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Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

I scored 94.54 percentile in GATE 1998 and joined IIT Kanpur through interview. Geotechnical Engineering was my passion during my under-graduate days. During those days, civil engineering jobs were very less. Also, the boom in Software and IT field was rising high. Since the employment opportunities after B.Tech were less, my main motive to join post-graduate was to get a job.

Even after joining my M.Tech programme in prestigious institute of India, I found that job scenario of core jobs was very bad. As my fellow friends showed keen interest in computers, it added impetus to my existing appetite in that field.

When I switched to Blogging as a partial career in 2008, it helped me improve my writing, reading and learning skills. I had a passion for writing since my school days. Teaching helped me get clarity on what I write and speak. Emotional support from fellow colleagues and friends during my torrid times kept my professional journey ahead.

Q2. You had done M.Tech. in Civil Engineering from IIT, Kanpur. What did attract you towards computer and programming?

Since B.Tech days, I had a passion for C programming. Even in 8th grade, I learnt BASIC and FORTRAN languages. In our semester courses also, we had a subject related to Numerical Programming.

After going to IIT Kanpur, we had the privilege of Internet and other computing facilities. That too, the market scenario was giving good benefits to computer and IT professionals.

I was interested in Cryptography and Neural Networks in the initial days. But found that they were tough to learn in year 2000 scenario. Also, coming from a non-computer background restricted my passion.

My main motive to learn computer and programming was lot of support from my fellow students and friends. We had good infrastructure at IIT Kanpur.  

Q3. How do you motivate yourself at every morning?

I don’t think about the result of my work, when I plan something to write. I see that a good article comes out from my hands at the end of the day. I also make sure that I spend time researching an article, before I start writing it.

The Art of Blogging itself gives me strength to write more posts. Even when I am sick, I try to read related articles in my niche.

Q4. You are Blogger, SEO Expert, Thinker, and Professor. How do you play all roles simultaneously in your life?

I have a multi-talented personality for several years. I couldn’t concentrate on one particular skill, after my Thyroid operation in 2000.

In the first 10 years of my career, I was a partial blogger. I used to work as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College for 3 days. For the remaining 3 days I used to concentrate on my blogs.

This was taking a toll on my health and family-life. Finally, I decided I would concentrate on one-field, for at-least sometime. Also the passive income from my blogs, passion for web-designing, interest in teaching keeps me moving ahead.

Q5. You are writing solutions to Microsoft OS and Office Problems. What was the main reason to choose this niche?

Since my days at IIT Kanpur, I started using Windows 98 OS. I found that Microsoft products had a user-intent interface which was easy to learn. Also I found that Microsoft had a large user base with lot of problems. This niche has solutions spread over a wide number of forums and support groups. But tutorial on error codes and common problems had very few articles in the earlier days.

This was my reason to go after Microsoft and Technology solutions.

Q6. Which one is the best blogging platform to express your insights? How can anyone start blogging? Please give some tips?

From my experience of 10 years in web designing, I would say WordPress is the best CMS. Due to its popularity and number of plugins, themes available it clearly makes it the loved blogging platform.

To start blogging you need to have the right mindset and skills. With $100 you can start multiple blogs, with a good host and domain registrar. This gives an early jump-start in your blogging career.

Unfortunately, many people are carried away towards free platforms like Blogger. Though you can use it as a free host, the problem is technicalities, complete access to the platform makes it less attractive.

Better do some keyword research and gather topic ideas, before you start a blog. The amount of competition and productivity in that niche, should be calculated before jumping into blogging field.

Better invest in some SEO in the initial days. For 6 months, you just need to concentrate on your skills of your field. You need to have a passion for what you write. Later you can take help of forums, SEO experts, and Facebook groups to improve yourself as a blogger.

Q7. Who is your role model in your domain?

Anand Khanse from is my source of inspiration in my niche. Basically, his blog layout is simple. The articles posted are also of great value to Microsoft community. The traffic of his blog also is in millions. At the age of 55, doing such a great job is difficult.

The main thing about his blog is that many articles top the search engine rankings in Google. This keeps me motivated, that I can also do wonders in my niche.

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