We help ambitious professionals grow their income by developing their communication skills – Piyush Bhatia

Piyush Bhatia
Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur
BM English Speaking Institute (Founder & CEO)

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

I have worked with ICICI – JP Morgan JV and DSP Merrill Lynch for 14 years in investment banking department and then completed Dale Carnegie Train the Trainer Certification and British Council’s IELTS Train the Trainer Course.

Founded BM English Speaking Institute Pvt in February 2004, with a vision to train 1 crore Indians in English fluency.

Q2. What did attract you towards English Language and choose to become English Spoken Trainer as a career?

I worked with leading investment banks for 14 years – JP Morning & Merrill Lynch associates and English & Communication played a major role in career growth. I realized that technical skills are helpful only in the first 2 to 3 years. Especially, for ambitious professionals – who want to grow in the corporate workspace, English plays an extremely important role. Be it meetings, presentations, conference calls, emails or report writing.

English gives us an edge.

Q3. You are an Author, CEO, Entrepreneur, and Trainer. How do you play all roles simultaneously in your life?

Its because of my team! We have a strong 55-member team of which 40 are senior corporate trainers. Moreover, with the help of my team, we have developed a English learning system. There are standard processes for everything – teaching English, evaluation at each stage, training of trainers and so on. Since the processes are documented and my team follows that, I am able to work on new initiatives that help ambitious professionals.

Q4. What kind of hurdles did you face in your journey?

One of the major challenge we face is generating new customers almost on a daily basis. This is because, once a person learns to speak English fluently in 3 months, she / he will never come back.

This problem forced or you can say pushed me to learn Digital Marketing. This has helped us generate thousands of leads month after month.

Q5. You are a Founder and CEO of BM English Speaking Institute. How it is different from others and what are the key things it delivers to students?

My team and me, all of us are focused on results. We work such that our participants achieve fluency in English in three months time. In order to achieve this, we train all English learners using activities, games, competitions, group discussions, debates.

Since all of our learners longingly participate in activities and the trainer intervenes them to correct them and followed by tips on how to improve that aspect. This gives our learners first hand experience of their mistakes, proper guidance to improve and the required confidence.

Piyush Bhatia

Q6. What was the role of your family or colleagues in shaping your visions and goals?

My mother is my first inspiration. She is a speaks very less but is very strong mentally. I learnt to develop a strong will power from her. My dad, who passed away, when I was 19 had leadership qualities. My younger sister Maya has been with me in this journey since we established. She has taken charge of business profitability, human resources and corporate business. Some of my best friends Ashish Patel, Vijay Pathak, Haresh Kodnani and Dr Rajesh Kukjreja have been friends, philosophers and guide.

Q7. You had done Dale Carnegie Certified Corporate Trainer Program. How this program helps you in your life?

Dale Carnegie published some bestselling books on public speaking many decades back. The Dale Carnegie Train the Trainer course helped me understand the nuances of being a corporate trainer – I learnt about Training Need Analysis, Return on Training Investment, role of interactions and games in training from the Dale Carnegie institute.

Q8. How do you motivate yourself at every morning?

My purpose motivates me which is “We help ambitious professionals grow their income by developing their communication skills”

Q9. Which one thing do you want to change in your industry and why?

I feel English training industry lacks highest standards in training. Given an opportunity, I would like to work with the best in industry to set standard operating procedures for conducting English Communication skills trainings.