Always go for the niche with high volume (monthly searches) with low competition. – Joy Dhar

Interview with Joy Dhar

Joy Dhar

Founder & Content Specialist at (Blogger)
Barasat, West Bengal, India

Q1. Please share your Blogging journey with us?

Hey, I would like to thanks Mitesh for inviting me.

I am Joy Dhar, the founder and content specialist of  Bloggingwithjoy. I help people to learn blogging completely free.

In 2016 I started my online career as a freelance content writer. While working as a freelancer I learned all the basics of blogging. And I observed that I am gaining interest in blogging. And that excitement pushed me to introduce my first blog. But due to clear goals and proper practical knowledge, I failed with my first blog. After 2 unsuccessful blogs, I found stable ways to earn money online and introduced Bloggingwithjoy to help people so that you can grow online easily.

I have already published my complete blogging journey. You can read my blogging experience here:  How I Made My First ever online Earning!! From 0$ to 100$/month

Q2. What is the best procedure to start a new Blog in 2020? Which platform do you recommend for any new Bloggers?

If you are planning to start blogging in 2020 or beyond that make sure you know the basics of blogging like Niche selection, keyword research, SEO basic, content writing. It will help you to grow fast.  If you want an advanced and easy blogging experience then I would like to recommend WordPress, as it comes with bundle free themes and plugins which save our effort and time.

The best procedure to start a new Blog in 2020

At first, select any niche (topic) of your interest. Then check the volume (monthly searches) and competition of that topic. Always go for the niche with high volume with low competition.

Once you have selected the niche now go for the domain.

Tips while selecting the domain name :

  •  Include your niche/topic keyword in the domain name.
  • The domain name should be short and memorable.
  •  Don’t include hyphen or number in the domain name.

Once you have purchased your domain name now go for hosting which is affordable to you.

If you know Hindi then you can check this guide to start your first blog :

Q3. What is the importance of SEO for Blogs? Which are the best tools to do SEO?

SEO is one of the most vital components of any blog/website. SEO stands for Search engine optimization. The more you optimize your blog it will rank higher and you will get more traffic/audience/sales.

SEO is a time-consuming process; it can take more time than usual. But don’t over-optimize your blog it can hamper your website/blog ranking.

There are many SEO tools that are available online. My favorite top 3 are :

Google keyword planner to recognize the search volume of a particular keyword

Ahrefs to research competitor’s URL and their backlinks and what keywords they rank for

Google Search Console to see how my site is performing.

Q4. What is the importance of Backlinks in Blogging and which is the best process to make new DoFollow links?

Backlinks can be judged as recommendations. Backlinks let the search engines justify how much your website is trusted and known to your community. 

The best process to make new DoFollow links

  • Guest posting
  • Link exchange with others
  • Comment backlinks
  • Profile backlink
  • Forum backlinks

Check this 150+ High DA PA Free Backlink Creation Website List

Q5. Does paid tools gives best results comparing to free tools on the Internet for Blogging?

It Depends on which tools you are talking about because there are lots of blogging tools available. Some tools are good at backlinks monitoring and analysis, whereas some are good at content analysis and site audits. But at the end of the day, you have to cross-check manually because those tools offer results based on their own metrics and predictions. So you can’t trust any tool blindly. Try both free and paid tools and then go for the best suit.

Q6. Who is your source of inspiration in the Blogging Domain?

I usually take inspiration from my competitor’s success and achievements that push me to work more. If you are asking about the source of motivation, then I can say my blogging friends Chayan Chakrabarti, Vishwajeet Kumar, Riddhish Chaudhari, Sayem Ibn Kashem, Shubha Tiwari, and many more always help me to stay motivated. And I wish that everyone should have motivators like them.

Q7. What message would like you like to give to the young Bloggers who have recently started their professional life?

If you are planning to make blogging your profession, make sure you are treating it as a professional. Don’t hesitate while taking action.Every business needs some investment similarly blogging also.  Don’t compromise in hosting and blogging equipment. Take time and do your best, you will get success sure. Best wishes.

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  1. Hey Joy,

    You have nailed it! Glad to see my name as your blogging buddy. You have shared some amazing and effective tips here. Thanks for these wonderful insights.

    Sayem Ibn Kashem

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