Data science can help companies to get insights from the good quality data to make business decisions while maintaining a business process. – Manu Bohra

Manu Bohra
Full Stack Data Scientist at TalenQ Software
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

I have completed B.E in electronics and communication engineering from UEC Ujjain. After that I went Delhi to prepare for UPSC ESE examination but unfortunately, I was not able to crack that and to move on from that I started working in PLC validation (Pharma Industry) as a junior engineer. While working I realized that I have analytical understanding to solve business problems, so I started preparing for Data Science by understanding database first using SQL and then R programming & Python. It took me one year of rigorous preparation, hands on practice, project completion and job search to make career in data science and finally I am working as a Data Scientist with TalenQ Softwares Pvt. Ltd. I got this opportunity by completing an assignment given to me and after that I was being selected for the position without interview. Now I am working on NLP and Neural Networks to make an automated hiring platform. It’s been a great learning and career transformation journey for me.

Q2. You did Engineering in Electronics then what did attract you towards to Data Science Domain?

While I was preparing for UPSC, I learnt deep concepts of Electronics core subjects like Digital electronics, Control System and Digital Communication which really helped me to get into the Data Science field. Concepts and Mathematics behind these subjects are very useful in learning data science as every automatic and intelligent system working in real world is based on concept of controlling the inputs and outputs based on certain conditions.

Q3. How Data Science will be helpful in business growth?

Ans: Data speaks a lot about itself. Data Science has the power of handling data analytically and getting insights from it. Data science can help companies to get insights from the good quality data to make business decisions while maintaining a business process. Everyday lot of data is being generated by companies through some business processes which have the power to boost their business with sustained growth in a very much controlled way and in correct direction.

Q4. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years in career?

I hope, I will be doing something which solves our day to day problems and makes our life better.

Manu Bohra

Q5. Which is your favorite Machine Learning Algorithm/Model and why?

LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) is my favorite and its an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that takes documents as input and finds topics as output. LDA is much powerful with tf-idf for topic extraction and to analyse large text corpus and capable of giving what percentage each document talks about each topic. LDA can be used in process of graph database creation by analysing large text corpus and getting the most prominent topics from that. Above is the great and advance level application of Natural Language Processing.

Q6. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself/your domain and why?

Companies should provide good amount of data that is required to work on, because quantity with quality of data defines the success in data science/analytics.

Q7. Does online Data Science course are sufficient to become a Data Scientist?

NO, an online/offline course can never be sufficient to make a person Data Scientist. Understanding the key concepts, hands on practice, analytical thinking, domain knowledge, patience, quick learning, ability to identify corner cases, problem solving and ability to use minimal resources while problem solving or automating the business process are the building blocks for a data scientist. If you want to be a good data scientist then be ready to learn new things when or where ever is required. A person should be a great learning machine to become a data scientist as the domain is vast.

Q8. Which one skill/thing do you like most about yourself?

I always strive to learn new things and reading blogs of data science domain.

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