Python is very useful by its prototyping algorithm for Artificial Intelligence – Goutam Choudhary

Goutam Choudhary
Python Trainer and Developer

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with all of us?

Ans: I did my bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. However, after graduation I decided to be web developer. I started working with an IT company which is training institute as well as a Web Developer. Later on, my employer decided to promote me as a Python trainer by seeing my knowledge of python, …

Q2. Why did you choose to become an engineer?

Seeing my family business of power plant, I was amazed how equipments actually work and how it is designed. Hence, I decided to pursue my undergraduate in Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) with a major in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.  I was been succeed to learn the background process of machines and wires. However, my interest towards the coding was increased and decided to make my career in this field.  

Q3. You had done your engineering in Electrical and Electronics then why did you go to become computer programmer?

From the beginning of my education to my current job, my quest for knowledge has been the primary source of my motivation.  When I started my 1st semester, I was taught C language in 2nd semester as a mandatory subject, which fascinated me towards the world of Programming. From making static to dynamic website, learning how database works, core concepts of J2ee and machine learning, made me realize that I wanted to be a part of IT field as this was something I was technically sound after my graduation.

Q4. Why did you choose Python over on other computer languages?

I am a self-taught Machine learning engineer or Python Developer and passionate to work on various aspects of AI. I believe that there is always something to learn, and with AI rapid pace, there is always something new! I am always attracted to Technology and its impact on our lives which makes me more passionate and motivates me to learn more from it. 

Q5. What is the role of Python in this modern artificial intelligence world?

Python is very useful by its prototyping algorithm for Artificial Intelligence. Python has special standardized algorithms such as intuitive syntax, data structures and basic control flow for AI and also supports interpretive run-time without standard compiler languages.

Q6. You are a Python trainer too. Which type of training you like to give most between offline and online?

I am comfortable with both options. As before covid-19, I was taking 8 in-class sessions (approximately 12-15 students in each) every day. However, due to this drastic change in working style, I am taking online classes.

Q7. Do you still update yourself in terms of education?

Certainly, I believe learning is something which should not be stop. As technology is drastically changing and updating, one needs to stay updated. So, I keep myself updated with reading blogs and news.

Q8. What do you do in your free time?

I usually play cricket with my cousins. Nowadays, I spend my quarantine by preparing for GATE Entrance Exam.