The biggest problem is employability and industry endorsed program in our academic curriculum. – Dr. Rahul Misra

Dr. Rahul Misra
Member of The Board of Advisors at Austin University

Q1. Please share your educational and professional journey?

Well I possess an experience of around 26 years on global platform combining both at higher education and consulting focusing more on sector base education. My professional expertise is in forensic accounting and financial engineering.

Q2. What did attract you to develop capable population and employability in academic program?

As one can see one of the biggest problem is employability and industry endorsed program in our academic curriculum, there is a gap that most of our graduates lacks professional and on job training that initiated me to develop capable population.

Q3. What kind of hurdles did you face in your journey?

We lack serious problem in our education system on simple note we are far behind than developed nations frankly negligent research and development budget in our universities and colleges that’s why we lack best talent in our education segment salaries are also not in match as to our western counterparts.

Q4. You have a great experience in education sector. How do you rate current education system of world comparing to the education system of your time?

As it is harsh reality that we are not even half mark to our western counterparts despite our country has huge pool of talent reason behind inadequate infra poor salaries and demotivated promoters and academician.

Q5. How do you motivate yourself at every morning?

Nothing usual but seeing upwards and following three S in my routine Self Discipline, Self Accountability and Self Realization.

Q6. What was your Thesis topic in Ph.D? Please share some brief about it?

Forensic Accounting and Economic crime correlated with crony capitalism and indicator of economic growth As you see from US to Europe or to INDIA during investment phase or privatization or liberalization economic crime runs parallel with economy.

Q7. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

I want to focus more on reading and upgrading myself as I still find myself lagging behind the best.

Dr. Rahul Misra

Q8. You had both academic and advisor experience in your long span of career. Which one do you like most and why?

Frankly I enjoy my advisory capacity since I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and innovations.

Q9. What kind of problems have you faced in your Industry and how will you remove it?

The problems especially in our education industry in India lacks both in terms of monetary and respect I feel eduvisionary to come forward.