I teach students with DFT technique which is more practical rather than Rattafication – Dr. Pravesh Gautam

Dr. Pravesh Gautam
Biolgy Expert (NEET-UG Expert), DENTIST

Dr. Pravesh Gautam is a senior faculty of Biology in Jodhpur. He has been teaching biology for NEET-UG students from last 10 years. He is an Oral Dental Surgeon (Dentist) too. He practices oral care along with teaching. During his studies, he did not like the study pattern. He wanted to change the study pattern in entrance exams. He discovered his own teaching technique called “DFT Technique” which works on diagram, flowchart and table to change the study pattern. He teaches with this new technique which will be very beneficial for students and gives better results.

Q1. What is your journey to become up to Biology Expert for NEET-UG?

I had passed class 12th in 2007 with the biology stream then I gave one year to myself for the preparation of NEET. I went to Kota and joined ALLEN for NEET-UG preparation. I had passed many entrance exams there and finally selected in BDS for Dental Surgeon. I had passed BDS from Vyas Dental College, Jodhpur. During the study, I realized that Jodhpur doesn’t have any good education system and it should be improved. So I went for teaching along with studies from 2011. I have been teaching biology professionally from 2013 in many institutes like Medical Prep, Motion Institute, YCL (HOD of Biology), IIT & Medical Academy. I have tried to give a specific point to point study to students and done many motivating seminars too.

Q2. Please Share some details of NEET-UG entrance exams?

NEET-UG (National Eligible Entrance Test-Under Graduate) is an entrance exam for medical aspirants who want to go for MBBS, BDS etc. It is organized once in a year which covers three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology). Its duration is 3 hours with +4 and -1 (Negative Marking) pattern. NTA (National Testing Agency) who conducts IIT-JEE and NEET-UG in a country has taken a wonderful decision for students in NEET-UG 2020 exams. They are taking single entrance exams for AIIMS, JIPMER, GMC (Government Medical College), GDC (Government Dental College) and others undergraduate courses for medical aspirants and gives admission according to the merit of this entrance exams. AIIMS is first on merit; JIPMER is on second and further goes on. You should get a minimum of 570-580 marks as a cutoff to get admission in medical colleges. Students don’t give multiple exams for various courses.

Q3. How does any medical student crack NEET-UG exam?

NEET-UG has mainly 45 questions of Physics, 45 questions of Chemistry and 90 questions of Biology (45 for Botany and 45 for Zoology) in a paper. I realized that biology students are weak in Maths. Because physics is completely related to maths so I suggest them to give more focus on biology and chemistry. It would give them a better score. You attend only those papers in physics which are easy for you and give more attention to biology and chemistry. This trick really helps you to crack the exam. Don’t take any new chapter during one 1-2 months before exams. Think for selection, rank is the matter of destiny.

Q4. Which education system is best for students between Physical Classes and Online Education Systems?

It completely depends on the ability and strength of any student. Physical classes and online classes both are running in the market right now but in online classes, you get recorded videos on any topic. It is good to gain knowledge but all students do not grasp it properly. They can not interact personally with teachers and have remained unsatisfied. But in chalk and talk method, they will get knowledge, answers to their questions and most important is satisfaction. Online method is also completely dependent on your internet speed, android phones and computers; if it is bad then it is worst for you. Yes, it is good as an additional study packages. But my vote goes to Chalk and Talk method, it is best for entrance exams preparations.

Q5. What is the importance of Physics and Chemistry subjects for any Biology student?

Physics is used to understand machines and their outputs. These machines and their results are very much important to diagnose any disease. Doctors use many machines like MRI, X-Ray, Stethoscope and many more to get various test results for many operations and diagnose. All these outputs are related to physics which you can understand if you have any knowledge of physics. Chemistry is used to understand salt and medicines. Medicines are the output of chemical salt which is related to chemistry and their formulas. Doctors prescribe these medicines to their patients after diagnosis to recover. Operations are running for many years but due to modern machines operations success rates go higher. Doctors get the proper result to investigate disease due to these machines. Now days Robotic machines are performing opetations and surgeries in many medical centers. Technology is evolving to solve many difficult problems. So both Physics and Chemistry are as important as Biology for any medical aspirant to diagnose any disease and give proper treatment to acquire a healthy life.

Q6. Students give first preference to Kota for preparation of NEET-UG and IIT-JEE competition exams. You studied in Kota. What are the merits and demerits of doing study in Kota for any student?

Students generally go Kota for IIT-JEE and NEET-UG entrance exams preparations. It is a very famous pattern in the whole country. I had studied in Kota for my exams. There are lots of merits and demerits for any students.
In Kota, you will get a faculty for each chapter expert of respective subject. This proves the precision of knowledge & experience require for clearing competition exam. The atmosphere is very healthy and competitive for all students. 24X7 solutions are available in Kota. You can easily solve your doubts & queries. You don’t feel homesickness in Kota because of the friendly atmosphere of the faculties there. Institutes give them all the facilities. You will get the best educational stuff and teachers for studies.
Weak students who are not able to handle the mental pressure of preparation and easily get trapped by depression and anxiety. Bad company can also lead to a wrong track. Students bunk classes, lessons and do not give tests due to burden and wrong peer group. Students may be engaged in social media due to a lack of monitoring.
This can happen with those students who are weak and unfocused. You can easily remove your weakness and distraction by Self-motivation and Focus. Studies, teachers and personalized attention are best in Kota and if you are going to Kota for preparations then you should be self-motivated, be with good company, make good habits, be addiction-free, do study and give all tests with full consistency and patience. It will definitely help you to crack the entrance test.

Q7. You are a professional Dentist then why do you select teaching?

I am an oro-dental surgeon but I opted teaching to make the education system better. I experienced that teachers tried to make the things complex and in a uncommon way which mentally harassed me regarding studies. There were not tricks and tips to make a topic easy to grasp. Now days the concept of subjects are not cleared but they are taught in a mode of “Rattafication” method. I did not like this study pattern. So I started teaching to clear the concepts of biology. Conceptual studies are my main focus in teaching. I have generated a practical approach of study known as the DFT Technique. It completely based on Diagram, Flowchart and Table technique. I teach students with DFT technique which is more practical rather than Rattafication. It saves lots of time and energy of students and they will get a very positive result in their studies.

Q8. What are the career options for any biology students?

Biology student has an option to go for MBBS and BDS. They have to pass the NEET-UG entrance test to take admissions in these exams. They start medical practice after MBBS. BDS is very popular in metro cities specially for smile, face and teeth job. It is very popular for plastic surgery. All these are allopathic fields but there are lots of non-allopathic fields that exist in the market. BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery), BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) are some of them. Nursing and Para-Medical are another option to go into the medical field. If you cannot make a career in medical then you simply go for Bio-Tech Engineering, Genetic Engineering with biology stream. Agriculture Research option is very good for research and development. You simply give IARI (Indian Research Agriculture Institute) exams and go to the agriculture field. Organic farming is the product of agriculture. You can do B.Sc and M.Sc degrees to any job specially teaching in medical colleges and competition classes. It also gives you a better salary package.

Q9. What are your views on educational platform is a very good online platform for course and career details, current affairs MCQ preparation test. Expert’s interviews come regularly to solve the queries of students. Blogs are very good for students to get educational updates.