I always take new responsibility and roles keeping in mind the benefit for my students – Dr. Ripal Ranpara

Dr. Ripal Ranpara
Assistant Professor, DBA, Semantic Web
Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science
Rajkot, Gujarat

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

I always believe my educational journey was beautiful with lots of roller coaster events. I completed my 12th Science in biology subject. I topped in that subject. I wanted to be a doctor by profession. But frankly speaking it was my father’s decision that I should pursue computer science. At that point of time I was not aware that computer is my passion. When I was in 10th class I designed the prototype of Washing machine with the help of embedded system. I did that prototype just for fun and to play. But deep down my father was aware that hardware and computer is my passion. So I did my bachelors in Computer Science and Information technology. During my graduation I joined Earn While You Learn scheme of my university to gain some practical knowledge. During that period I was handling library database servers, MIS, and other institutional repositories. I am grateful to the Librarian Dr. Sheetal Tank for providing me the opportunity. After that I pursued my masters in Information Technology. I am happy to share that I received Gold Medal in graduation as well as post graduation. During masters I opened up my own software development firm for freelancing project. I completed my masters in 2015 and finally in 2015 only I joined the college as Assistant Professor. I also work as Database Administrator in University Library. During my professional journey I achieved many recognition and awards like academic excellence award by International organization of research scholar and many others. I also earned global goodwill Ambassador Award by Richarddipillia.

Q2. What did attract you towards teaching instead of any corporate job?

Well, many of my colleagues and my students always ask me the same question that why you have selected teaching as your career as you are full stack developer and Database Administrator. But for me teaching is my passion. I always like to share new things with others especially with students whole heartedly. So I would not say that I am teacher or professor. I always consider myself as a Facilitator. I always get inspired when I am around with the students. I believe teaching is the only profession which one should pursue selflessly; because teaching is the only profession which rewards the teacher with “Value rewards”; in form of student’s Respect, Love, Trust, and Contribution. I believe no other profession rewards values like teaching profession. When I conduct sessions for my students and after the completion of my session; when I see the sparkling eyes of the students with huge respect for ME that is the only payback I earned and it motivates me to keep going as a Facilitator. So, for my soulful purpose I selected teaching as lifelong career.

Q3. You are a Reviewer, Professor, Ambassador, Volunteer at the same time. How do you play multiple roles simultaneously in your life?

I am fortunate enough that I work in the Atmiya University wherein I entered as a student with zero computer knowledge. But gradually my interest and my love towards my subject have increased. During my masters and doctorate I have carried out many research projects which has helped me to grow my research network also I worked with many likeminded people for research projects. So day by day my responsibility umbrella is increasing. One of the strength of mine is; I am always open for new responsibility. If you check my profile I always take new responsibility and roles keeping in mind the benefit for my students.

Secondly, benefit in the field of ICT and enhancement in my knowledge. Frankly speaking I have never felt that I am doing something. I always did my work as if it’s my responsibility. I always see all my roles as one role that is Contributor. It is my desire that I want to contribute maximum in the field of ICT and in the life of my students.

Q4. What do you do in your free time? Do you update yourself in terms of education?

As I always see me as Tech savvy. To search for the latest technology and trends is my hobby. During my free time I always try to enhance my knowledge base in terms of understanding the concept in more depth. Or I also develop some small module project of real time problem. I have developed many such projects. When I implement my skill by doing I get more confident for that technology or topic. I am always excited to implement new concept.

Q5. How do you handle stress in this fast and competitive life?

In today’s environment and societal culture it requires skills or technique to handle stress. I am not talking about physical skill or technique but our mental skill or technique. I believe stress totally depends on your lifestyle as well as how you respond to the situations. The main key component to minimize the stress is I have to be organized and well managed. I have to balance my personal and professional life very differently. So to avoid stress I always do meditation whenever I get free time during the day or I just sit silently and listen to my own thoughts.

Q6. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years in career?

Well, it is interesting question to introspect myself. It’s always been thrilling when I think about my future. But I am  really excited to take on more managerial roles and  responsibilities in the next few years and potentially even I am confident enough to  take the lead on some funded projects and even as committee head or coordinator. I also want to collaborate with government for projects for societal real-time problem implications. Overall I am excited to witness this desire of me to working at managerial position.

Q7. How do you work on interdisciplinary concept like “Connecting the Dots”?

As I mentioned previously I am always excited to implement something new. I always do collaboration with students to implement some of the live projects in return they will learn new technology and also student’s gets confidence that they did it. I always believe any real time problem implementation requires multi disciplinary technology to come out with the solutions, so being a computer science facilitator there are many students from different branches like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil with whom I got connected to implement something. I believe it’s all about Interdependence not Independent.

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