AI is a lot about automating what humans can do. – Kushal Sharma

Kushal Sharma
(Educator, KAI Institute of AI)

Kushal Sharma is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Expert. He started KAI institute to teach artificial intelligence, machine learning and new technologies. He is an Educator at KAI Institute of AI too. He has trained more than 100+ students in the period of past 6 months. He earlier worked as a Data scientist at TV Mucho, London, UK. He is a brilliant machine learning expert who solves any machine learning problem with an ease. He loves to teach. He runs his own online course on AI and his vision is to teach around 1,00,000 students through his online courses in upcoming years. Here he shares his vision about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on world along with his online course on AI with us.

Q1. Please tell something about your educational and professional journey?

I was an engineering student back then in 2017 and got started with learning Machine Learning through books, online courses and also with the help of my mentor Mr. Jaskirat Singh, who introduced me to various types of mathematics behind AI/ML algorithms and I started to take interest in it working day and night. Then after completing with the deep mathematical concepts I found myself successful in solving various ML problems and that gave me an opportunity to work as a Data scientist at TV Mucho, London, UK and this gave me enough confidence to start teaching and I casually started teaching ML Algorithms to my friends which again gave me more confidence and I started KAI Institute Of AI. And till now I have trained more than 100+ students in the period of past 6 months.

Q2. Give some brief about future technology AI and its benefits?

I feel AI is a lot about automating what humans can do and that is if we see in data analytics domain people are trying to do with machines what statisticians used to do manually. And this could be Self driving cars, personal assistants that can imitate human behavior and more just to make human effort easier and more accurate. Earlier hard coded things through code used to automate things but again that was hardcoded there was no natural actions involved in that but here using AI and basically using probability distributions we are trying to imitate human behavior just to create a human like easiness so that humans don’t feel like they are being assisted by robots.

Q3. Does AI robots will replaced with humans? What do you think about that?

Ah yes in a kind of sense we can say that AI robots will replace humans, but it is not like some fiction movie that robots will vanish everything, no it’s just smart robots/automated things will be created so that they can make human effort easier and it won’t replace humans upto an extent. Yes, it is sure that most of the effort consuming jobs in which major decisions are not taken will replace humans. Yes but we are not sure as this domain has a lot of potential as we never know what neural network can do in future using either of the learning methods(Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning).

Q4. Is online learning course effective for students to learn AI, ML and Data Science?

Two things to look at in an online course before starting, one is what prerequisite knowledge you need and why do you need it because most of the time people can’t connect things in an recorded online course because either things are started from a very high level or some prerequisite is missing in learner. Other thing which you need to look in online course before starting is your practice plan for the knowledge you’ve learned, as it is very old saying that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ and through my teaching-cum-learning experience I feel that it needs a lot of patience to complete assignments in online courses just because they are boring. So first the problem of prerequisite knowledge before an online course should be solved and then assignments of the course should be innovative and interesting that relate with real life examples. I solve both of these problems in my Live Online Course. Currently as per Jan 2020 I have two of my courses running one is Live online 90 interactive classes course for Data Science which I call DS for everyone course and another my recorded course for Tensorflow and Neural Network from scratch and very soon I am coming up my Fundamentals of python course which will be taught in natural hindi language with no prerequisites at all. So keep in mind before selecting an online course to learn, there are high chances that the course will be effective if there are minimum prerequisites of that course and assignments also should be interesting and then with a bit of dedication you can excel in that online course

Q5. What is your future plan as an AI Educator?

My vision is to teach around 1,00,000 students through my online courses and those courses will be short courses with very minimum prerequisites to make people learn high AI in high quality with minimum cost. Also I want to mentor best students personally from my online courses to innovate on projects together which are my plan after becoming free from teaching. This is how I see myself in 10 years from now as an AI consultant/innovator along with my star students.