Machine Learning is used to extract more information from the Data and “Data is the New Oil” in this advanced civilization. – Sameer Nigam

Sameer Nigam
Machine Learning Engineer

Sameer Nigam is a Machine Learning Engineer. He had a great interest in Computers and its Programming Languages from his college days. He started from PHP and later migrated to Python and Machine Learning. He has done several projects on this new advanced technology. He is a Computer Vision Expert. He runs his own Podcast known as “AI HINDI SHOW” and and YouTube channel named “AI Society”. He gives free private mentorship to aspiring students on his Instagram account. He loves to write article on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Here he shares about his Career, Machine Learning, and How he is helping students through his “Podcast and YouTube Channel”. Check his Instagram Channel @ AI Society and YouTube Channel @ AI Society

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

Hello, My name is Sameer Nigam and I have studied Computer Science and Engineering from JRE Group of Institutions, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. I started my career as a PHP developer and just after 3 months of my job I changed my field into Python and Django developer. After working for 1 year as a Django Developer I diverted my career into Machine Learning and now I am working as a Machine Learning Engineer. I also train students in Python and Machine learning. I have also started my podcast named “AI HINDI SHOW” (Now known as “AI Society Podcast”) and YouTube channel named “AI Society” on November 2019, where I make and upload audio and video for the people interested in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science.

Q2. You have been working in AI and ML domain from last 2 years. What kind of projects have you done?

I have done various kinds of projects like key events extraction in an IP camera, object detection using drone and bank cheque OCR, and many I cannot reveal due to company policy. Basically, I am a computer vision expert in the company so professionally I get maximum projects related to computer vision. Also, I personally have done immense amount of projects like email filtering system, AI Chatbot development and many more.

Q3. Machine Learning is everywhere now. All companies are using it. How Machine Learning is useful in real life?

We all know “Data is the New Oil” in this advanced civilization, and we are using machine learning more than we know. So, for me it is possible to say people are using machine learning to make them useful even without knowing about it and that is what the real life situation is.

Q4. You have done many Online Machine Learning courses. Is it sufficient to become a Machine Learning Expert?

No, I took immense amount of online courses, but what I felt was unless you get the mentorship from somebody, it is really difficult to know the real aspect of this field. And ironically we know machines also need us humans to learn something better. That is why I created an Instagram account to help aspiring students get private mentorship for free. Getting/Having a mentor really helps you scale your knowledge.

Q5. Which type of articles do you write on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

I write everything related on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, from technical topics to social topics. Soon I am going to launch my community website called

Q6. You have done Podcast based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Please share something about it and how it is useful for aspirants?

My podcast named “AI HINDI SHOW” (Now known as “AI Society Podcast”) is a go-to place for anyone who is having interest in the field of AI. I talk about Exciting NEWS, Case Study, Programming and Technical topics of both Python programming and Artificial Intelligence in Hindi.

Q7. Are you a Book Lover? Which types of books you love to read?

Yes I am a huge book lover. I read books specific to AI and Business.

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