Ravindra Nath Tiwari

Photogrammetry is a Science and art of precise measurement with the help of Aerial Photographs. – Ravindra Nath Tiwari

Interview with Ravindra Nath Tiwari

Ravindra Nath Tiwari

HOD, GeoInformatics, NIGMT Foundation
New Delhi, India

Q1. What exactly is Photogrammetry and where it is used in practical world?

Photogrammetry is a Science and art of precise measurement with the help of Aerial Photographs   or in simple words we can say it is Precise Aerial Survey Techniques which us helpful for making Digital 3D  Surface model in the form of DEM, DTM and DSM.

Q2. How do you see the latest technologies like AI and Data Science in Geospatial Domain?

AI and Machine Learning is based of Information’s, for the correct results of AI and Machine learning need to choose right data collection techniques or Technology which gives qualitative data for planning and Decision making. Off course AI and Machine learning is the Future of Geospatial science or these are the post GIS analysis.

Q3. How do you see the scope of GIS, Remote Sensing and Geospatial Domain in upcoming years for students as a career?

No Doubt, Geoinformatics has wide scope for GIS students. Day by day we are launching satellites, getting thousands of bands data which is widely applicable, continuously getting high resolution data within some centimetres. Scientist are continuously reading spectral reflectance  to get the amount of protein on grans, finding Crops diseases  from thousands km away from crops now you can imagine the demand of technologies. Drone is becoming God for surveyors and other mapping services organizations.

Ravindra Nath Tiwari
Ravindra Nath Tiwari

Q4. You have a great experience in Academic, Administrative, Business Development and Human Resource Development. Which one do you like most and why??

 I have worked as a techno commercial for the Academic purpose. I have experienced most of the educators and Different Govt. organization doesn’t not have right skills they are very traditional. Its time to get new skill in their domain.

If they learn they can use this technique  they can improve their Project Efficiency with Good Quality and academicians can explain better about facts and Figure about subjects, infect this will work for them as Smart tool  that can be useful for different domain like, health education, infra, scientific studies, water, agriculture, transport, Land use etc. I have done more than 300 Seminars and Approx. 25 Workshop for Students, research scholars, Faculties and Corporates to upgrade the skills in their domains. Geoinformatics’ is a integrated technology, all technologies have their unique Potential and this is this beauty of Geo-Informatics that it use the potentiality of each and every very well.

Q5. What did attract you towards GIS/Remote Sensing Domain?

I love the Spatial Science because it relates us from the ground reality, you can’t tell lie.

With the help of Geoinformatics we can find hidden trends of the data, we can check how fast things are changing and can predict also. We can give the solution of real-world problems, OLA, Uber, GPS navigation, talk to google, are in highly demand. Many Govt. policies has been successfully implemented like Digital India, education for all, Smart cities, etc.

And last but not the least this technology is becoming a game changer for making Average to Excellent   to our students.

I can understand some times we get upset and frustrated specially when we don’t get desired things, but that is the time to work patience fully without losing temper. One day definitely we will get success in our job. Off course don’t repeat the mistakes.