Dr. Mukesh Singh Boori

With remote sensing data, we can get real-time actual information about climate and environment as well as save this information in GIS format. – Dr. Mukesh Singh Boori

Interview with Dr. Mukesh Singh Boori

Dr. Mukesh Singh Boori

Senior Scientist
Samara National Research University
Samara, Russia

Q1. Pease share your inspirational journey with us?

I was a village boy and study in a local government school. Basically, I belong to a farming family, which has a lot of cattle and agricultural land. My father got a government job so we moved to Jaipur. In starting I don’t like city due to too much crow. I complete my school education, then college, and in last master’s degree in the university. In college when I see our lecturers, I want to be a lecturer. In university when I see the life of a professor so I decide to be a professor or scientist. Later on, I get an idea about foreign education so always looking for some scholarships for higher education abroad. Slowly I got the scholarships and I complete my higher education from foreign universities also get opportunities for international travel for conferences, seminars and meeting so till today I travel almost 25 countries and working internationally.

Q2. What did attract you towards GIS and Remote Sensing domain? What is the future of this technology in current emerging era of Artificial Intelligence/Data Science for young students?

This subject belongs to ISRO and NASA so it`s attract to me a lot. Every day new satellites are going to launch with very high-resolution data, as well as all subjects using remote sensing and GIS technology thus this subject, have a very vast opportunity. Artificial intelligence/data science also relates to this subject even some units already in this subject such as in classification ANN and big data etc.

Q3. You have a great experience as a Visiting Professor and Scientist at many universities in different countries. Have you noticed any difference between foreign universities and Indian universities in terms of education, research, and development?

Yes I find a big difference especially in working style, facilities, work environment, etc.

Dr. Mukesh Singh Boori
Dr. Mukesh Singh Boori

Q4. How can Remote Sensing and GIS helpful to save climate and environment on this planet?

I worked in different object-oriented projects but for the last two years I am working on ecology/ecosystem/environment, climate change, etc. With remote sensing data, we can get real-time actual information about climate and environment as well as save this information in GIS format. The analysis results are helpful for sustainable development and management or proper police making for the region or society.

Q5. What was your Thesis topic in Ph.D? Please share some brief about it?

My Ph.D. topic was “environment impact assessment and management of natural resources”, in that I derive vulnerability/risk in northeast Brazil and suggest how to reduce the risk and improve the quality of life.

Q6. You have visited more than 20 countries as a Researcher/Scientist/Professor. Please share a path for new students to get a good space in abroad universities?

I always try to look for new opportunities because I love to work and travel in scientific/education line, therefore I got funds from the university or some governmental funding sources so it was easy for me to travel and to see new people, their culture, society, etc….

Q7. Tell us about one of the moments which changed your perspective towards life?

After my master’s degree I didn`t get a job and that was my worst experience and it showed me the real-life experience. Life teaches me a lot and I was almost finished emotionally and focused on my career.

Q8. How do you select any topic for your publication? What are your research interests?

Generally I select the latest or current topic in my field, sometimes according to my departmental requirements but now doing work on ecology, ecosystem, environment, and climate change due to my education and research background and for depth and qualitative work.

Q9. Which one thing do you want to change in yourself and why?

Ans.: I don`t want to change anything in my life. Because due to these circumstances I reached here and still trying to achieve my goals.

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