Creating an author website can be a best way to reach more audience. – Santosh Gairola

Interview with Santosh Gairola

Santosh Gairola

Author and Blogger
Dehradun, India

Q1. Please share your journey as an Author and Blogger with us? Please share a brief about your Books and Blog?

Hello friends, thanks for giving me this opportunity to get connected to your audience.  Hello all my name is Santosh Gairola, and I’m from Dehradun, India. I’m an author, blogger, and digital entrepreneur.

My story is not a fairy tale. But, I would like to share it with you all. I hope that you will get some value from it.

Friends, I’m a trained programmer in Microsoft .net framework technologies. While working as a web developer, I realized that I’m not happy working there, as there was no working freedom.

I felt that I’m not able to use my imaginative or creative abilities. Therefore, I decided to work for myself, so I choose content writing as my career. And I started writing random stuff at that time.

In the initial stages, I was not getting the desired result as I wasn’t following the writing guidelines and going through lots of issues. That was a hard time in my life; I was not getting any response. Hence, I became a little discouraged, but I continued my writing practice.

I started analyzing myself as a writer and observed other writers’ writing patterns. I noticed that most of the writers are readers first, so I started reading a lot. And it helped me in improving my writing style.  Later, I decided that I need to write in a particular category, so I choose spirituality and wellness as my niche.

From there, things started changing in my favor. I purchased a domain and web hosting to start professional Blogging. Eventually, that blog started getting rank on Google, and I learned various aspects of writing and Blogging. My first blog made a strong writing foundation for me as a content creator. Succeeding, I started many more blogs after that. Blogging Cosmos is one of them.

Then, a time came in my life when I realized that after publishing much content on my blog, I need to publish books and serve more audience. You are the apple of my eye is my recent book released in May 2021.

Q2. Which one is the best hosting provider for Blogging in the world?

It depends on various aspects and needs of the blogger. I prefer Bluehost webhosting servers. They are a super fast and reliable hosting provider. Therefore, you can trust them. I have published several articles on their Webhosting services. You can check out my blog Blogging cosmos to know my more views on Bluehost.

 The only problem with Bluehost is, they are not affordable for beginners.

For beginners, I suggest Hostinger hosting. They are affordable and provides best services. If you are fresher, you can try them. I used both of them, and I’m satisfied with their services.

Q3. What is the importance of Digital Marketing in Blogging?

Well, Blogging is a part of digital marketing. And Digital marketing is the art of selling products through digital means. It can be through paid ad campaigns, video creation, or email marketing. Blogging provides the opportunity to implement various aspects of digital marketing in the blogosphere.

Q4. What is the best procedure to use Affiliate Marketing in a Blog? Is it capable to make it a primary income for any blogger?

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money from Blogging. It provides a recurring income stream if someone takes Blogging as a business. The best procedure to use Blogging is to create a loyal fan base. For that, you need to develop trust in the readers by providing them value. If readers found your content helpful, they will buy the product from your blog. Yes they can make it a primary income source. Many pro bloggers are already doing it.

Q5. What is the importance of Email Marketing in Blogging?

Guys’, building an email list is crucial in every business. I consider that if you are not building an email list, then you are making a big mistake. In this fast-changing world, we cannot give guarantee anything. Keeping the email address of readers is a safe option.

Q6. How do you see Book Writing and Blogging as a Passive Income? Is it sufficient to opt for both as a Primary career option for earning?

In our society, authors receive so much appreciation and respect. They are considered authority figures.  Similarly, Bloggers are equivalently iconic figures.  It is the art of writing that connects both of them. My friends, you can make money as an Author and blogger, and it is a passive stream of Income. But success takes sweat and blood, you need to put a lot of effort to get success.

Q7. What are the best steps to become a successful Author? What are your favorite niche in Book Writing?

First don’t compare yourself with other, just try to become a better person or better writer that you were yesterday. Spread positivity around yourself and live a happy life. Follow your writing discipline.

Another thing that I would like to tell you is that you need to focus more on your writing style, and your choices of using words in your daily life. Use simple but impactful thesaurus. Stay humble and be supportive to other fellow authors. Try to promote others books, Along with that try to make your audience, by establishing your author platform. Creating an author website can be a best way to reach more audience. Create your trust in them. Keep reading and keep learning is the best way to become a successful Author.

My favorite niches are Spirituality, Self-help, and Fictional stories.

Q8. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

When I started buying books and reading them. I learned so much from them. It helped me to become a better writer and better human being.

Q9. How can anyone increase organic users for a blog without paying a single penny?

Start following other bloggers, empower your networking skills with pro bloggers. There are many blogging groups on facebook just join them. But don’t forget to follow their guidelines first. And most importantly, publish more quality post.

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