Take blogging as real business. This is no more a hobby these days. – Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Interview with Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Founder at Blogging QnA
Blogger, Delhi, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

Thanks for inviting me on Your Blog. This is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj. I am a 23 years old Full-Time Blogger, Youtuber also an Affiliate Marketer and the founder of and Youtube Channel.

Apart from this, I am also running some micro-niche blogs in different niches and also have a Facebook Group “BloggingQnA” and Telegram channel and a group with more than 5K+ members.

For latest updates you can join me on Instagram.

I have completed my graduation in BBA (Banking and Insurance) From Shri Guru Tegh Bhadhur Institute of Management and Information Technology. This college comes under the IP University.

After my graduation I did job for around 1.5 years as a seo intern and seo executive in a company. And then I left the job and doing full time blogging and Youtubing.

Q2. What did attract you towards Blogging as a full-time career?

I was doing job after my graduation, and also running my blog and YouTube channel part time. After my job I spend most of time on my blog and Channel.

Within few months of starting blog and channel I started seeing good growth in it. I am able to earn more than the job salary.

Then I though about it. If part time work can give me more than my salary then what will happen if I do it as a full time.

Then I left the job and started blogging and youtubing as a full time. And my decision was absolutely right.

Q3. How do you see a great competition in Blogging?

I don’t look at competition that much. Competition is everywhere. Be it blogging, be it real business, competition is everywhere.

You just need to change your strategies that will help you in creating your image in that industry. Your way of working and strategies can help you in standing out of the competition.

I am implementing these things and getting amazing results.

Q4. How do you motivate yourself at every morning?

Honestly speaking, in my initial days I feel demotivated. But now, when money comes in your bank account or regular basis, and you are getting good results from your work. You are automatically motivated.

No need of any type of motivation when you are getting results.

But sometimes when I feel demotivated. I take a complete rest from all my work and do other stuffs that I loved to do.

Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Q5. Who is your favorite Blogger in Blogging Domain?

I am following many bloggers in my niche. But here are some of my favorite bloggers: –

  • Ankit Singla: – Founder of MasterBlogging
  • Chayan: – Founder of SimpleFactOnline
  • Ravi Dixit; – Founder of StaymeOnline
  • Anil Agarwal: – Founder of Bloggerspassion

Sorry, if I forgot to mention anyone. 😊 😊

Q6. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years in career?

I am just focusing on scaling my business and I haven’t fixed any goals for 10 years. I focus on small goals and ultimately my end goal will complete.

Q8. Which are the main sources of earnings for any Blogger?

There are many sources of earning in blogging. It totally depends on niche to niche. Below are some of popular way to earn money from blogging: –

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Content
  4. Paid Backlinks
  5. Providing Services
  6. CPM

There are many more.

Q9. What tips would you like to give to the young Bloggers?

I just want to share one thing to every newbie out there.

Take blogging as real business. This is no more a hobby these days. Invest your time, money, hard work, patience in it.

You will not get rich overnight with blogging.

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