like most about Data Science Domain?

There is a lot of scope for research and inventions. There is no accomplished way of doing a task. You can use your mind/logic and try to solve a problem.

Q5. What do you think about Online Data Science Courses? Do these courses sufficient to make Data Scientist?

You have to choose a website and a course precisely. Not every course provides enough information. Explore it first, read blogs and then only choose. These courses are not sufficient but they are necessary. You need experience to be a data scientist but you also have to go through the necessary courses at least once.

Q6. Why Kaggle is very important for any Data Science aspirant? Does Kaggle’s rank really help to get a job?

Kaggle provides an environment/stage to Explore, Learn, Enhance, Showcase your skills in Data Science. It is a virtual hub where data science aspirants across the world gather and share their knowledge and experience.  Kaggle’s rank definitely helps to get a job as it showcase your skills, talent and hard work.

Q7. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

Keep going on. You have to evolve.

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