Potentialpreneur is a framework, which helps people to unlock their true potential and lead a meaningful life. – Karam Pal

Interview with Karam Pal

Karam Pal

Potentialpreneur Mentor
Gurgaon, Haryana

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

I was a poor student from starting. I studied in Govt. schools till my 10th standard. I had to study on tuition for entire year for almost 10 years. My English was so poor that I had to mug up things without understanding. But I believed in one mantra “Kart Kart Abhyas ke Zadmati Hote Sujan. Rasri aavat jaat te sila per padat Nisan”. This mantra helped to study hard.

I prepared for IIT-JEE exam for one year but failed to qualify the exam. Fortunately, I got selected in AIT Pune as my father serviced in Army for 17 years.

I did my engineering degree in “Electronics and Telecommunication” in 2009 from “Army Institute of Technology” Pune. After graduation, I worked in multiple MNCs in Pune, Noida and Gurgoan as Software test engineer.

Q2. You are an Engineer then what did attract you towards to become a Potentialpreneur Mentor and Coaching?

After 2-3 years of work in Persistent systems, I got frustrated with my work because of demotivation, no respect and my dreams were not fulfilling.

I resigned from the company and started a health and nutrition business. I worked for 2 years in the business but did not get the results I wanted and lost my hard earned money. I went to depression where I thought, I am worthless and can’t do good in my life. I lost confidence in me and my family lost trust in me. It was a very difficult situation for me. It was almost impossible for me to come out of this situation.

One of my relatives helped me to come out of this situation and started my new journey again. Each day was very difficult for me due to bad thoughts, no hope and low self-image.

I got agitated on small-2 things due to no self-control and self-leadership. It was like I had no knowledge in my life.

I wanted to know “What was the problem with me?”. I started my self-discovery and found that I did not have self-knowledge in the deep. I had wrong understanding of self which was leading me to such situations in my life.

It took me 7-8 years to understand self and come out of low self-confidence, poor self-image, lack of right understanding, fears, self-doubt, and not believing in self.

So, I was able to unlock my potential and started helping others to unlock their potential. This is how, I started in coaching and mentors because I did not want that people go through the same challenges I went through.

Q3. What exactly is Potentialpreneur program and how do you help anyone to change his mindset towards career?

This is a framework, which helps people to unlock their true potential and lead a meaningful life. With the help of the framework, they get to know about themselves in deep where they don’t have fears, discover their values and redefine them, recognize the infinite potential in themselves and build a habits and routines for achieving success in their life.

7 Step Framework:
  1. Know Yourself
  2. Find Your Purpose, Mission and Values.
  3. Build Your Strong Mindset.
  4. Find your passion.
  5. Build Your Personal Brand.
  6. Help others
  7. Growth

I enable people to build self-confidence, remove fears, change their image, believe in self and this way they can build a great career and love it.

Karam Pal

Q4. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

One thing that I want to change is “Taking 10x actions”. I am taking massive actions but still feel that my actions are not big enough due to different challenges.

I believe that I can do it with better planning, inspiring others and taking help.

Q5. What kind of problems have you faced maximum in your coaching sessions and how did you remove it?

I faced multiple technical challenges. Good technology tools are costly. I had to do lot of research and find a better tool which are cost effective and does the better things. I had to drop multiple tools, multiple times.

Q6. People say that Leadership Skills comes in any person by birth. Is it possible to develop it by learning?

No one is a born leader. Everyone develops it by learning, practicing and doing the things that required.

It is a learnable skill. Anyone can learn this skill if he/she makes a commitment to learn the principles of leadership.

Q7. You had both Engineering and Coaching experience in your of career. Which one do you like most and why?

I like coaching more because you can develop multiple skills with the help of coaching and even faster. Engineering is just a skill. You got to develop multiple skills to become successful.

A mentor or guide can help you to learn multiple skills, unlock your potential and provide you guidance and support to do something that looks impossible.

Karam Pal

Q8. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

I was listening to “Ashtavkra Gita” in 2018 and I got clarity about myself. It opened many things in me and continued to do it 3-4 months. I felt much relaxed without worries of past and future.

From this moment, my life changed completely. My thinking, actions, patience level and many other things started improving day by day.

Q9. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

One skill I like the most in me is “Open to learning”. You can say that “Open to learning” is attitude but for me it’s a skill. It took me lot of time to understand “What is learning?”.

Most people feel stuck in their lives because they are not open for learning.

Learning means, knowing, applying and improving every time. And this requires, thinking, observation, writing, teaching and courage.

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