Technology is the only thing that keeps changing in month’s time – Gaurav Purohit

Gaurav Purohit
Software Developer, Jodhpur

Q1. Tell me about your educational background?

I have completed my schooling from Vivekananda Public School in science stream. Then went to Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology for my graduation in Computer Science Engineering.

Q2. Please share your professional journey?

I am working as a software developer in Guljag Infotech (A Div. Of Guljag Industries Ltd.) Since May 2019 and it has increased my knowledge base at a high par. It gives intense pleasure to provide real time solutions to my clients. Also, it gives me a great opportunity to learn other things other than coding like dealing with clients, providing technical support, learning software testing.

Q3. What was the most important thing that attracts you toward software development?

It is very enthusiastic and exciting to use my intelligence to provide real time solutions to the client base. Working on AI is the most attractive part of my job as I feel updated when it comes to technology. Using different languages, integrating different applications to provide user friendly and cost saving applications for the managers builds self confidence also.

Q4. Do you update yourself to compete in this high technology world?

Technology is the only thing that keeps changing in month’s time. So updating is always my passion and it’s not about competition it’s about awareness that i believe in. So when it comes to technology, I am a techno-savvy person.

Q5. Which one is your favorite computer programming language and why?

I love working in c# and json. It gives a mental satisfaction while working in them. These languages make my concept making and decision making power more strong.

Q6. Which segment do you prefer between software, web and application development?

Currently I am working on responsive applications. So developing web and application attracts me more. As world is going digital nowadays, to developing such interfaces and application is quite interesting and enhances my learning’s too.

Q7. Which upcoming language will be important for future development?

Each language has its own importance. So bifurcation on requirement will be difficult to choose. Rather, if i get opportunity, then I would like to work as a Database Administrator. The DBA works on managing data and will be of major concern in near future.