Dr. Rahul Tripathi

Self-motivation is the only thing what a student requires to excel in career and academics. – Dr. Rahul Tripathi

Interview with Dr. Rahul Tripathi

Dr. Rahul Tripathi

Proctor and Professor at Amity University
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey with us?

Warm wishes to my young and budding professionals. I did my schooling from St. Stephen’s, Ajmer followed by Graduation in Biology and Post-Graduation from MDS University Ajmer. I qualified the UGC NET in the very first attempt during the Previous year of my Post Graduation itself and at the age of 20, I was having the degree of M.A and UGC-NET becoming eligible for Lectureship in Universities. I pursued my Ph.D from University of Rajasthan, preparing for the competitive jobs simultaneously. Later I did PGDBA (Finance) from Symbiosis University, Pune and Law also.

I secured a job in Intelligence Bureau (Central Government) and also in Employees Provident Fund Organization but did not join it owing to my interest in academia and research. Later I joined as Assistant Professor at St Wilfred’s P G College (Affiliated to University of Rajasthan, Jaipur). Starting my academic career at a young age of around 23, I learnt a lot from my first job.

I developed administrative skills and research caliber there and was soon assigned the duties of Coordinator, Faculty of Arts; worked as Centre Superintendent, University of Rajasthan Exams and other Academic Administrative posts. I worked there for around 8 years and then joined J V University in the Faculty of Law and Governance along with the post of Deputy Director, Directorate of Career, Research and Relations.

In 2012, I switched to Amity University Rajasthan in the Department of Law and currently working there till date. Presently I am holding the post of Professor in Amity Law School along with Proctor, Amity University Rajasthan besides being Member, Board of Studies and Industry Advisory Council and various other committees. Amity University Rajasthan (AUR) is one of the best centre of learning set amidst lush green valley offering its students a campus for their superlative development.

AUR stands with a baton to illuminate and guide the aspirants of all educational streams. It imparts knowledge in various domains for professional as well as sustainable development grooming students to become better global leaders with strong ethical values and integrity. Since I am the Proctor of University, I would like to emphasise the importance and implementation of discipline and human values amongst the students.

Q2. What did attract you towards teaching instead of any corporate job?

As mentioned earlier, I secured a job in Intelligence Bureau (Central Government) and also in Employees Provident Fund Organization, both of them were Central Government jobs but Academics and Academic Administration was all about my passion. Even though with the advent of new job avenues and updating career options, academics has still my area of interest.

Being in academics keeps you always in touch with books and updates. Also, I was not a never attracted towards the charm of Corporate jobs. A teacher is always a learner, and here I am, still learning and disseminating my knowledge with my students as well.

Q3. How do you see new Online Study pattern comparing to traditional Offline Study pattern?

The online pattern which was altogether a novel concept around one year ago has become the new normal of academics these days. I would like to mention here, that Amity University Rajasthan initiated its online classes as early as from 15th March 2020 and hence not a single class was missed due to this pandemic. Since every concept has its pros and cons, online classes have also there benefits and limitations.

But, supporting the online method during this pandemic, I would like to reiterate that the efforts of teacher who taught students online and saved their academic year are worth appreciating. Indeed, tradition study patterns provides exposure, better interaction and also are fruitful for the practical oriented programmes, concept of Online teaching has become inevitable.

Q4. How do you excel students in their academics and career?

My approach in this regard is that the self-motivation is the only thing what a student requires to excel in career and academics. I am proud to be a part of the organization, Amity University, which emphasizes on students’ discipline, human values and student-centric approach.

My personal efforts include that I am always ready to help student in all possible ways. There have been instances when a meritorious student was disturbed and all what he required was a careful listening. Students are the future of nation and we, as academicians should strive well in shaping the future of nation.

Dr. Rahul Tripathi

Q5. How do you manage to pursue research work? Please share some inputs about your research work?

The University culture always stress upon a blend of teaching and research unlike that of a college culture where academics are more emphasized. I have published around 30 research papers in journals of National and International repute, almost all of them are in UGC listed journals and some in Scopus listed too.

I have been also been working as an active member in various editorial boards of International Journals. Various Ph.D research scholars have been registered under my supervision and one has been recently awarded Ph.D Degree. As far as conferences are concerned, I have presented around 35 researh paper in national and international conferences and also chaired many sessinos. Since Amity University is a research driven University, I have always been motivated by my colleagues and seniors for pursuing research work.

As regards to the work place, I would like to specifically mention here names of Prof. (Dr.) Amit Jain, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Amity University Rajasthan and Prof (Dr) Saroj Bohra, Director, Amity Law School for their regular motivation for guiding me in research work. Also, I am immensely thankful to my Ph.D Supervisor, Prof K G Sharma, Head, Department of History and Indian Culture, University of Rajasthan for always guiding me through research arena.

Q6. How do you think the Academicians can shape the future of India?

The academicians have a great responsibility as well as role to play in the life of students. They act as a link between students and industry. The role becomes more important in these times of pandemic, as now the students require knowledge as well as emotional support.

Further, the role of a teacher is not limited to classroom these days. I have been an active supporter of student-centric approach and it is worth mentioning that as many as 80% of the students I came across in my career of 17 years are still in touch with me.

The role of academicians does not stop just after award of degree, but it is the mentorship which continues. Whether the students tell or not, but there are various traits which they knowingly or unknowingly acquire from their teachers.

Dr. Rahul Tripathi

Q7. What message would like you like to give to the young professionals who have recently started their professional life?

 “Hanso or Hansao, Mat Fanso or Mat Fansao”

Well, that was on a lighter and laughing note. My advice as well as guidance to the young professionals is they should always be self-motivated and follow their passion. It is a myth that this industry pays good and that pays less. Your caliber and talent are directly proportional to your passion.

So, whatever industry or specialization you opt for should be driven from your gut and not due to your peer pressure. Further, as it is said, change is the only constant thing, you should be prepared for change. The future world will be of the most resilient persons and rigidity will not survive. Work hard for your goals but be prepared with a Plan B as well.

Wishing you all the very best in career, and life.

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