Business Management is incomplete without learning Applied Finance and Marketing. – Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain
Mentor and Leader

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain is an Academician with more than 9 years experience and 5 Years with industry. He is Post Graduate in Management and Commerce with Doctorate in Business Administration from NAAC rated A Grade University. His area of Domain is Applied Finance and Marketing. He has an expertise in Academics Administration and teaching of Applied Financial subjects. He has worked in many famous Educational Organizations like Pacific University at Udaipur; Leo College at Banswara; Sikkim Manipal University at Gangtok and RNB Global University at Bikaner. He has an experience of works in Industry Organizations like Tata AIA Life insurance, IDBI Federal Life, Zydus Cadial pharmaceuticals. His Thesis is available on Amazon.com. Here he shares his journey, experience and importance of Applied Finance and Marketing for MBA students.

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain
Mentor and Leader
Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

My educational journey is very interesting with following degrees:
M. B. A. (Marketing) S. G. B Amravati University, Maharashtra
M. B. A. (Finance) Jaipur National University, Rajasthan
M. Com. (Business Administration)
Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur
M. Com.(Banking & Economics) Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur
I have worked in both Academic and Industry Domain. So my Professional Journey is following:
Asst. Professor with Pacific University, Udaipur; Principal with Leo College, Banswara; HOD & Associate Professor, Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok; Associate Professor, RNB Global University, Bikaner
Tata AIA Life insurance Branch Manager
IDBI Federal Life Assistant Manager
Area Manager with Zydus Cadial pharmaceuticals.

Q2. You had been doing job in Industry for 5 Years. Why did you go for teaching profession?

Teaching was always my passion. I had been working with Insurance and Pharma industry for more than 5 years. I had completed my Doctorate in 2003 so just wanted to explore industry experience which has given me added advantage while teaching Management students. Your industry experience always enhances your confidence when you teach practical aspects of Management.

Q3. What was your Thesis topic in Ph.D. Share something about that one?

My Thesis Topic was “Prescribing priorities of Medical Practitioners & Pharmaceutical industry”.
My Ph. D. work is published by Scholar press, Germany and available at Amazon.com
I had started my career with Pharma industry and surveyed Doctors and Chemist’s during my course work.
In my Doctoral research there was comparison between ethical and unethical prescribing practices by Practitioners and Company’s, also priorities and practices of branded and propaganda Pharma companies.

Q4. Does MBA really excite students now days comparing 10 years before?

10 years back there was a different story, now its entirely different scenario with Global and digital era but the importance of Management course will never go down. It’s perception of the students and experts differing on many aspects. The need of Management will always be there by the business and corporates.

Q5. You are a MBA and M.Com. What a great combination? How do both qualifications help each other in career?

Yes certainly Masters in Management and Commerce has helped me understanding different aspects of both streams at a time. Likewise different subjects and Specialization will give you an added advantage over others in terms of overall knowledge.

Q6. Your area of domain is Applied Finance and Marketing. How it is helpful for MBA students?

Off course it’s era of Marketing and Applied Finance, whatever Finance one learns, it needs to be applied practically and same with Marketing which will always be an essential part of business. Learning of both the areas is of utmost importance for Management students as Business Management is incomplete without learning of these subjects.

Q7. You have done job at many post like Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Principal. Which one do you like most and whye?

It’s always good to be in direct teaching but likewise we also require learning administrative things together with teaching. We should never leave teaching when you are in administration.
As far as my choice is concerned I would always loves to be in direct teaching as a faculty.

Q8. What you will do in your free time?

Online learning’s, recently I am learning Digital Marketing.
Exploring different world of knowledge via Internet and other text and referred books.
It’s always good to spend time with kids & family also.

Q9. Give some tips to BBA and MBA students to get more success in Business Management?

Management students should focus on Industry requirements and accordingly they need to prepare themselves from starting itself.
Academia–Industry interaction is required.
They also need to take some projects and also need to work on new startups and innovative ideas.