Meraki Labs offers Kidpreneurship Program to generate entrepreneurship skills in students. – Mohit Mundra (Meraki Labs)

Mohit Mundra
Meraki Labs (Founder)

Mobile: +91-9571091011

Mohit Mundra is a founder of Meraki Labs. He left his high-profile corporate job to accomplish his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. He wanted to solve various problems of students which include what to pursue in future, how to pursue it and its job aspects. He runs Meraki Labs very well that provides many programs on life skills. His most unique program is Kidpreneurship. His teams offer technical, arts and crafts, parenting workshops, Faculty Development programs and many more. Meraki Labs generate entrepreneurship skills in the student at a very early stage of his life. Meraki Labs has a vision of making every student live a ‘MERAKI LIFE’. He is pursuing his dream to solve the problems of students.

Q1. Please tell us about your journey?

Well, Journey has just started. My name is Mohit Mundra. I completed my schooling from Jodhpur. I wasn’t the top scorer of the batch infact, I was just an average student. When I cleared my class 10th boards, I faced a problem which maximum people do face: What to do next? My friends suggested to go for commerce, the family said go for medical, but I selected science because I love technical stuff in computers and gadgets. I completed my higher studies in jodhpur, After that I pursue my engineering from Jaipur.
Engineering! ahhh…Let me relish the memories of my best golden years. A college is really place where you not only get a professional degree but also learn how to live your life.
I engaged myself in many extracurricular activities like anchoring, management, participation in the fest and what not. After engineering, I got a campus placement in Capgemini Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. I had been working there for 3 years as a software developer with a good package. I would get a chance to go abroad in a year. But everybody has their wake-up call. I had mine. I realized that I am not for a 9 to 5 job. So, I resigned from the job and came back to Jodhpur. I wanted to solve the problems of the education system in India. I started Meraki Labs and it was the starting point of my entrepreneurship journey.

Q2. What is Meraki Labs and how it works?

‘Meraki’ is a Greek word that means whatever you do, do it with your complete soul and heart. If you are reading, playing, singing, working dancing, doing your job, attending classes; you should enjoy it. If you are good at commerce, then you should go for commerce. Don’t go for arts and science because your peers are opting for it. So, we make them aware, counsel them, develop the skills that will help them in getting ahead in their journey towards goal. We make students and parents understand that what is a great profession in the market may/maybe not that great for them.

Q3. What is the model of Meraki Labs?

Meraki Labs works on the A-B-C-D model. A for Awareness programs, B for Building up a career roadmap, C for counseling and D for Development of skills.
We want every student to come up with his best, to build a good career, get counseled from experts who have relative industry experience, to develop skills in any field they desire. Meraki Labs gives students a holistic development that makes them perfect for the upcoming dynamic future. We teach creativity, imagination, expressing yourself in words, acing, dramatics and crafts. We teach critical thinking, creative thinking, pressure handling and more in life skills workshops. We also provide future technology training in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Robotics.

Q4. Why do you leave high profile corporate jobs in this competitive era?

I was missing jodhpur’s Pyaaz ki Kachori a lot…lol
Jokes apart, Mumbai is the dream city that has millions of people, running to catch their dream. People wake up at 6.00 a.m., get ready, make your dabbas ready, catch a local train, work from 9 to 5, eat vada pav and sleep. I was really becoming a part of the rat race.
One day I remember, that 2.00 am talk. You know they are really the game changer ones. With my childhood friend, exploring different horizons of the earth – I realized that I am not made for this. I can’t do a 9-5 job. I can’t live this life. No doubt that 9-5 will give a secure and stable life but I am not destined for this. So, it’s more like leaving your fake self and adopting the real self. It’s more of achieving your dreams than leaving high profile jobs.

Q5. Does Miraki Labs effects traditional education structure?

Traditional Education is becoming a tradition. Students learn, mug up theories and vomit in exams paper. Get good marks and think that they will be successful in life. But real life is not the bookish life you had studied. The real world is totally different from what your books are making you learn. Traditional educational lacks real-time implementations of education to the world we are living in. Meraki Labs come into picture where students learn skills essential for living in this world, skills that will help you in getting a good future, skills that will make you future ready. Students should be ready to compete with robots and machines as they are taking over the world. We make them understand the future they are going to enter. So, it’s not like effecting education but we are giving an extra capsule of knowledge which is required in today’s world.

Q6. What types of courses are offered by Miraki Labs and what is the procedure to bring you on the board?

Meraki Labs offers many courses for students, schools and colleges. Some of them are:
1. Performing Arts: Drama, Acting, Story Telling, Dance, Music
2. Art and Craft: Table Art, Canvas Art, Modern Art
3. Life Skills: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Stress Handling, Goal Setting, Digital existence, Effective communication, Interpersonal skills, etc.
4. Technical Courses: Website and App Building, AI, ML, IOT, Robotics
5. Modern Parenting Courses
6. Faculty Development Program
7. Kidpreneurship
8. Counseling
We are working round the clock. Our courses are running in different cities in many schools and colleges. You can contact us directly in our office for any program. You can contact us on mobile, website and email too. We provide workshops and sessions in schools where our team will conduct these sessions. Thus, talk to us and let’s see how we can accomplish the mission of a better world.

Q7. You have told a new word Kidpreneurship. What is Kidpreneurship?

The world says, “It’s never too late to start”; I at Meraki labs say “It’s never too early to start”. It is the most unique workshop that we are delivering so that they can easily remove all hurdles and achieve their dream without any fear. Kidpreneurship is a program to generate entrepreneurship skills in students in their early school life days. People think that it is only for big people with their startups and entrepreneurs. But it is completely wrong. If you can solve any existing problem in the world, it means you have entrepreneurship skills and you can become an entrepreneur. Pitching, seeding idea, funding, incubation, talking to investors are also included in it. We believe in practical knowledge, knowledge beyond the books.

Mohit Mundra (Meraki Labs)
Q8. What is your counseling procedure at Miraki Labs?

Meraki Labs belong to the foundation of Y-generation Leaders. Look, three generations exist in the world. First is X-generation which belongs to our elders, second is Y-generation which belongs to our existing young age group and third is Z-generation which belongs to the upcoming generation. So, there is a common problem in students that they are not express their problems with their parents, teachers and Senior counselors due to age difference, communication gap, shyness and fear. But we are from the Y-generation leaders and we can easily understand their problems. Students are suffering from various problems nowadays. One of them is the effects of social media in life. Many people are getting trolled on social media and they found themselves being bullied digitally i.e. Cyberbully. Their morals might just go down and they get depressed. At Meraki Labs, we understand what exactly they are going through. So, we are perfect for their counseling. And Regarding Career counseling, we have certified counselors that have relevant industry experience and are able to guide students in a better manner.

Q9. How are you different from others and Does your program affect regular studies?

There are lots of competitions in the market. But we are unique from others due to our diverse offerings. We don’t waste time on the unnecessary part. I am a technical expert so I understand what is necessary for technical things and what will help them in future. For example, in website building, we don’t make them learn C, C++, etc. We simply teach how to build a website directly. It is unique for school and college students. We don’t offer unnecessary courses to make money. It is the wrong way to make money. This is a single platform which offers program on Awareness, Counseling, Building career roadmap and Skill Development training with personal mentoring. We do everything to make the future of our students bright.
We don’t want your regular study time at school, colleges and home. We use your precious time which you use on social media. Even we present our program in zero periods at schools and colleges. So, we don’t disturb your regular studies and classes. But if you attend our program then it is my guaranty that you will learn new skills to cope with hurdles in this competitive era. You will get new confidence which will help you to fly high in life.