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There is no success without a good mental health. – Ravindra Puri (Author- The Book of a Corporate Yogi)

Ravindra Puri
Life and Business Excellence Professional, Speaker, Columnist
Author- The Book of a Corporate Yogi
Greater Sydney Area, Australia

Q1. Please tell us about your journey from business excellence to life excellence? 

I wouldn’t call this journey as a perfect journey as the right way is to move from life excellence to business excellence. Business excellence is about bringing excellence to whatever you do in your business, while life excellence is about bringing excellence to all aspects of our life. Life excellence is all about living a joyful life. If you are not happy then how can you bring excellence in your business? 

I have worked for large organizations in Asia and Australia. One thing I realized that most of the people in the corporate world are stressed. There is a mad rush to climb the corporate ladder. Stress has become a norm and has a huge adverse impact on the lives. My eyes were opened when I lost a couple of my colleagues due to a stressful life. That’s when I decided to introspect and understand where things were going wrong and I decided to work towards life excellence. My life excellence journey helped me to publish my first book “The book of a corporate Yogi”

Q2. What is this book “The book of a Corporate Yogi” all about?

People in the corporate world struggle for peace of mind. When they don’t find a way to reduce stress, they make their mind numb using cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. It gives momentary relief but that’s where the vicious circle of stress and addiction starts and they find it difficult to come out of it. 

It is important to work towards achieving success in professional life but we should not neglect our physical and mental health. The number of people dying because of workplace stress is alarming.

Ravindra Puri (Author- The Book of a Corporate Yogi)

Fortunately, there is a way which can help professionals to excel in corporate life and live a stress-free, happy life. In my book “The book of Corporate Yogi” I have drawn parallels between Yogic practices and various business management models and philosophies that help professionals to excel in life as well in career. Yogic practices are a proven way to live a joyful life.

Q3. What else do you do to help people in “Life excellence “journey?

I am working on my second book “One life, three Paths”. I am also a columnist for CEOworld Magazine where I share my views about the importance of good mental health and stress-free life in the corporate world. Other than that I share my views on my podcast called “Decoding life” which is available on leading platforms like Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast, etc. I also conduct regular workshops for corporate on topics like Mindfulness, forest bathing, etc.

Ravindra Puri

Q4. Where do get all the knowledge for your writing and podcast series?

Fortunately, knowledge is readily available in the form of ancient scriptures. It’s just that it has been ignored. Ancient scriptures have all the recipes for a happy life. I am an avid reader and that helps me to dig out the ancient wisdom. I use that ancient wisdom to correlate it to modern-day problems.  

Q5. What are your passions?

I am passionate about creativity and innovation. I love to learn new skills. As they say ” The formula for staying young is to keep learning new things “. The best part is I can use creative skills in my corporate life. I have done many projects based on the famous “Blue Ocean strategy” I also train corporate on creativity techniques. That is one thing I enjoy. 

Q6. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

 2008-2009 recession had traumatized the whole world. I was working for a large organization and was still fairly new to the corporate world. That’s when I started experiencing the practice of redundancy. I saw many talented people losing their jobs. Though I did not lose the job that time, but I was terrified of the thought of losing a job. That’s when one of a friend suggested attending a training program called “Happiness Program” run by the “Art of Living Foundation”. That became the turning point of my life as I learned about the importance of proper breathing. 

Q7. What is the meaning of success in your terms?

When you can have a sound sleep every night, you are successful, irrespective of where you sleep and how much is your bank balance.

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