I love to be known as an academician, it is the best way to share your knowledge, nurture students in different ways. – Dr. Shiv Kumar Verma

Dr. Shiv Kumar Verma
Professor & Dean
School of Technology,
Blue Crest University College, Accra, Ghana

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

In my early education, we’re taken place in a pastoral part of Bundelkhand’s reason with the Hindi medium. The next part of my education from the 7th standard to an M.Sc. in Mathematics was completed in 1995 from PPN College Kanpur. Due to no proper guidance on career, it took time to reach the final goal, which was yet not decided. Later I cleared the entrance exam and selected for the MCA course in UOR, better known as IIT Roorkee (2000-03). After six years I again come back and join the Ph.D. program in IIT Roorkee (2009-14). Here I again invested my 3 and a half years of life to complete my research works. I started my career as a lecturer in IMS Noida and moved to SGRRITS Dehradun 2005, there I stayed for four years and achieved many milestones in various fields of academics, administrative, research, project, and in personal front also. After completing my Ph.D. I joined Chandigarh university in 2014, it was one of the best periods of my career, added many distinct feathers in my cap as one patent, research, and academics. After this relocated to many places in a short time reached Galgotias University and presently at BluesCrest College, Accra Ghana in the position of Dean of School of Technology.

Q2. What did attract you towards teaching instead of any corporate job?

During my study, I found very little career-related information, teachers we’re not have updated knowledge in their own subjects, teaching methods comprised moreover the same, many forced for tuitions. Students need to study in classes but some time faculty are not interested or not efficient to handle class and kill the interests of many. In early times working as a teacher was the only profession surrounds that also create interesting to choose this profession. About the Corporate world, I get to know only when I entered IIT Roorkee. After completing the MCA, I found again teaching as best suitable for me. Because I learned from many great professors there, it helps me to improve more of my teaching skills. I adopted and implemented in my teaching style and felt more satisfied after each class, which I can observe in all facets of students in my classes.

Q6. What was your Thesis topic in Ph.D.? Please share some brief about it?

“Binary image reconstruction using diagonal and anti-diagonal projection”, it was work-related discrete tomography, which is best as an inverse problem of mathematics to view the internal structure of any homogeneous object with few projections.

Q3. How do you handle stress in this fast and competitive life?

In academia, most of the stress will be out when you interact with students and discuss any topics that share ideas, skills, technology, problems, and many solutions. Of course, to satisfy students’ queries you need to keep yourself updated with subjects, technology, and the latest developments. The remaining time is to enjoy with family and play some sports, Yoga, Outing also music.

Q4. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

I am positive and happy the way I am

Q5. You had both academic and administrative experience in your long span of a career. Which one do you like most and why?

I love to be known as an academician, it is the best way to share your knowledge, nurture students in different ways and look world full of opportunity, create a place in the world with knowledge and wisdom. Academic administration provides an opportunity to create more people to work together and support to achieve the objectives of an academic institution and satisfy the expectation of students.

Dr. Shiv Kumar Verma

Q7. You are alumni of IIT, Roorkee. What was your experience with the best institution in India?

It was really a great experience to be part of one of the best and Indias Oldest Institutions. I spent more than 6 years. It was a wonderful experience to interact with great mathematicians, professors and many brilliant minds of India and other parts of the world. I enjoyed every moment spent at Roorkee.

Q8. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

Nothing is permanent, this time will also likely to change

Q9. Which one skill do you like most about yourself?

Building teams working together to achieve goals.

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