Physics is amazing, I have always been fascinated with it. – Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu Gupta
Physics Expert (JEE & NEET)
WikiPens (Founder)

Himanshu Gupta is a Physics Expert. He is a Mining Engineer and MBA too. He started his journey from teaching Physics to students preparing for JEE and NEET. He has been teaching physics from last 5 years. He loves to teach physics and sharing his knowledge with students and helping them to achieve their dreams. He worked in Internshala as a Marketing Coordinator in begining of his career too. He is a founder of WikiPens. It is a Digital Marketing platform where they manage digital outreach programs of people and companies. His advice to students for their exams is “Focus on your class notes and practice them thoroughly”. Himanush is a multitalented personality with full of energy and great teaching skills. Here he shares his amazing journey, experience and some important tips for students.

Q1. Please tell something about your educational and professional journey?

After graduating from IIT Dhanbad, I chose teaching as a career. I started my journey from teaching Physics to students preparing for JEE – Advance at Shikhar Classes, Gwalior. In 2019, I joined Aakash Institute as a physics teacher for JEE and NEET aspirants in Delhi.

Q2. Why do you choose physics for teaching?

Right from my school days when I was preparing for the IIT JEE exam, I’ve always been fascinated with how amazing physics is and the exuberance of my mentor imprinted the in-depth importance of the subject into me to the extent that I couldn’t help fall in love with physics. It gives me immense happiness in sharing my knowledge with my students and helping them achieve their dreams.

Q3. You are a Mining Engineer and MBA too. Why do you select teaching as a profession?

My father has been Maths Teacher and since childhood I’ve been habitual to experience importance of academics. Further impressed with my physics teacher Mr. Mahesh Kurmi, who had a great influence on me because of his amazing teaching skills, I aspired to become like him. After graduating from IIT, I joined the same institution where I helped his students with their IIT-JEE preparation and after seeing my interest and teaching skills, he asked me to join him as a Physics teacher. Being a teacher, I not only get to directly touch the life of others and change them for better. The unmatched respect I receive in society aspire me to become better and share my knowledge each day.

Q4. What was your experience as a marketing coordinator in Intershala?

It was an amazing experience. This was the first time I was working with a startup. Their fast pace, friendly environment, quick strategizing and lots of learning opportunities helped shape my early interests. Internshala showed me, when given authority, how young energetic people can change the world. Today, Internshala is one of the largest internships providing platform across India.

Q5. You are a founder of Wikipens? Share some details of your company?

WikiPens is a digital marketing platform where we manage digital outreach programs of people and companies. We help them build their online presence by providing efficient social media optimization, PPC & content writing services to reach out to their target audience and achieve their goals. We’ve been fortunate to be constantly appreciated for our work and we hope to continue the same reputation in the industry.

Q6. Maximum Students from physics background go for engineering. What are the other career options for them?

Students can opt to pursue bachelor’s in science and later on get a specialization in that field. This will open several research opportunities for them. This will also help them prepare for government job opportunities.

Q7. Give your best advice to IIT-JEE aspirants for exams?

During last month before exam, do not try to do anything new or study new chapters. Focus on your class notes and practice them thoroughly. For quick revision, it is always advised to solve mock tests and instead of starting to revise every chapter from page 1, only go through the topics which you find difficult in mock test. These topics carry more weightage in exam and will result in fruitful outcomes.