Kushagra Bhatia

Without digital marketing, a website or app is as good as a brochure. – Kushagra Bhatia

Interview with Kushagra Bhatia

Kushagra Bhatia

Founder at WsCube Tech & Co-Founder at GeekoLogix
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

Hello, I’m Kushagra Bhatia. I come from a technical educational background, with a Bachelor’s in Technology (B.Tech.) from Bansal College of Engineering, Mandideep, MP. Following that, I have done the Master’s in Technology (M.Tech.) from Jodhpur National University.

Modern technologies and the web/app development field have always intrigued me. Right from the time of my college days, I was learning and practicing programming, website development, and exploring the latest technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, machine learning, and data science.

After graduation, I started working with an IT organization but had the zeal to start something of my own. In 2011, I laid the foundation of WsCube Tech as a Web and App Development Agency in Jodhpur.

We had a few good projects which were managed by a small team of developers. During the first year, we faced two big challenges.

First, along with website and application development, the clients wanted digital marketing services to bring traffic to the website, increase app downloads, market their services, and grow their customer base. We didn’t have a team of marketers then and had to struggle with a few clients.

Second, Jodhpur was not among the top cities where you could easily find a skilled workforce. We wanted to expand the team but couldn’t find the candidates for open positions.

The step taken to tackle both the challenges was to provide students and job seekers the proper training that could help them acquire in-demand skills. We knew that the region had good colleges with students looking for practical learning and projects. It worked positively for us.

We started training students and hired the best ones for our projects. Many of them are still working with us, and some have found opportunities in MNCs and top brands.

That is when the training and institute part of WsCube Tech started. Over the years, WsCube Tech has not only grown as a Digital Marketing & Development Company, but also as an institute.

We are now offering both online and classroom training, as well as free training through our YouTube channel. This is now the fastest-growing technology YouTube channel in India, having an active audience of 600K+ subscribers. We also have a few more YouTube channels dedicated to other segments in education, like GATE preparation, school education.

The best part is, with our resources, thousands of people from Asian countries are learning new things, acquiring top in-demand skills, and finding great opportunities in their careers. 

Today, we have a team of 100+ talented digital marketers, developers, designers, and trainers. We are working with India’s top businesses to help them establish a thriving online presence.

Q2. You are a founder at Wscube Tech and cofounder at Geekologix. What kind of services do you provide there and what is your main motto behind your endeavors?

WsCube Tech is primarily focused on digital marketing services. We offer search engine optimization (SEO) solutions to help businesses boost their rankings on Google, get millions of organic visitors, and potential clients.

With Social Media Marketing and YouTube Marketing services, we are building an impactful online identity and branding for businesses of all sizes. Our other digital marketing services include local SEO, PPC advertising, Content Writing and Marketing, etc.

Geekologix is all about web and app development. We have a highly-skilled team of developers who are great at building websites, mobile applications, web apps, and software.

Our main motive is to help businesses establish an online presence and experience growth they never imagined. Almost everyone has access to the internet and smartphones today. People are looking for everything on Google and social media platforms. Traditional marketing has become an outdated concept, especially for millennial.

WsCube Tech and Geekologix teams work hand-in-hand to help clients achieve what they want to achieve. Our clientele includes businesses from varied industries, such as education, travel, stock trading, classified businesses, media companies, etc.

Q3. How do you excel students in their training and courses at Wscube Tech to get proper placement?

There are numerous institutes today, but we know what it takes to stand apart from them, and we understand exactly what students look for from an institute.

We are offering training with four different models:

Hands-on Real Projects

With classroom training and live classes, we provide students opportunities to work on real projects so that they see everything in action.

For example, the students learning SEO get to work on a live website. They do the keyword research on their own, work on meta tags, optimize the site for on-page elements, and then they get to work on off-page aspects. After implementation, they are trained to analyze the results, find the scope of improvement, and insights to rapidly boost the rankings on Google.

Expert Trainers & Modern Methodologies

To ensure the best learning, our trainers are industry experts having a minimum of 7 years of experience in their respective fields. We use modern tools and technologies in a digital classroom for a faster and more efficient learning experience.

Internship Opportunities & Job Assistance

After the course, we allow students to do internships with us where they work with the senior team members of WsCube Tech and Geekologix.

One frequently asked question by most of our students is whether we would help them to get a job. On that front, we now have partnerships with 100+ startups and SMBs in India. After the course completion, we prepare them for the interview and arrange the interviews.

In addition, we hire many students for our own company. We are growing at a rapid pace and are always offering opportunities to the right candidates.

Q4. Why do college pass-out students have a lack of real industry knowledge in practical terms?

This was a major problem a few years ago as the majority of colleges provide only theoretical knowledge.

For example, colleges have laboratories for practical’s, but those practical’s too are not focused on developing the skills as expected. Their role is mainly limited to completing the curriculum and creating lab records.

However, things are changing a bit for the better. Parents and students today are aware of the role of skills and practical knowledge. This is why they are not solely dependent on college or school.

Kushagra Bhatia

They are simultaneously acquiring skills from institutes and eLearning platforms. This is why we are consistently seeing the rise in online learning apps and platforms.

Q5. What is the importance of Digital Marketing for companies and any person to promote their Websites and Mobile Applications?

Websites and mobile apps are the online assets of a business or individual. Without digital marketing, a website or app is as good as a brochure.

Generally, the motive of having a website or app is to attract new potential customers, generate leads for business and convert those leads into paying customers. If you are not marketing a website or app, it won’t reach your targeted audience on its own.

Digital marketing is the catalyst that ignites growth for businesses. For example, to attract traffic to the website, SEO plays a crucial role. To generate leads faster, you need to go for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. To increase the number of app installations, starting with App Store Optimization is a must.

So, digital marketing is vital to promote the business with a website or app.

Q6. Online studies are growing rapidly after Corona. What do you think about the new online pattern and how do you compare it with traditional offline studies?

The prevalence of online learning has undoubtedly increased after the COVID-19 outbreak. Initially, there were challenges for students in learning, but these have been tackled well with the introduction of new technologies and tools. Hence, online learning is as effective as traditional classroom education.

While there is no direct winner when it comes to choosing between online and offline education, both have their pros and cons. For example, online education enables learning from anywhere and anytime. It is also a cost-effective option as students don’t need to travel to the institute, whereas institutes can save on costs related to various facilities offered.

On the other hand, classroom learning provides a bit of more personal touch and interaction. So, both patterns are effective and efficient for learning.

In the coming years, online learning will only grow. It is because of the opportunities of learning it brings to students and professionals in almost every field. Today, students can obtain certification, training, and degree from even foreign institutes without leaving the country.

Moreover, it has become a boon for students in India who come from the rural part and need to relocate to cities for education. They needed to spend on the course, livelihood, travel expenses, etc. Today, they can learn the same things right from their homes in villages or small towns. The online courses cost less compared to classroom courses. So, it has several benefits, and the trend will experience growth with time.

Q7. What skills would you recommend in order for students to grow their career in Web/App development?

While most of the programming languages, frameworks, and technologies are in demand today for web and app development, these are some top ones that will dominate the coming many years:

  • MEAN Stack
  • MERN Stack
  • Python
  • Python + Django
  • Responsive Web Design
  • React Native
  • JavaScript
  • Flutter
  • Swift

Q8. What are your views about the latest technologies like AI, Data Science, Cloud, Blockchain, and many more? How many changes do you expect in the future world due to these technologies?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain, the internet of things (IoT), etc., are transformative and revolutionary technologies. These have completely changed the way things work today and have a positive impact on human lives as well.

I love the way modern technologies make everything effortless, easier, solve challenges for almost every industry, improve cybersecurity, and reduce mundane tasks. These are the true enablers of digital transformation around the world.

Even if I talk about only eLearning, it has become efficient because of technologies like the cloud. We are able to host live classes on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc., use cloud storage to offer our recorded courses, make classrooms smart, etc.

In the future, these technologies will become more advanced and make a huge impact on millions of lives and various industries. Autonomous cars, accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases in healthcare, virtual tutors assisting human trainers, emotional intelligence, and more such things are still in a developing phase. In the coming years, these will become prevalent and mainstream to tackle numerous challenges.

Q9. Which one thing do you want to change in Indian Education System and why?

As I mentioned earlier, the colleges in the country are more focused on theoretical knowledge. One main reason behind it is that the teachers themselves are not well-trained to provide practical knowledge and make students skillful. Moreover, most of the colleges make the work of teachers more of clerical work where their role remains just to complete the syllabus and wrap things up from their end.

To address this scenario, the colleges must upgrade the current teaching system. This can be done in two ways.

First, the teachers must be given time and resources to upgrade their own skills. They should be instructed to make students skillful along with the syllabus completion. Regular tests, workshops, seminars, and events should be conducted at the college level where students can participate enthusiastically. For example, there can be a web page development contest where the students who build the best web page win the contest.

Second, there should be a dedicated period during the graduation years where it is made mandatory for students to go for internships, work on real projects, acquire new industry skills, and experience the current market scenario. The teachers should encourage and assist them in doing so.

This is something I would love to change in the current education system in India. 

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