Entrepreneurship is all about managing the hurdles and finding the solution – Prashant Kulkarni

Prashant Kulkarni
Cloud Kitchens

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

I have done MBA from IMS, Indore. Before getting into Food business, I was working in Infosys. Had road side panipuri which provoked me to start something around food. This happened almost 9 years back.

Q2. “Cloud Kitchens”, this word really excites us. Please share something about that venture?

We are building multi branded cloud kitchens on the spare potential of the existing restaurant. We have developed a fantastic technology stack to manage this. I am very excited about the entire food domain, especially Cloud Kitchens.

Q3. You are a Director in multiple ventures. How do you handle all simultaneously? Don’t you fell little bit pressure?

The key to manage multiple businesses is building a great team; I am always in the look to find the right team, and right people. We are always excited about learning new things from our team members and grow. We want to use their expertise and our network to help them grow as well.
We are also building a largest network of people who are related to food industry to build the future proof business opportunity for everyone.

Q4. “Andeywala”, once again a unique name and venture too? Please share some details about Andeywala?

Thanks, we make sure our work including the name is unique in all aspects. Andeywala is egg speciality qsr working on the promoting 2nd largest consumed product ie Egg via franchise model. We help first time entrepreneur to get started with their own venture in Food business.

Q5. You deal in Burger, Egg and Kitchen. Your all ventures are related to food. Are you a food lover?

Yes, I do what I preach. I just love food; I am eggitarian and love to explore various foods being served all over the planet.

Q6. What hurdles did you face in your entrepreneurship journey?

Entrepreneurship is all about managing the hurdles and finding the solution. Every story is filled with struggles and cuts. The journey is very important than destination that’s why entrepreneurs enjoy every problems and success equally. There are lot of hurdles we faced during the journey, if we keep sharing, entire day will not be sufficient.

Q7. You are a commerce graduate and MBA too. You can do corporate job but you are an Entrepreneur. What brings you in Entrepreneurship?

I wanted to be a system creator and not just a system follower. I always believed in power of ideas, entrepreneurship gives me freedom to execute the ideas and freedom to fail. I love the thrill, and challenges make me alive.

Q8. Which key element requires in an Entrepreneur to make his Startup successful?

Persistence and Perseverance are the most important skills as per me, which are required to scale the business. Starting is comparatively easy but maintaining and running the business is most important step.

Q9. What you will do in your free time?

I love to binge, be it web series, movies, comedy shows, etc. I also love to read about the great stories, and ideas. Current book I am reading is “Administrative System of Chhatrapati Shivaji”.
I am experimental cook as well.