Data Science build their Data Intuition and visualize what goes on behind all the Python or R codes. – Kunaal Naik

Interview with Kunaal Naik

Kunaal Naik

Data Science Mentor, Content Creator,
Digital Marketing, The Tool Wizard and Podcast Host
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

I did my B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering.

I started my journey as a Data Analyst using tools such as Excel and SQL. However, I soon shifted to using SAS and R for some of our clients. During my first year in job, I used to learn and teach Data Science. This helped me accelerate my learning and I have knowledge of the tools in the back of my mind. From then on, I worked in several domains such as Retail, HR, Marketing, Ecommerce either for the company I work for or helping friends in startups.

I learned so much form YouTube during my initial years and decided to contribute back by teaching methods I learned.

Currently I work in Dell as a Marketing Advisor. My work involves Customer Targeting and Marketing Spends and Funnel Analysis.

Q2. What is importance of Data in any Data Science Project? Is clean data helps to solve problem fast and save time?

Traditionally we associated Data Science with just Machine learning or AI. However, even 2 rows of data can help make business decisions if interpreted properly. Cleaning Data is Definitely helpful. I feel more than cleaning data, you need to be conformable with data. It means that you should not fear manipulating data to get to an outcome but rather enjoy the process.

Q3. You are running a YouTube Channel on Data Science. Please share some brief about your Channel?

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/KunaalNaik

I started my YouTube channel to teach Excel. However, with time I started putting videos on Data Science, Visualization and Dashboarding. My channel has content, that helps Data Science build their Data Intuition and visualize what goes on behind all the Python or R codes. I believe in teaching Data Science the non-linear way.

Q4. Vlogs and YouTube are rapidly increasing. Viewers and Creators are shifting their medium from Text to Video. What do you think about the future of Text medium (Blogging) regarding this problem as a Digital Marketer and Content Creator?

Data Science needs many formats of consumption. Video stands out as learners can visually see how things are getting implemented. Content creators should focus on creating more hands videos. Also, they should work to make it more intuitive so that the learners retain information.

Q5. Which is the best strategy to promote any YouTube Channel and Blog organically for beginners?

Best strategy is to keep a persona in mind and create content serving his needs. For example, lets the person is a fresher. Now when you create content you will have more empathy to create content for this person. 

Q6. You had both academic and marketing experience in your career. Which one do you like most and why?

I am generally very curious. However, I found it natural for me to learn and teach is simplified manner that energizes me most.

Q7. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

Always ask. Never assume. Have Empathy.

When interacting with new members or freshers, I used to little frustrated about when they aren’t able to do anything in time and in the way I want. Many my colleagues, friends, and family members told me that I overwhelm then with new ideas and concepts. Now I understand that everyone’s journey is different and I need to be patient while working with them.

Kunaal Naik

Q8. Which are the best Online Courses for Data Scientist?

Data Science is a continuous journey. Instead of taking courses directly, I would recommend start appreciating what problems Data Scientist solve in various domains. Once fully appreciate what they do, then pick a domain and understand what methods needs to be learned to solve problems for that specific domain. Now curate courses based on the chosen domain. This way you would way more confident than generic learners.

Q9. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

The skill I love most about my self is the Golden Triangle of learning. I learn, I practice and I teach.

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