Authors need to make sure that they maintain the quality and have to deliver value to the readers. – Pravin Agarwal

Interview with Pravin Agarwal

Pravin Agarwal

Author | Best Selling Novel – The Girl in the Dream, The Raavan Key
Software Engineer | Speaker | Screenwriter
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

I was born and brought up in Ajmer, Rajasthan. I earned my Mechanical Engineering degree from Rajasthan University after which I took up a job in a corporate firm. In my corporate career spanning more than a decade and a half, I have worked as a Senior Technical Architect in leading IT companies including Tata Consultancy Services and Hexaware Technologies. Writing is my passion and I am the author of the bestselling novels ‘The Girl in the Dream’ and ‘The Raavan Key (Drumatulya Trilogy)’.

Q2. You are an IT/Mainframe consultant then what did attract you to the writing world?

My father wanted to write a book. So, I took it on me to write one for him. My wife also motivated me to write and I am thankful for her wholehearted support. I began writing in the year 2017 and there is no looking back after that. Eventually, the strong desire to entertain people and see my books in their hands overtook me. I cherished every moment of my writing journey so far. It is a huge learning experience for me. I am a software engineer by profession. Life gets monotonous when you work in the same profession for more than a decade. Writing gave me that much-needed change that I was looking for. It introduced me to a new world of creativity. I am liking this new world where my imagination can fly high to create amazing stories.

Q3. Recently, you have come with your new book “The Raavan Key”? Please share some brief about it?

Drumatulya trilogy is a robust thriller series that perfectly blends genres of mystery, fantasy, romance, mythology, and historical fiction. The mystery of the ancient city of Drumatulya that used to exist during the Ramayana Era is the underlying theme of the story.

Book 1 of the series is ‘The Raavan Key: What if your loved one goes missing mysteriously?’. The story moves outwards as a rich NRI businessman arrives in Bareilly with his family to attend a marriage and goes missing mysteriously. Detective Ajay found valuable information in Kartik’s diary. Ajay realized that the case is connected to the Ramayana Era, the ancient city of Drumatulya, the research trip that took place in the year 1972, and the crime syndicate of Europe. Ajay also suspected Kartik’s cousin and business partner behind Kartik’s sudden disappearance. As Ajay further investigates the case, the story progresses in different timelines and covers the story of Kartik, Shreya, Shivam and Vedika. The story is high on mystery and perfectly blends different timelines to create a nail-biting experience for readers.

Q4. You are an author of the National Best-Selling Book “The Girl in the Dream”. What are the main key points required to make any book a Best-Selling Book?

I believe that a book has to deliver value to the readers. Authors need to make sure that they maintain the quality. The book needs to be professionally edited and proofread to avoid any errors. A good marketing plan also helps in reaching more readers. The best way to market a book is to write one that readers couldn’t skip once their eyes fall on it. The second step is to let more and more people know about it. One can achieve the same by marketing on Amazon, social media, etc.

Pravin Agarwal

Q5. After the success of the Online Self-Publishing platform and Book stores, people are coming into the writing domain in a large way? Are these platforms harmful to actual talent or an opportunity?

It’s an opportunity for the authors. There is no lack of talented authors, but many times good authors don’t get a suitable platform to showcase their talent. With the Online Self-Publishing platform, authors are getting an opportunity to get their work to the readers without much hassle.  

Q6. Which platform is best for any new author to publish a book between online self-publishing and traditional publishing? Please suggest a great way to publish a successful book for a new author.

Both have their advantage and disadvantages. I believe if someone writes well and able to connect with readers then the most important point is to get the work out to the readers. The author can choose whatever platform suites them the most and get their work to the readers. Writing more and getting the book to the readers through the easiest available route is the simple mantra of success as an Author.

7. What are the main tools required for an Author in this digital era for editing and publishing?

There are many automated tools that an author can use to improve writing. But still, I believe that a professional editor and proofreader is essential for writing a quality novel.

Q8. What kind of problems have you faced in your writing career and which one is your favorite segment for writing like fiction and many more?

Taking out time to write a book was a key challenge for me. I am a full-time employee, and I rarely get time to write on weekdays. I write mostly on weekends. Then I had a family too.

But then we always find out time for the things that we love to do.

My favorite segment for writing is fiction. I want to explore more and write in different segments as well in the coming time.

Q9. How do you see the Indian market for English Books by Indian Authors compared to English countries?

I think we have a huge market for English books in India than in any other country. The market is currently not fully explored, and a good strategy can go a long way to tap into its enormous potential. I am sure that in days to come we will see more authors emerging highly successful as Chetan Bhagat or Amish Tripathi.

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