You cannot be happy in this world where suffering exists. – Shiv and Savy (FAMILY FIRST)

Interview with Shiv and Savy (FAMILY FIRST)

Shiv and Savy (FAMILY FIRST)

Amazon Bestselling Authors, Keynote Speakers, Family Success Coach & Trainers
Tamil Nadu, India

Q1. Please share your inspirational journey with us as a Power Couple?

Every life has certain signposts. Either we learn from it and grow to the next level or it will destroy us. The signposts / milestones in our life were:

i) Accident – three years into our marriage Shiv met with a near fatal accident. It took him 1.5 years to recover. He lost his job. Our faith and vision kept us moving forward and the miracle called TRICHY PLUS ( happened.

ii) Financial debacles – first it was betrayal by somebody very close to us, quickly followed by a financial blunder and a colossal mistake in our business decision making. What kept us together was – if wealth is lost nothing is lost.

iii) Diabetes story – knowledge, observation and deduction have kept us on top of our circumstances. He have made huge shifts in our lifestyles which have made us marathon runners and dancers.

iv) Every child is unique – we gave our daughter space to discover herself. Today she leads her life on her own terms. We live by the slogan – let every child create its own space rather than be a rat in the race.

Q2. What did attract both of you to start work professionally with each other as a couple?

We discovered the joy of working when we started TRICHY PLUS together. We found that we had a common passion i.e. to guide students, individuals and organizations, to discover their latent potential and transform them into vibrant, creative and enthusiastic people.

Q3. People say that Leadership Skills comes in any person by birth. Is it possible to develop it by learning?

Leadership skills can be developed by learning – yes! We were zero to start with and had no acumen in finance, business, leading people, parenting and health. We were open-minded and kept nudging each other, one chip at a time, to make us what we are today.

We firmly believe in what Gandhi said – be the change you wish to see in the world.

If it’s got to be its upto me – that’s the essence of Leadership for us.

Q4. What kind of problems have you faced maximum in your coaching sessions and how did you remove it?

Two kinds of Challenges:

i) Some candidates would not be attuned to our training sessions. Our formula was to give them space and give them an electrifying atmosphere which would create shifts in their attitude and thus propel them to take action in the right direction.

ii) We would observe huge shifts in their behavior for short duration of time. Though we transmuted them into ‘gold’ for a short duration of time, the septic tank outside (environment i.e friends, family & relatives) had the influence on them. Soon these transformed candidates were back to square one.

Q5. What is the importance of Life Skills in any person? Does it help in personal and professional growth?

The Qutab Minar stands tall because its foundation is twice as deep. Every car comes with a maintenance manual to maximize its output. Similarly, every human needs physical Mastery, financial acumen, suaveness in relationship and finesse in parenting. Moreover, they have to understand that this mind is a headset where you can tune the buttons to purpose your requirements.

This is the foundation of life. The Qutab Minar (Professional growth) that you see on the outside is but a manifestation of the unseen within.

Shiv and Savy

Q6. What was the main motto behind your Amazon Best Seller Book “Family First”?

Family First is a tool kit, a ready reckoner, a road map & a guiding mothership to help families breeze through the turbulent waters of life. Our objective is to see each and every family

HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE with abundance flowing through them.

Ultimately happy families make up a happy nation.

Q7. Which one thing do you want to change in each other?

This is the most difficult question for us to answer – we accept each other the way we are with all our idiosyncrasies. We have never thought of changing each other. After this question we are pondering over what is the change we want to see in each other.

Q8. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

Perspectives build on each other to create momentum:

i) Seeing parents succumb to alcohol and children devoid of nutrition in a government polytechnic, where we did a CSR activity for one year – we understand that this entire society needs a paradigm shift in avoiding alcohol & taking care of children’s health.

ii) Girls dropping out of government schools after puberty just for want of toilets, inspite of having passion to learn.

iii) Parents committing suicide a rural school. More than 50 % children have lost a parent because of minor squabbles. 10% of them are orphaned.

The pain is endless – YOU CANNOT BE HAPPY IN THIS WORLD WHERE SUFFERING EXISTS as we are all enmeshed and our spirits are intertwined with each other.

Q9. Which one skill do you like most in each other?

I like Savy’s calmness under duress, culinary skills, painting and singing – Shiv

I like Shiv’s sense of humor, oratory skills, his competitive spirit and love for learning – Savy

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