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WordPress is undoubtedly the best free CMS for building websites or blogs. – Mohit Bhargav

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Mohit Bhargav

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Yamunanagar, Haryana, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

Hi Mitesh, first of all I would like to thank you for inviting me to your blog to share my knowledge and experience with your audience.

Hello Bloggers, I am Mohit Bhargav, founder of and some other blogs. I am a Postgraduate in Business Administration, having over 7 years of experience in banking and insurance, and over 6 years of experience in application development and blogging.

In 2007, after completing my post-graduation, I started my career and worked for different insurance companies and banks.

In 2014 I switched to the online industry and started my career as an Android app developer, on the other side I started to learn about other passive income sources.

And in 2017 finally, I started blogging and doing affiliate marketing, initially started my amazon affiliate blogs and still working on the same ones. Last year, in Sept 2019, I started with the aim of helping others to learn blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and WordPress.

It’s all about my education and career journey, if you want to explore in detail you can check out my About Me section.

Q2. What is the best procedure to start a new Blog in 2021? How to find a good niche in Blogging?

If you are still wondering, whether you should start blogging in 2021, or not. I recommend it’s the perfect time to start your blogging career. you just need to have a business mindset, you can scale it and generate good passive income.

The best procedure to start a new Blog in 2021 –

To start a blog in the right direction, it would be best to understand each step that you need to go through to make your blog like the professionals.

Here are the 8 practical and actionable steps to make it easier for you to start a profitable blog without any hassle.

Step 1: Find a profitable niche

Step 2: Choose the right blogging platform (WordPress)

Step 3: Choose a perfect domain name for your blog

Step 4: Buy domain name & hosting

Step 5: WordPress Installation & basic setup

Step 6: Choose a lightweight SEO friendly theme for your blog

Step 7: Write and publish your first blog post

Step 8: A promotional strategy for your blog

How to find a good niche in Blogging?

Definitely, finding a good niche for blogging is one of the crucial steps because all your blogging success depends on your niche.

To make it easier for you, here is a quick formula for finding a profitable niche for your blog.

Profitable Niche = Your Passion + User Intent + Profitability

To find a perfect or profitable niche, you just need to know the topics that you are passionate about, find out what users are looking for on that topic and finally find out how profitable that topic is.

If you want to know more in detail, you can check out the full guide on How to Start a Blog in 2021 in Under 35 Minutes.

Q3. Why is WordPress the best blogging platform in the world and how do you rate WordPress as a blogging platform?

There are tons of free and paid platforms available for blogging, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Blogger, and many more.

However, I recommend you to go with Self-hosted WordPress.

WordPress is the simplest, most responsive, and user-friendly open-source CMS (content management system). One of the best things I love about WordPress is that it gives you the freedom to build any kind of responsive blog, website, or eCommerce website without any technical knowledge.

If you are a beginner, you can also go with another free blogging platform “Blogger” to learn the basic concept of CMS, but when you plan to start your blog, I highly recommend using WordPress as your CMS.

I know it will cost you for hosting and domain to get started with WordPress, but if you’re really serious about blogging and want to scale it upright, you need to invest upfront.

Q4. Which are the best plugins on WordPress for bloggers?

WordPress is undoubtedly the best free CMS for building websites or blogs. The need for plugins actually depends on your need, which features you want to include on your website.

There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress websites, but here is the list of some useful plugins that are required to get the best web performance, security, site speed, SEO, and many more for your website.

  1. RankMath SEO – Most Popular WordPress SEO Plugin
  2. iTheme Security – Top WordPress Security Plugin
  3. UpdraftPlus – Most Powerful WordPress Backup Plugin
  4. Thirsty Affiliates – Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugin
  5. Social Snap – Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugin
  6. TablePress – Most Popular WordPress Table Plugin
  7. ShortPixel – Powerful Image Compression Tool for WordPress
  8. W3 Total Cache – Best WordPress Caching Plugin
  9. WP Rocket – Best WordPress Premium Caching Plugin
  10. Elementor Page Builder – Most Powerful WordPress Page Builder
  11. WPForms – Most Beginner-friendly WordPress Form Plugin

Q5. How do you motivate yourself for Blogging in this competitive world?

This one is really a great question you asked. Seriously, self-motivation is a must for blogging. If you are at a 9 to 5 job, you are constantly motivated by various programs like incentive structure, promotion criteria, appreciation, so on. but if you are in the blogging business then you have to create this environment yourself.

Here you asked about me, how do I motivate myself to be in blogging, Here are some tips you can follow –

1. Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter, but make it your passion.

2. Always try to stay connected with other professional bloggers to learn something new.

3. I never focus only on Google rankings but also on paid marketing.

4. Get in the habit of appreciating yourself for everything you do.

5. Always try to stay away from negative thoughts, just focus on quality. if someone has already achieved your desired goal, you certainly can.

Q6. Which are the best sources of Affiliate Marketing Income for Bloggers on the web?

Mitesh, Finding an affiliate product to promote on your blog is an easy process and totally depends on what industry and the niche you are in and what exactly you are looking for.

Here, you just need to find affiliate products similar to your niche or you can also join any affiliate network for the same. Some of the more popular affiliate networks are Shareasale, Impact, LinkShare, CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction), and ClickBank.

Q7. What is the importance of SEO in the Blogging world?

There are actually 3 ways to drive traffic to your blog, search engine optimization, social media, paid marketing.

You can definitely drive traffic to your blog through social media or paid marketing. but if you want organic traffic to your blog without paying anything, you must focus on SEO.

For better understanding let’s understand SEO in brief.

1 Technical SEO – You just need to focus on optimizing your blog or website infrastructure, it will help you in better user experience and improve search ranking.

2. On-page SEO – On-page SEO is the best practice for optimizing website content for search engine ranking including optimization of image, URLs, title tag, internal links, and so on.

3. Off-page SEO – Off-page SEO is the best practice for any effort outside of a website to improve search engine rankings including social media promotion, guest post, or link building

All the above SEO techniques are equally important to drive more traffic to your website.

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