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Remarkable Education provides easily accessible, adequate and goal-oriented superior career counselling services. – Prachee Gaur

Interview with Prachee Gaur

Prachee Gaur

Founder at Remarkable Education
Career Coach, Educationist, Professional Speaker
State President at WICCI – Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Not so long ago an adolescent girl from a conservative family aspired to do something different… Different than her friends and cousins had done or were doing. 

She was at the crossroads of which subject stream she should go for. What were her inborn talents and which skills needed honing? Although opinions were a dime a dozen, she couldn’t find anyone who could help her make the most important decision based on her overall personality. She didn’t have any information if she could reach out for professional help.

What is career counselling and whether it is available in a small city like Jaipur No one around her had any idea?

She was lost again at an imp juncture of life when she wanted to pursue a career in the field of Brand management. Which Universities offer a degree in such an upcoming subject? Their cut off criteria. Intake season, last dates etc. Etc. She was baffled. And when she was accepted by Birmingham City University, UK, she and her folks had no idea about student loans, scholarship opportunities and way of life in a foreign land. 

As a deserving candidate, she made it to Birmingham City University and learnt that she could have availed of higher scholarship percentage. There she encountered “many more deer(s) in the headlight” who managed to come abroad in search of better education, however, were oblivious and directionless. Some disliked their subjects while others succumbed to parental pressure. Others wanted to discontinue their studies and then some students came especially on student loan to fulfil their aspirations but were struggling to get a handle on their future.    

She sensed the disparity between potential and actual. A higher % of which easily attributed to the absence of quality career counselling as well as inadequate, unorganised & irresponsible – sloppy career counselling services in India especially in developing cities and its tier-2s

These experiences got stuck on to her like a parasite, those horrid tales of struggles and helplessness of the students left an indelible impact on her psyche. She sacrificed a promising future in her field of interest, bid adieu to her English dream to enliven her vision to establish a solid platform to provide easily accessible, goal-oriented superior career counselling services to the youth of India for a better tomorrow 

Thus, Remarkable Education was born out of her vision.  

We invited Prachee Gaur on our platform to share her experience, journey and vision with us.

Q1. What attracted you towards entrepreneurship instead of any corporate job?

I am a free spirit; I love and enjoy my freedom. I didn’t want to get hired and help others build their dreams while my dreams and aspirations remain unfulfilled.  I believe that being an entrepreneur you naturally develop a risk appetite. This risk-bearing trait prepares you to travel that last mile until you reach the destination and never lets you settle for less.   The flexibility of being able to do whatever it takes to follow your heart is beyond comparable… I mean, one can’t draw any parallels in this context. 

Prachee Gaur

Q2.What was in your mind when you found Remarkable Education?

Since the youth of the country are not getting much-needed advice that will help them land jobs and conversely new emerging sectors are struggling to find their requisite talent, I wanted to do something to  Bring value by conscientiously enhancing the education services, learning experience and to positively influence the youth of India for a better tomorrow.

b. To establish a solid platform to provide easily accessible, adequate and goal-oriented superior career counselling services to all while expanding our outreach in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns in India; so that such children aren’t deprived of the resources and guidance.

c. And to engage at the grass-root level and facilitate Scholarship platforms exclusive to the Girl Child so that more and more girls can receive the gift of education. 

Q3.You are an Entrepreneur, state president at WICCI, coach and speaker. How do you play multiple roles simultaneously in your life?

  I am learning to clearly differentiate between “Important and Urgent “which wasn’t the case earlier. Sometime back I used to burn out trying to manage everything however I am learning the importance of prioritizing. 

Also just like a great symphony cannot be composed with just one pianist alone likewise I have a strong support system in my family to count on. Without them, I won’t be able to don these hats and deliver.

Prachee Gaur

Q4. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

Throughout my journey, I’m learning and evolving myself and adapting with situations. So far, I have never felt inadequate at any level. I am beyond grateful to the heavens for this life, really there is nothing that I would change.  But I’m open to learning and exploring new horizons. 

Q5.Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

For me, Motherhood was a game-changer. It was only then I appreciated the superpower that God vested in a woman. The ability to create life, nurture it, mould it and be able to direct its energies in the right direction and see it all unfold right in front of your eyes is nothing short of magic. 

After becoming a mother, I discovered my many strengths beyond being just an entrepreneur, a wife and a daughter.   

Q6. What message would you like to give to the young professionals who recently started their professional life?

Whether you are into business or a working professional the most important sutra for peace and success is “Integrity”, there are NO shortcuts to success so don’t devise any…. ever!

 In my experience there is no such thing as a “healthy” competition. Once you stand behind the gates with blinders ON waiting for that gunshot, there is No end to the race then.

………….. The race of earning more than others, a bigger bungalow, the fastest car, the latest mobile so on and so forth. 

Instead, be your competition, strive and strive hard to outperform yourself. Never stop learning, learn something every day; we have teachers disguised as everyday people in life and above all always culture the attitude of gratitude. 

Prachee Gaur Remarkable Education Jodhpur
Prachee Gaur

Q7. As a career coach which skills are important for students other than education for their career?

As a career coach, I think the following skills play an important role in the overall development of their personality and career building.

  • Character. Building – working on their moral values and personal qualities are important to crave for a better personality and better human being as a whole.
  • Social and Emotional Skills – human beings are a social species and emotional touch has always been there in conversations and work. Working on interactive skills, grooming for decent presentations, expressing emotions and managing relationships is important for overall growth.
  • Growth Mindset – learning never ends as a student one should always be open for learning new things and accepting changes for the better. We learn, we make mistakes and we ascertain things to improve ourselves. 
  • Non-cognitive Traits and Habits – It’s important to learn skills but most importantly how to use those skills. working on emotional aspects, attention span, locus of control, self-esteem, conflict management are some of the major non-cognitive skills which should be inherited and worked upon from a very young age.
  • Grit – for outstanding achievement of success, passionate persistence is the key. Grit is the passion and perseverance for focusing and achieving long term and meaningful goals. students should learn that life is not easy and failing and picking up yourself for attaining the goal is the true passion. they should learn that you will reach your goal once you give your 200 per cent. passion should always stick to your mind. 
  • Soft Skills – Interpersonal skills, social skills, people skills, effective communication skills, interpretation skills, personality traits and emotional intelligence quotients are some of the soft skills which other than your academics and competencies help a student to build a stronger and potential career. soft skills as important as the academic achievements and percentage as these skills help you present yourself and build a stronger and irresistible personality.

Therefore, these are some of the skills and traits one should possess and work on to polish and nurture their personality and their character. These competencies will carve their academics and skills to achieve the potential career and future.

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