I combine my unique “speed maths” techniques with Vedic maths to do mental maths where students solve problems orally without pen and paper really. – Rakesh Agrawal

Rakesh Agrawal
Founder at Radix Technocrats
Vedic Maths Expert, COO & Edupreneur
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

In 1998 October, I started thinking to upgrade myself and enhance my knowledge. So I have decided to go for M.Tech from IITs. I started serious preparation for GATE 1999 as only 3 ½ months-time was there.  I secured 97.62% (percentile) and joined IIT Kharagpur.

I pursued M.Tech at IIT Kharagpur and there is a small story which started my dream journey.

Once I entered IIT in year 1999, I got fascinated by the brilliant professors, awesome learning environment and the advanced research opportunities. Over few months the zeal for learning grew day by day and eventually I dreamt 2 things:   First “Go to my dream city: Bangalore – the IT hub” and secondly “Work with the best mobile domain organization – Motorola”

With the God’s grace and some serious study, I got offer from Motorola through campus recruitment for Bangalore R&D centre. After completing M.Tech, I joined Motorola in Feb 2001 and worked on mobile & web domain for 9 years.

I worked 18+ years in IT industry with Top corporates Motorola, Samsung and Citrix and learnt a lot. 

But my passion was Maths and I never let it die.  As a hobby as well as CSR, I used to teach Maths at many schools and institutes. I also visited many institutes to deliver Guest lectures on Maths / Speed Maths / Vedic Maths.

To guide students, I have launched my own company “Radix Technocrats” (www.radixtechnocrats.com) for personalized coaching to nurture students with Top Quality education.

Q2. You are teaching Vedic Maths cum Speed Maths. What is it and how it is useful for students?

My mission is to help 100,000 students and guide them to fulfill their dreams. Over the decade I have worked with 30000+ students to help them prepare for competitive exams / school / university Maths and I am loving every bit of it.

If I have to describe “Vedic Maths” in two words it would be “AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE”.

Vedic Maths is an ancient beautiful way of doing math where not only Maths become very easy but also very fast.  It’s so creative and fun that students can learn it very easily and also start solving problems in just seconds.  Many times students can’t believe that what used to be taking 20-30 minutes to solve questions, there were able to do in just 5 seconds.

That’s the amazing power of VEDIC MATHS.

On top of that I combine my unique “speed maths” techniques with Vedic maths to do mental maths where students solve problems orally without pen and paper really.

So in summary,   Vedic Maths & Speed Maths is not only useful for competitive exams preparation where time is such a critical parameter, but also for school maths to make it very each and lovable.

I am very happy to share that students all over the world are not only liking it but simply loving it.

You can see worldwide happy students here: www.radixtechnocrats.com/fb.php

One thing is sure; you will be AMAZED by just seeing 15 minutes of my LIVE SESSIONS.

Q3. You are a software engineer and then transformed to trainer cum coach. Why have you changed your career?

In simple words I can say I love maths and it’s my passion. Same is reflected in my live sessions. The kind of joy and satisfaction I get when I see happy faces of students day and night, it can’t be explained in words. 

It gives eternal satisfaction when students say “I started loving maths now”, “wow! Maths is so easy”, “Earlier I was hating maths and now it has become so fun”.

This is the single most reason for me to transform and I can happily say “I am loving every moment of it.”

Rakesh Agrawal

Q4. You are offering course for various Exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, IBPS and many more. What is the key to crack all these exams?

Based on my experience of working with thousands of students over last 12 years, the key to crack competitive exams is superfast speed and solid concepts.  For any competitive exams time is the most important factor which differentiates you from others and if you can solve Questions in seconds then definitely you have an X-factor which is vital for competitive edge.

Many of my students know that my favorite tagline is “Every Second Counts” and I mean it.

So speed is the most important factor to get success in the competitive exams.

Second most important factor is Solid concepts. The core concept of the said topic determines how well you are prepared for the subject and eventually success.

Q5. You had both academic and corporate job experience in your long span of career. Which one do you like most and why?

Definitely academic and simple reason is “utmost satisfaction and sense of joy”. You can say I am living my passion.  As the famous quote say “When skills and passion matches, you can expect a masterpiece” and I am enjoying that experience every moment.

Rakesh Agrawal

Q6. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

The moment I stepped into IIT, whole perspective of life has changed. It gave me the big picture and broadened my perspective. The world of opportunities, state of the art facilities and progressive mindset all together gave me a new life.

I had started seeing world macroscopic view, can dream of big things and good life.

And the one thing that changed it was my decision to “upgrade myself”

Full story here:  https://m.facebook.com/notes/rakesh-agrawal/one-decision-that-changed-my-life/479888349570820/?scmts=scwsplos

Q7. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

Most of my friends and colleagues say “I am meticulous” and “Always wear smile”.

Rather than me saying more about myself it would be more appropriate what my students say.

My students sharing their experiences about my workshops:


Also here is my profile where my colleagues / mentors / friends talking about my skills :


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