French is the most in demand language for Indians – Namita Sharma

Namita Sharma
Maven Institute (Co-founder)

Namita Sharma is a co-founder of Maven Institute. She founded Maven with their co-founders Shekhar Thanvi and Dr. Smita Thanvi. Maven is an institute for foreign language and exams for abroad education. She is a person behind Maven Success in English Spoken and Personality Development. She is taking IELETS and Personality Development classes in Maven. She has more than 15 years experience in field of student career counselling and abroad education consultancy. She has shared some views on her experience, foreign language and english spoken, study structure and sucess story of Maven’s Institute.

Q1. Please tell me about your journey as a language expert?

Maven in English means expertise and the tag line skills to perfection also represents the same. Any language symbolizes a sea, a sea of learning so, I feel proud to say as a trainer, i am learning-learning to match the expectation of students, learning to build a trust in students. Being a mentor I always feel an optimistic energy flowing in me as I enter my class with the bonding we as Maven have with Mavenites.

Q2. Discuss some achievements of Maven Institute with us?

Maven is the most reliable one stop solution to all the aspirants who plan to study in foreign universities and prepare them for mandatory exams called IELTS/TOEFL. Scoring up to 8.5 high bands overall and also scoring 9 out of 9 in various components is itself a benchmark set.

Q3. Which foreign language is in demand right now?

French is the most in demand language as Indians are inclined towards this culture and dialect. This is also used as a trading language for exports and imports as all over India and Jodhpur is a hub of international trade in Handicrafts.

Q4. Why Maven is special in English Spoken?

Maven is a place where the student will learn what is needed rather then just completing the curriculum of grammar and tenses. We believe in activity based learning leading to support the student in speaking about general issues, experiences, incidents, liking, disliking, confidently and fluently.

Q5. Does technology has created some new teaching methods in your field?

The era of technological development has made most of the things easy and hassle free. It is more feasible and practical now to take class and be interactive with the help of technical tools and advancements.

Q6. What are the suggestions for students?

I remember a proverb “Be creative in your own design”. Believe in yourself-know your weakness. It is a natural phenomenon that when we know our weakness, we try to overcome by all efforts and hard work. People are not judgmental, we give them the opportunity to judge and come with their notions. “Stop being a football of other people’s opinion.”

Q7. What is the special features of Maven Institute?

(A) Interactive Learning
(b) State of the art Infrastructure
(c) Perfect blend of Personal and Professional Approach
(d) Help in documents for abroad aspirants from scratch to success

Q8. What are your views on is a tool to develop a perception of a student or an aspirant and give him a right path to prepare himself for the competitive world and its delicacies.