My motto is simple. What I will get in my life, I will send them all back to the world – Kabbyik Mitra

Kabbyik Mitra
Science & Technical Writer, Conternt Developer
Health & Life Style Author, Yoga Therapist, Kolkata, West Bengal

Q1. Please tell something about your educational and professional journey?
I never thought to be a writer, and the funniest thing is – I had no ambition, not even today,
which is why I never took my studies seriously. I was one of the most disobedient students in my group. My teachers used to run after me, unfortunately I made them run. I bunked coaching classes and missed important college lectures without any reasons, and often for watching movies. My neighbors, my relatives and my friends’ parents never thought I would be a graduate at least. But my intention was never to humiliate them. I was a liberal boy and used to do what I liked to do, and luckily my father supported everything what I did.
It is my father, whose guidance and whole-hearted support helped me to become an MBA from Manipal, where most of my childhood friends are engineers and doctors. Oh yes, some of them are advocates. I was amazed of seeing my childhood friends running with satchel. Many of them, better to say almost 90 percent are very, very studious and high ambitious. Yes, they got ambitious parents who always pushed them to study, study and study. They avoid flying kites, talking too much with friends, spending time and watching funny movies and all those stuffs that are bogus. But I was an unfortunate boy who would do all these. By God’s grace and by my parent’s blessing for sure, I completed my secondary and higher secondary from Bengal, graduated from University of Calcutta and MBA from Manipal. I had started my career as a marketing executive, but given up the job after 6-month; I was damn failure in marketing. I believe a sales or marketing person is far better than me. After that I never found charm in sales and marketing. But my major specialization was marketing management.
One of my close friends asked me to join in BPO or KPO. I tried and cracked many different interviews and liked to work in international BPO. I worked in different BPO and KPOs in India in a 3-year span of time. But I was very sad because I could not find charm in BPO jobs. Then again, I changed my domain and started looking for marketing job that I disliked most, because I had no other choice. I thought to do something different, something creative, because I used to read a lot and write nonsense stuff. One day, I met a person who was invited in my cousin’s marriage ceremony. He became my GURU, who motivated me a lot about content development and blogging before that I hardly knew anything about these two. He taught the basic things about blogging and content development, and finally I found charm in creative writing.
In the year 2013, I was hovering here and there in search of a job in content development, and I found one. I started working for the company and devoted a lot in my work, and I found my passion in writing. I worked in that company for one and half year. Till then I am into the same domain, though I have changed many companies to date. I am a veteran technical writer, science writer, lifestyle author, health blogger, content developer. I am also a certified science communicator from Indian Science News Association, Kolkata-New Delhi, and a science journalist from Indian Science Communication Society, Lucknow, UP. I am a certified digital marketing consultant as well. I have worked with many different clients all across the globe. That’s all shortly about my educational and professional journey!

Q2. What did attract you towards writing?
That is very difficult to say in a word or two because I never thought to be writer.
Honestly, nothing attracted me towards writing.
I just found an immense joy or writing anything and everything. I write in almost all things that I like and the funniest thing is
I write in all those things that I do not like. Actually, I am to write, because I am PENMAN.

Q3. You are Writer, Developer, and Animal Activist. How can you play all roles simultaneously?
Yes, sometimes it is very tough to manage all things in 24-hour, but I do and sometimes fail to do.
But I never stop. Most of the time I develop content, write for me, write for my readers via my blog www.yoga2all.com
and write for my clients, and rest of the time I take care of street animals, especially who are wounded.
I never thought and not even think these all are roles in my life.
I believe it is my duty to do all the good things that I like to do for others, and taking care of animals is one of them.
My motto is simple. What I will get in my life, I will send them all back to the world.

Q4. Who is your role model in your writing domain?
I have learnt many things from my fellow bloggers and writers. Not possible to say one or two name. All are my role models.

Q5. How do you motivate yourself at every morning?
I note down an agenda for everyday work to push myself for better work. I wake up very early in the morning, about 5:30 AM, and start working.
This agenda motivates me a lot.

Q6. Who is your source of motivation?
My father is one and only person who is my source of motivation.

Q7. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years in career?
Though I am not a very ambitious person, but want to establish myself as a great writer in next 10-year,
so that people call up my name only for my writing.

Q8. What do you do in your free time? Are you a book lover?
I hardly get free time. I note down my day-to-day work that I need to do tomorrow and finish almost 90 to 95 percent,
and the rest 5 percent undone work I carry forward for the very next day. Yes, I am bookaholic.
I love science writing and dusty libraries. I like to read science books, science fiction, horror stories and health books.
But my first and foremost choice is literature. I mostly prefer reading stories and novels written by Russian authors,
and Leo Tolstoy is one of my favorite authors.
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