In Data Science Domain, 70% of the human energy is consumed in preparing quality data and 30% is consumed to run the model on it. – Gaurav Chatterjee

Interview with Gaurav Chatterjee

Gaurav Chatterjee

Data Scientist, Blogger
Deep Learning & Machine Learning Researcher, New Delhi, India

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

I have done my schooling from Delhi. After completing 12th standard my real journey began. I have left my home and travelled to the other side of India(South India). I spent 5 years of my life in CUK(Central University of Karnataka) doing Integrated M.Tech course in Computer Science & Technology.

Research Internships have always intrigued me a lot and therefore I have done internships and project associateships in many of India’s prestigious institutes like Symbiosis Pune, NIT Goa, IIT Hyderabad and IIT Delhi. It was a cumulative effect of these research institutes that I got interested in Machine Learning and Data Science.

Recently, I got an offer from I have joined the company as a Data Scientist.

Q2. What did attract you towards  Data Science Domain?

The fact that an AI can beat the world’s best GO player and DOTA2 player, also it can drive the car without a single human intervention. Basically, the end product has fascinated me a lot and pulled me toward this amazing field.

Q3. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

I want to change my time management habits. Time management is crucial when a person wants to achieve bigger goals in life because there are plenty of things to do and we have a limited period of time.

Q4. Which one is your most used Machine Learning Algorithm in your real-world projects?

Most used Machine learning algorithm in my projects is the Artificial Neural Network(ANN) because it can approximate almost any function which is very helpful in Machine Learning.

Gaurav Chatterjee

Q5. How a non-computer science student will become a Data Scientist. Please suggest a good path for aspirants?

A non-computer science student, first of all, has to improve upon the problem-solving skills and learn how to code effortlessly. Students can target both the above-mentioned skills by learning Data structures & Algorithms and coding it. Also, DSA is the building block of computer science so it will definitely help you in the journey.

After the  student is comfortable with problem-solving and coding skills they should do the following things:

  1. Opt a good course on Machine learning and study it thoroughly to become well versed with the concepts.
  2. Practice the machine learning problems on Kaggle which will help you gain confidence, also it will give you enough hands-on skills.
  3. Post your projects on GitHub and LinkedIn and also you can use youtube to showcase your projects.
  4. Time to market yourself. Make a clean and creative online portfolio and a strong resume based on ML. Start applying to your desired companies and surely circumstances will bend in your favour and soon you will become the Data Scientist.

Q6. What kind of problems have you faced in your Industry/Domain and how will you remove it?

Surely there are many hiccups in this domain, the most annoying one is preparing the data. Most of the time while learning Machine Learning, we get clean and ready to use data which is not the case in the real world. We have to prepare the data either by hiring someone or creating it on our own.

Removing this problem is not easy, In this domain, 70% of the human energy is consumed in preparing quality data and 30% is consumed to run the model on it.

Q7. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years in career?

I see myself as a seasoned Data Scientist with strong leadership skills.

Q8. What is the real use of Data Science in the practical world?

In Data Science we take insights from data and generate future predictions from it therefore some of the practical uses of data science are:

  1. Self Driving Cars
  2. Stock market prediction
  3. Pothole detection ( I have made this project, you can have a look at it here: )

Q9. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

Over the course of our lives, we can learn a wide range of skills but If I had to choose the single most valuable I  have I would pickup perseverance.

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