Economics is the mother of all the social sciences – Dr. Vilas Gaikar

Dr. Vilas Gaikar
Associate Professor in Economics, Smt. CHM. College, and member, Board of studies in Economics, University of Mumbai, India
Ph.D. (Economics), Mumbai School of Economics and Public Policy, University of Mumbai, M. Phil-Economics, U.G.C.-N.E.T., M.A (Economics-University of Mumbai), M.A (Economics-Pune University), M.A. (Political Science), B. Ed, B.A. (Economics), B.A. (Litt.), G.D.C. & A., Ph. D., LL.B.-I

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

I was born and brought up in a small village Manjarli, which is around 15 K.M. from Kalyan city. I did my graduation in Economics from Birla College, Kalyan. After that I chose to do M.A. in Economics which I finished form RKT College, Ulhasnagar affiliated to the University of Mumbai and passed with second position in M.A. –Economics. I was passionate to choose my career as teacher, so I have gone through the professional qualification to become teacher and I completed B.Ed. from the University of Mumbai. In the year 2005 I completed M.A. in Economics from the University of Pune with distinction. I also completed M.A. in Political Science from the Tilak Maharashtra Universtiy, Pune. In the initial stage I taught in schools and Jr. College in and around Mumbai for few years. By consistent hard work and regular studies and guidance I just qualified UGC-NET examination and started my first job as Degree College Professor in Economics at the prestigious St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai where I was approved faculty by the University of Mumbai. Then due to personal reasons, I left the college and joined Smt. CHM. College, Ulhasnagar as Assistant Professor in Economics.
I was very popular amongst the students and teachers due to my interest in teaching and guiding. I was also participating in various research activities due to which I finished my M.Phil. in Economics from the YCMOU on the topic ‘Monetary policy of RBI and its impact on inflation’ In the year 2015, I successfully completed my Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Mumbai from the department of Economics (Autonomous) in the field of Co-operative credit. I was also invited member of the Board of studies in Economics. I am providing free counseling and research guidance to the students and faculties. I have also inducted on the various national and International advisory bodies, Journals etc. I work with the great zeal and enthusiasm in the education field. I am very dedicative towards my educational services, which I catering with bottom of my heart.

Q2. Why did you choose career in Education Profession?

I choose career in education profession, because I wanted to inculcate the knowledge and values received from my teachers and society. There are masses of deprived people from education and guidance to which I want to bring them in the mainstream. There are vulnerable people in the society, to whom I need to cater the education.

Q3. Please share some of the Highlights of your educational advancements?

Some of the highlights of my educational advancements are; successfully completed certificate course from University of San Diego, California, 92093, United States of America (USA). Member, Board of Studies in Economics, University of Mumbai, India, Inspection team member, The Bar Council of India (BCI), Recipient of UGC- Travel Grant, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, Evaluated Ph.D. thesis in Economics in India as well as abroad, Invited speaker in the National and International conferences, Member, Board of Studies in Economics of various reputed Autonomous Colleges of the University of Mumbai, India, Member, Various International research organizations, Published academic reference books at the national as well as International repute, Published research papers and articles in the UGC listed journals with national and International publications, Ph. D. guide / Supervisor in Economics/ Business Economics.

“Excellent Researcher Award” on March 10th 2018, for recognition of outstanding contribution in research and teaching profession from Prof. Dr. Durg Singh Chauhan former Vice-Chancellor, Uttar Pradesh Technical University.
Q4. What do makes you excite about Economics?

Economics is the mother of all the social sciences. It is live subject, various changes in the economic growth and development are happening in the world and there are challenges to tackle the problems of poverty, inequality, social backwardness, educational and technological lacking need to be solved very neatly.

Q5. You have visited Harvard University as a Faculty. Do you feel any difference between there and our universities?

I was really fortunate to visit the world class university like Harvard University, USA. This visit was possible due to the grant sanctioned by the UGC-MHRD, Govt. of India. I went there to present research paper on Indian poverty which was highly appreciated by the global community. I was also technical session chairperson for the session of other countries participants who presented their research.
There is vast difference between the Harvard University and the Indian Universities in the form of infrastructure, faculty development, govt. support, quality of education, freedom of education, easy access and availability of faculties to the students, advanced technology etc. But in spite of all these advancements Indian education system is best in the world, provided there need to have proper attention to be provided by the government and important is needed to be given in the policy making, by prioritizing education sector in the budget by giving upper hand for fund allocation in proportion to its GDP at least 8%.

Q6. You are freely guiding students for Competitive Examinations and Career Counseling. Please share something about your noble act?

I am from a very humble background; still I remember the incident when I wrote my 8th standard examination with empty stomach as there was no food in my house to eat due to poverty. I am aware about the problems and difficulties faced by the students of rural/poor background so, I am guiding the students free for appearing for the competitive examinations, awareness about various employment opportunities, self employment. I am also working towards the individuals who left their education after graduation. I encourage them to do post graduation and higher studies. I have motivated number of students for the UGC-NET/SET exams and many of them have qualified for the exams and now working as assistant professors in the various colleges and Universities.
I am also Ph.D. guide of the University of Mumbai in the faculty of Commerce, Business Economics. Under my supervision the students are doing their research on energy economics, finance, health economics, Banking etc. I am also encouraging my students for publishing their research in the national as well as international platforms.

Q7. You are involved as a NCC Officer. How is your that experience?

I was part of NCC as a Officer for about 5 years. In those days I trained many cadets of my degree college and helped them to prepare for the NDA examinations conducted by the UPSC. One of my cadet Mr. Suraj Kulkarni in my tenure became lieutenant in the Indian army. Just proud of my cadets who are working in the Para commando forces in India. During my tenure I have conducted the ‘B’ certificate examinations in the college for which an arrangements of around 800 students of more than 4 districts of Maharashtra state were made with the help of 6 Maharashtra Battalion, Mumbai.

Q8. Do you feel any changes in world as an Economist?

Being Economist I feel that the world has been changing very fast, especially in the form of consumption and demand patterns, banking and financial markets, international trade and its patterns, inflation, monetary policies and fiscal policies etc. There is need to prioritize agricultural sector by minimizing the commercialization wherever necessary, because excessive use might land us into the trouble. The global money supply is also serious issue of concern as only advanced nations have strengthened their currencies and developing nations currencies are becoming weaker day by day as a result of that external burden is constantly rising on them in the form of deficit. An excessive loans/debt taken from the World Bank and IMF also lead to create problems as well. There is need to develop a web of ‘Co-operatives’ in the world to develop each other.

Q9. Have you authored books? Which book are you writing these days?

I have authored various books to name a few: ‘Business Economics-II’, Himalaya Publishing House, ‘Poverty Alleviation Programmes in India: A study’ Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, ‘International Economics: Theory and policy, ‘Economics of global trade and finance’, M.Com, Semester-I, ‘Business Economics’, S.Y.B.Com, Semester-III, ‘Business Economics-I’, F.Y.B.Com, Semester-I, and 3 more books.

Q10. What you will do in your free time?

I am very social person, so there is hardly any free time left to me, as during that free time I use to provide information, teach students, read books, and visit the underprivileged areas, rural areas for assisting them.

Q11. How many Universities and institutions have you visited abroad?

I have visited many prestigious universities abroad; some of these are the Harvard University, Boston University, University of London, University of Brunel, Cambridge University, University of Barcelona, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, University of Milan, and University of Geneva.

Dr. Vilas Gaikar
United Nations, Switzerland
Q12. Have you worked in the NSS?

Yes, I was active NSS volunteer when I was college student at Birla College, Kalyan. After joining teaching profession, I was given an opportunity to work as NSS Program Officer. In my tenure of program officer, I have done various activities to name a few; conducted blood donation camps, social awareness camps, literacy and health awareness, conducted workshops, seminars and conferences for the betterment of the students, successfully conducted 7 days residential camps as per university of Mumbai guidelines.

Dr. Vilas Gaikar
NSS-Unit, Ulhasnagar

Q13. Have you worked with the other professional bodies related to education sector?

Yes, I am working with the Bar Council of India (BCI), as an inspection team member for giving affiliation to the Law Colleges and Universities in India. I was also Chairperson for the Board of Studies in Economics, Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production & Curriculum Research. ‘Balbharati’, Pune – 411 004

Dr. Vilas Gaikar
BCI inspection team with Hon. Vice-Chancellor