Material Science has possibilities to find applications of materials for better tomorrow of our society – Dr. Satish Tailor

Dr. Satish Tailor
Chief Scientist & Head-R&D
Metallizing Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd., Jodhpur

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

I am working as a Chief Scientist and Head-R&D; General Manager-Research & Development (GM-R&D) at Metallizing Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd. Jodhpur. In this role, i am leading and supporting ongoing research and development activities and assisting to improve the company’s established Thermal Spray products. I handle all the international research projects. At present my focus is on SOFC, high-temperature resistance coatings; high hardness & low porosity; corrosion and wear resistance; and high strength applications. The development of new and novel thermal spray coatings for various industrial applications would be a target to fulfill the current gaps. In my leadership with research experience spanning a broad range of advanced thermal spray coatings, materials for thermal spray including oxides, metal, ceramics, and composite powders.
I have more than 8 years of thermal spray coating experience in research & development as a principal scientist.
Among my career highlights, I associates with the Journal of Materials Science and Surface Engineering [JMSSE] and
Journal of Thermal Spray and Engineering [JTSE] as Chief Editor and also Reviewer of many repute journals.
I associates as a Young Scientist position with the National University of Scientist and Technology (NUST) “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia; I did my Ph.D. (2013) in Metallurgical Engineering with a specialization in Plasma Spray Coatings from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India. As I established a track record in R&D by successfully completing many projects,
I am delivering solutions to customers through novel coating developments and new materials design.
I have published many national and international research papers in repute journals on thermal spray technology.
I am an active candidate in all international conferences based on thermal spray worldwide.
Recently, NASA has shown interest in my work, and the News got published in prestigious news agencies around the world.

Dr. Satish Tailor profile links:
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Satish_Tailor
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsatishtailor/

Q2. What did attract you towards Material Science?

Materials Science is a fascinating world with many challenges. We are surrounded of materials and each material has its own specific applications.  We should know or identify the application of each material. This is a very big domain; all sectors depend on materials and its use. The most promising fact that attracts me towards Material Science is its possibilities of finding applications of materials for better tomorrow of our society. Playing with materials and also with its properties is my passion. My job is full of excitements, like developing new solutions for industrial and research problems through improving material properties, and also by changing surface properties of the material. To more specific, I choose sub domain surface engineering and coatings. It is very satisfying to develop new coatings for prime applications like aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical, and energy sectors.  

Q3. You are a founder of ITSS. What kind of role ITSS play in real world?

Our goal: organizing the exchange of information on thermal spraying in India as well as at world level.  The Indian Thermal Spray Society,  http://www.inscience.in/mobile/ITSS.html The ITSS is a regional society but the members are not limited to the Indian. Welcome to all the people who devote thermal spraying to join us. The main mission of the ITSS is to promote the advancements of research & developments and industrial applications of thermal spray technology in India as well as in the world through establishing information exchange platform (Workshops, meetings, and conferences) and involvements of experienced professionals and young researchers and students in thermal spray R&D. We hope that ITSS will provide a platform to bring regularly all researchers involved in R&D, technicians in thermal spray job shops, manufacturers of thermal spray materials and equipment, managers of the companies involving in thermal spraying in India to share the latest advancements of thermal spray technology. ITSS is managed by the Board of Delegates, composed of members. Board of Delegates represents key Indian universities, research centers, and companies involved in thermal spraying, performing research, and producing feedstock, equipment, and coatings on Indian and international level. The institutions represented by the delegates gather together hundreds of scientists and engineers dedicated to R&D activities dedicated to base research, applied research, equipment and application development, problem-solving in the field of thermal spraying, materials science, and engineering, etc.

Q4. How do you handle stress in this fast and competitive life?

In this fast and competitive world it becomes mandatory to handle your stresses. This totally depends on your working culture and your employer’s environment. A healthy positive environment is more important rather than higher package. I’m very thankful to Metallizing Equipment Company Pvt LTD JODHPUR’s working culture and positive environment. However, to handle work stress, I listen to music most of the time. Always Stay calm and Organize work in well manner to avoid stress. 

Q5. You worked with MISIS at Moscow. What was your that experience and how it is different from our organization?

Really it was a great experience at National University of Scientist and Technology “MISIS”, Moscow. I was Young Scientist and Asst. Prof. and was responsible for research and academic work. I was selected in top500 program competition by ministry of education, Govt. of Russia. I learned how to work in a team with world level Scientists and professors. I was the project head and in this role I learned how to manage a big research project when you are a team leader and eminent Prof. And Scientists are your team members. Support from my team members was extraordinary.  Also I learned how to manage world-class good working environment,  how to coordinate with your team members, how to support  research students. 

In MiSIS, Working culture is slightly different than our Indian system. There is no boundation of the timing to come at the institute i.e. free working culture I like most. They give cash prize to their graduate and master students for their research paper publication which depends on journal’s impact factor. This is very encouraging step to promote research. 

Q6. What kinds of scientific research do you as a Chief Scientist?

In this role, I’m leading and supporting ongoing research and development activities on thermal spray coatings and assisting to improve surface properties and life of the job. I handle all national and international research projects. The development of new and novel thermal spray coatings for various industrial applications is the main role. I do collaborate with Govt labs and top institutions like IISc, IITs, NITs etc. vice-versa. 

Q7. How do you motivate yourself at every morning?

Every day is a new day for me as I am dealing with materials. Simply, every morning introducing myself in front of mirror, thinking of new or existing problems and challenge to solve them to achieve self-satisfaction. 

Q8. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years in career?

Well it is a very tough question for a researcher. Well I’m really excited by this position at Midnight Consulting because in next ten years, I’d like to be seen as someone with deep expertise in the field of surface Engineering and Thermal spray coating sector, and I know that’s something that I’ll have an opportunity to do here. I’m also really excited to take on more managerial responsibilities in the next few years and potentially even take the lead on some projects and even as committee head with the government. I’ve been lucky enough to work with amazing management, and so developing into a great manager myself is something I’m really excited about.” In next ten years I would see myself as a bridge between academia and Industry.